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Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 1

I’m introducing a new series to IWantToBeAPinUp that will appear each weekend and will feature RA blog posts that have caught my eye in the past seven days.

I have enlisted the cooperation of Arkenstone and Guylty to comb through the internet in search of RA, OT, Hobbit and fandom-related goodies.

We’re busy bees so we can’t be everywhere at all times, not to mention that I personally have the attention span of a drunk ant, so please feel free to add links to things that you’d like to share both here or over at the other two blogs.

You can also check out my BlogSpot blogroll to find out what bloggers have posted recently.

Please consider leaving comments and likes at blogs you visit 🙂

Armitage Weekly round-up week 1

Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 1

This week is going to be a bit of a mess.

I’ve included some Christmas posts in the round-up and may have linked to posts that have already done the rounds, so forgive me, next week should be better organized.

I’ve ended up including things from almost 2 weeks, so there’s plenty to pick through.

I’m also introducing a Golden Oldies section that will highlight a few amazing  posts from the past.

the arkenstone weekly woun-up fanfiction

Arkenstone is doing an Armitage Weekly Round-Up: Fanfiction which features some of the highlights of what our writer fandom friends have to offer.

Guylty armitage weekly round-up tumblr

Guylty has braved the wildest of jungles to compile the Armitage Weekly Round-up: Tumblr so you can catch up on the mayhem that corner of Armitageville has to offer.

Spread the love 1 Richard Armitage

January sees the kick-off of the spReAd the love campaign (click here to learn more about it).

It will last throughout 2014 and celebrates the generosity of this fandom in local communities.

Additionally, each donation or act of kindness noted till the end of February here or here will mean a £1 donation to Armitage’s Just Giving Charities (to a £200 max).

All you have to do is leave a comment at either Jazz’s or Obscura’s blog (anonymously if you like) or send them an email.

Thank you to the generous collaboRAtor who has pledged this sum!

And remember, a good way to spReAd the love is to spReAd the word 🙂

xmas goodies

Christmas/New Year’s Goodies:

Firstly, Christmas courtesy of Richard Armitage Bulgaria Facebook, came a little late this year.

I definitely approve of this Guy of Gisborne prequel stuffed in my stocking!


Angie reminisces about Christmases past (very moving) and there’s a new video to celebrate the season too.

This Cinderella will go to the ball!

  Morrighansmuse knows, much like a wizard, an RA Christmas video is never late, she also reflects on fangirling in 2014

Guylty’s present from her hubby may well take the cake. Well played Sir!

Herba offers a counter-offer present. Again, well played Madam!

This is one lapland I wouldn’t mind visiting

Frenzy gives herself a treat

No more fear, no more guilt, no more shame! Hear, Hear!

Grati celebrates the end of the year with an important anniversary (Congrats!)

Christine has had quite the year, so spread a bit of love her way

Siriuslygrednforge reflects on her year of Richarding and blogging

ra and ot

Non-Xmas posts:

Can someone tell me why KatherineD doesn’t have her own blog? She takes on the BBC in a guest post

CDoart weighs in on the fourth wall issue, so does Frenzy

KatherineD has got her mind on the (hobbit) money and the money on her mind

I didn’t think Richard is old enough to be of interest to an archaeologist

An amazing Geek calendar for 2014 featuring a few familiar faces

A bit OT, I think Smaug needs mouthwash

Surely being spoofed is a sign of success?

Talking about twisting reality, I hope Richard’s dog Spinee is OK

Jonia’s Armitage wine is coming along nicely. Bottom’s up!

 I’m sure time would fly if a certain MI5 operative was keeping tabs, but what happens if you especially love a particular picture? get stuck on that month?

Thorin get’s royally screwed

Grimmella takes on the issue of Tolkien and gender

Fabolaktuko goes on her own unexpected journey and takes on another Middle Earth challenge (heavy page)

This is why Richard wears such tight pants!

Slightly OT: does anyone else think Bard is a bit huba-huba?

Morrighansmuse plays the Hobbit number game

Richard suits up for DOS rounds

Not enough arrows in the world could point to where I’d do it…

The Durin Boys have been having a tough time of it lately

Fandom Compulsion, it always starts off so innocently but the process is the same no matter who the object of your affections is…

I agree with Kathrynruthd, RL stuff such as working interferes too much with fangirling!

Bloggers celebrate their annual blogging results: Serv, Fedoralady and Knightleyemma.

Congrats and many more!

Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies:

Each week I will be dusting off some of the best posts that have been published within the RA fandom.

