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A few of my favorite RA things: I’ll stick my neck out and admit…

Continuing on the theme of my favorite RA things:

TheHeirsofDurin hit my soft spot!







neck nuzzle


over anything…


There, you officially know waaaay too much about me…

The voyeur in me is a bit of a pygophiliac (a buttocks connoisseur if you like, in other words I like a guy with plenty of junk in his trunk), but I certainly have a neck fetish when my own sensory reactions are concerned.

There’s something about Richard’s facial features that allows him to fit his honker of a nose under a lucky woman’s chin or ear and apply those lips with both vigor, passion and gentleness.

The giant hand (seriously, are his hands that bloody big or are these women just tiny? he has limbs on steroids…) carefully draw the lucky lady closer to him, steadying her head.

Of course, I only have onscreen Richard characters to go by, but from where I’m sitting he looks like a pro neck nuzzler!

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  1. Yes. Nice. really nice. Sigh…

  2. damn girl, way to wake me up and get the blood moving! 😯 and I agree about the neck nuzzling 😎 now while I do appreciate junk in the trunk, I’m more a hand and foot girl. and arms and legs. and shoulder-blades and collarbones. and neck and Adam’s Apples. and hips and stomachs. and…and.. *pulls on collar* is it getting hot in here?

    • All of the above apart from feet. No feet. I’m serious, not even Richards… Apart from that I approve of anything Armitage from head to ankles and everything in between 😉 Yup, there’s definitely a heatwave here too…

  3. O żesz ty!!:D …Na znak protestu udaję sie w celu nabycia “Cytrynówki”! Czy ktoś jest reflektor? ( a tak sobie teraz ładnie i spokojnie słuchałam deszczyku z psiapsiułką)

    • I pada deszczyk sobie, zimę wysłaliśmy podstępnie Amerykanom, i dobrze! Miłego słuchania 🙂

      • Nie bój nic wróci zima ! W poniedziałek ma być aż minus 4stopnie Celsjusza! 😀
        Najpierw pokazujesz ryczącej czterdziestce takie obrazki a potem.. Miłego słuchania deszczu..jasne!..ciekawe jak?!..

  4. Dreaming and drooling over the keyboard of my computer … lol

  5. I’ll take a neck nuzzle over anything……. you are sooooooooooo right Agzy. Sigh…..Heaven on earth. My über-favourite RA idea. This actually finishes me off…..

  6. MaryJaneZigZag

    Dang Agzy — you lit the fuse on a hot topic! 😉 The nuzzle is definitely a hot move! *fans self*

  7. So glad that I’m sitting down. *THUD*

  8. Pro neck nuzzler. LOL I LOVE that term!!<3

  9. Uuhh, thank you for sharing this.
    For the moment I take pic. No. 3 (get the whole series of “Cold Feet” a couple of days ago, watching it, love it): How can Ramona always say “No” to Lee trying to touch her body? 🙂
    Though the neck nuzzle is it, isn´t it?

  10. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Thanks for putting all these neck nuzzling GIFs in one spot! I am definitely flagging this post!


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