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Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 2

Armitage 2

Here’s another weekly round-up of Richard Armitage/Hobbit/OT posts that caught my eye this week.

Thank you for stopping by last week, you can check out Week 1 here.Arky weekly round-up week 2

Arkie has been keeping an eye out for fanfiction that may interest you, so check it out.

What a perfect way to brave the cold, snuggled up with a good fanfic read.

guylty round-up tumblr week2

Guylty wanders the wild with interesting posts that have appeared on Tumblr.

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

As always, if there are posts that you’d like to recommend or I have overlooked, please post them in comments either here or at the other two blogs.

Spread the love 1 Richard Armitage

We are still very much spReAding the love!

There’s £200 to snag for Richard’s JustGiving charities and you can make that happen by having your act of kindness noted by the end of February!

RA Hobbit posts

Frenzy takes it back to fandom basics! She suggests we start with I Saw Something Fine… and here are further thoughts

Richard goes the extra mile crosses the street for fans

Don’t step on Richard’s blue suede shoes

Behind the scenes DOS footage, keep it coming please!

Jazz and the Headbanger’s Ball with Thorin

Jonia celebrates her blogiversary. Congrats!

Sometimes it’s easiest to express it with an RA character

Does Richard wear Spanx (what? it’s a valid question!)

Philippa Boyens fangirls (amongst other things)

I guess Richard and the cast are still not done with NZ

Airport pics bug me, but maybe mostly because I don’t see such beauty on landing… and a further thought…

On blabbing about Tolkien. Me? I blab on Tolkien, food, gossip and anything else in between…

How big is big enough to be a sex symbol? (and yes, I’m talking about what you think I’m talking about…)

Morrighansmuse looks at Obsessions of a fan girl

OT: Words that soothe and harm

Baby it’s cold outside, don’t forget your cardigan!

Polar Vortex Shmortex- Richard will keep you warm.

Confession is good for the soul, so we Armitagettes must be angels…

And we must be some strong angels because that level of majestic fabooshness can kill a gal…

Possibly the most important interview with a cast member of The Hobbit!

The cat with the best taste in men…

Age with pride like Thorin and show those grey streaks with pride!

Obscura actually manages to make the Olympic Games interesting

I still thing Smaug needs mouthwash

Zan’s back! Yay!


Jazz tells it like it is!

Richard’s new project? I hope he gets his thespian on!

Perry digs up more on the subject here and there’s more here from RAC.

Golden oldiesBccMee will forever be the queen of Armitage collective challenges and her whole blog is post after post of delicious goodies.

She’d encourage readers to suggest photos, quotes and such, and she’d whip up the most amazing graphics and fanvids.

Check out the fun Summertime fun challenge where she has two RA characters battle it out in the strangest categories.

I honesty struggle to recommend the BEST BccMee post, you should just start from the oldest post and make your way from there.


BccMee also creates  beautiful videos, like the one for Richard’s 41st B-day:

Check out the Tumblr Round-Up courtesy of Guylty and Arkie’s Fanfic Weekly Round-Up.

See you next week 🙂

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  1. What a great collection! I can’t wait to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy. Thanks. 🙂

    • Like last week I’ve tried to make this a mixed bag of goodies 🙂 There are posts from RA blogs and a few from beyond, so I hope they will be of interest to you!

  2. Thanks for the mentions Agzy and for the hard work. Like Richardiana is planning, I just went through the links leisurely with my too early morning coffee. As usual, I kept up with a lot of the week’s fare, but missed at least as many.

    • I figure many people keep abreast of RA posts as they come out but then there have been weeks when I’d miss stuff published and having a round-up was a quick way to touch base. BTW, I’m really enjoying blogs from outside our group. They are sometimes OTish but offer an interesting view.

  3. Now… as I said last week, Saturdays will never be the same again. Now, this took some time *ggg*. Thanks for putting this together – it is just amazing how much good stuff I miss. And mostly so from blogs hosted on blogspot/blogger. It really is annoying that the WP reader does not reach beyond the platform. I really appreciated those recommendations most that led me to a blogspot blog. I am pretty well-informed on my fellow WP-bloggers, but Blogspot always loses out. And there were many gems there.

    • This was the issue I was contemplating this summer. I think that WP blogs may be favored, not necessarily because of their content but because they are easier to keep track of. I don’t really follow blogs by email as I don’t like my inbox clogged up, but I go to my blogroll at a few times a day and that has made catching up so much easier.

      • In my previous life as a craft-blogger, I hosted my site on blogspot, hence I am still partial to that platform. I only really started my WP blog because I needed access to me+r. I have many issues with WP, even though I am now much better versed in WP technicalities than I was before. The blogroll feature in Blogspot is certainly much better than the reader in WP because it pulls in new posts from *all* platforms. A presence on Blogspot for the purpose of “blogrolling” is a great idea – but I have too many blogs already. So I will happily just look to you for keeping me up to date. Pressure? Yeah, you like that, don’t you? 😉

  4. Thanks for the linkage!

  5. I, and the cat, also thank you for the linkage!

  6. Pingback: Weekly Richard Armitage roundup #2 | Me + Richard Armitage

  7. Thanks for all the neat links and the link love!

  8. Love ya for doing all the spadework, Doll! 🙂 I too am enjoying a leisurely Saturday coffee & reading. I’m trying to leave little comments of support (and cheap laughs!) as well. Such a nice selection of writing & real entertainment — a clever group! 🙂

    • Yay, I’m starting to see a pattern with you round-up readers! Maybe I could somehow attach a coffee machine that dispenses a cup of joe while you read? Could a 3D printer somehow do the job? Holographic cup of latte? Something to think about 😉

  9. Thanks for linking to my post! What an amazing blog you have here, I can’t wait to read more. 🙂


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