If you’d like to suggest a post/series please link in comments.


Have you met Stick-figure Richard?

You can check out his entire history here.

He resides over at Nat’s place and is the lothario of the stick-figure world.

You can even follow him on Twitter, although he’s rather too busy living his jet-set lifestyle to be tweeting about it.

Check out other Armitage Weekly Round-up’s courtesy of Arky and Guylty.

Also, please include any other links I may have missed in comments.

 See you next week 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the link…RL can be terribly inconvenient at times 😉

  2. Thank you for the weekly round-up. It’s really, really awesome !

  3. Thanks for the two mentions, Agzy, and great work with the round-up. You’ve set yourself quite a task there, with illustrations and all- all power to you!

    • Hopefully it’s more a question of: all power to all of us Armitage Admirers! We are very much looking for contributors for the weekly round-up who would like to get involved either on a weekly basis or as a one-off!

  4. Many thanks for getting the ball rolling, Agzy. With the infinite number of blogs and posts out there, it is great to have at least a small “best of” every week. Mind you – this will be another “time-waster”! I have already spent an hour of my Saturday catching up with the links you posted here, and I haven’t even started on Arkie’s fanfic yet… Oh-oh… (Oh, and thanks for the links :-))

  5. I’d miss half the stuff posted here if it weren’t for you, Agzy. Thanks a lot!

  6. This is brilliant. Thank you so much!! I’ve been having some issues with getting online while on vacation – it ends Tuesday, more’s the pity – and this will help me catch up as I round the corner into the “home stretch”. :}

    Also, thanks for the mention. I appreciate the hugs. I can use ’em! xoxo

    • Yay, you are very welcome. I had periods when I’d be offline/off-fandom for long stretches of time and lists like these help play catch-up 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    This is SO much more beautifully organized and reader friendly than the ones I did. Check it out!

  8. Thanks for the link love and for doing this. I think the Golden Oldies section is a great idea!

    • There are so many amazing golden oldies I hardly know where to start. It’ll be a nice for new Armitage admirers to check them out and a trip down memory line for older fans (I struggle with well-wishers, it sounds like someone who actually builds wishing-wells…).

      • Yeah, with apologies to Mr. Armitage, still planning to call myself a fan. I never had a problem with it, actually 🙂

        • Me neither. it’s a bit like with Cumberbitches. Granted, this form is much stronger, but I feel that Ben’s insistence that this is derogatory term actually makes it so. Sometimes, unintentionally I’m sure, he shames these women and has taken a name that was empowering to them and turned it into an anti feminist statement.
          The fans themselves created the name and, as far as I can tell, have been very happy with it. I actually consider myself a bitch too (without the Cumber though) as I find it to be a sharp contrast to those polite docile quite girls that always got praise because they were seen not heard. For me it’s the case: I may be a bitch, but I’m not your bitch, so run along…
          Anyway, yes, nothing wrong with fan, I would also describe myself as a fangirl and I’m proud of it 🙂

          • totally agree re: Cumberbitches. People who appropriate that name for their own identity have their reasons. What you call yourself from inside is not the same as what might mean to someone from outside, and presumably Cumberbatch is not a fan of himself. (My issue’s always been with “Army,” anyway, and Armitage has never questioned that one as far as I know.)

          • What issues have you had with “army”?
            I guess I’d describe myself as a pacifist, like many people in today’s day and age, and I observe the insistence of possessing guns in the US (as a right guaranteed by the constitution with dread) (s many Europeans do, I wouldn’t march on a country even if Richard asked me every so nicely to, but I think the name is cute, has a history and as you say, has taken on a new meaning for insiders.

          • Severe, severe, severe political objections. At the same time, I accept that it’s the name of the group that I inadvertently joined, and that it has an origin in a comment a fan’s husband made to her as a joke, not in a statement about the military. When I was doing Legenda I did link to fan art, etc., that used the term, so I’m not into disciplining people about it. If you want to call yourself that, cool. I don’t use it on the blog to refer to myself, however, and I wouldn’t purchase an article or wear one with that designation on it.

          • Darned alliteration. Had he been called Richard, say, Bunton we’d be the Bunton Bunnies 😉

          • I would be okay with that one 🙂

            The alliteration helps me a lot as a writer, though, so I’ll survive.

          • You SO wouldn’t! We are not cute little furry things that nibble on stuff and are born to be filmed and turned into adorable tumblr gifs 😉

          • huh — I think of bunnies as pests who eat the garden. I could identify with that!

          • LOL! That’s too funny. How about Richard’s Rabbits so we can get rid of the nasty sexual undertones of “bunny”.
            We’d have a fan costume that we’d wear to the next Hobbit premiere (although I did promise Guylty we’d dress up as unicorns for that):

          • I like to think of our “Army” as one more in tune with the “large number of people or things that are involved in some activity together” such as the Salvation Army. They certainly aren’t a military group by any stretch of the imagination. I have never thought of us being the least bit militant.

          • I think that’s a tough point as it’s been brought to my attention that the Salvation Army and I differ in many issues such as homosexuality, offering assistance to those in need, even if they happen to have alcohol or drug addiction problems etc 😦 Not a militant group, but sadly also not necessarily one I’d want to be identified with

          • Historically, the Salvation Army was intentionally structured after a military organization. I won’t give money to them, either, but not because of the name. Again, anyone who wants to should identify with the name “Army” as s/he pleases. I just don’t. I prefer to pick my own identifications which is why I will stick with “fan.” “Armitage Army” won’t ever be one of them unless something really unexpected happens in my emotional and/or political life.

          • Now I’m (lol) getting rabid. I don’t want to be identified with a lab animal, or a sex object identified with a so-called Men’s Magazine….if you catch my drift. Orcrist and I laugh during baseball season when the fans try to think up catchy names for their favorite player, then dress up. McCann’s Cans. Frenchy’s Fries, the list goes on. I guess we’re stuck with being fangirls.

          • This is kind of where we started, though, isn’t it? I want to pick my own identifications when I refer to myself.

          • Armitage Apples because we’re zingy?
            Armitage Astronauts because Richard is out of this world?
            Armitage Accountants because we count ourselves lucky to be an RA fan?

          • Armitage alligators because we have really sharp teeth 🙂

          • OK, now I see it, this could work:

          • I would totally wear that.

          • Erm, I’m totally wearing it right now. A bit itchy but protects from drafts…

          • those synthetic faux-alligator skin fabrics can be claustrophobic.

          • Excuse me but isn’t it your constitutional right to grab a rife and actually go and pop a real alligator so you won’t have to bother with faux anything? As long as you shout: He’s coming right at me! before you fire you should be OK!
            I joke of course, I’m just preparing a mini post about Thorin and Thraduil for tomorrow and I think their sass, if nothing else, is rubbing off on me…

          • Alligators are considered a pest, I believe — some states pay professional contractors / bounty hunters to shoot them. That said, didn’t I ever tell you about my deerhunting experience as a twelve year old? My father wanted to be sure I could take care of myself. It was all fine till I had to field dress the animal I shot. 😦

            Not every American owns a gun 🙂

          • I know, I’m just teasing about the guns…
            If aligators are considered pests that’s it, I’m striking off the idea of Armitage Alligators. I will not allow someone to get a cap in their arse just for liking Richard 😉
            Regarding hunting, even though I don’t eat meat, I actually think hunting is probably the most “honest” way of acquiring it, but I’m just shuddering at the thought that I’d actually have to be involved in the process. Although I’m not familiar with the term “field dress” and it sounds kind of nice, like a nice flower-print summer dress, I’m guessing from context that it has more to do with… underdressing the animal… I’ve seen Hannibal and I’ll pass… 😉

          • field dress = yeah, nothing sweat about it. I’m really in favor of people at least knowing where their meat comes from and how it is produced. For some reason meat food waste really bothers me. So, yeah, I eat meat. Not alligator, though 🙂

          • It’s okay girls, I own enough guns for all of us….and I will protect your right not to arm bears for as long as I can stand on my own two feet. I wear Crocs, does that count?

      • Ja tez jestem pro-fanką ;)….(hmmm..profanka)
        ..a może po staropolsku: BRAnki 🙂 ale takie co to same w niewolę poszły.

  9. Co za imponująca lista!!! Dziękuję za umieszczenie mnie na niej. :*

  10. MaryJaneZigZag

    Thanks for doing all the heavy-lifting — there are quite a few places/blogs I haven’t visited before & will definitely be checking them out! Happy New Year 🙂

  11. Reblogged this on Armitage Agonistes and commented:
    This is wonderful. Thanks to all three of you. Thank you for linking to KatharineD’s post.

  12. A lovely listing of Armitage World happenings!! And thanks for mentioning “my/our” anniversary post! Cheers!

  13. Thank you Agzy for the mention! Appreciated.

  14. Love being introduced to links & blogs that I haven’t seen before. Particularly looking forward to the golden oldies. Thanks Agzy.

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