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Season 3 is on and I’ve been Sherlocked!

*may contain Sherlock spoilers!*

I had scheduled an Arty Farty for today but seeing that BBC’s Sherlock is back I felt the occasion needed a bit of celebration.

And I’m not the only one, judging by KathrineD’s reflections about the BBC.


How was I supposed to not get excited after such a long wait, a cliff-hanger to rule them all and a teaser that makes you salivate like a rabid dog whets your appetite.

I knew I’d have to go into Tumblr/Twitter/Blog blackout until I watched the first episode of season 3- The Empty Hearse as the internet is crawling with spoilers.

I tried streaming it live as it aired on January 1st at 9pm but the traffic was so intense that all feeds were interrupted.

I then decided to scout the internet for fresh uploads and did that till I finally gave in after 2 am (I still got up absolutely knackered after dreaming I was obsessively trying to watch Sherlock…).

I finally got my hands on the episode on the following day (how? a magician never reveals her/his naughty tricks), but I knew that I needed to find a better solution to watch the next episode which airs January 5th.


After scouting the internet I came across ways of accessing BBC iPlayer.

You need to open it through Firefox and download an app which hides your proxy.

It may be shady but it works (I’ll link to the advice page when I find it again…).

So I’m all set for Sunday and I’m bursting with excitement.


I won’t be writing about the plot as I’m only too aware that many folks are waiting for the episode to air on TV in their respective countries, I will only say that I had shivers running down my spine during the first half.

I’ve expressed before how much I enjoy emotionally charged scenes, ones that show the characters unraveling and there plenty of Sherlock/Watson goodies here, including the process of mourning the loss of a friend, the fight to build a new life and dealing with betrayal.

The second half wasn’t really my cup of tea- give me a juicy murder mystery over a V for Vendetta knock-off.


Anyway, there are some delicious nods to the Sherlock fandom, a clear indication that the creators know very well about ships and tease us with them.

I also grinned when Ben’s parents popped up, then realised it’s creepy that I knew straight away who those people were…

Anyway, one may say the game is on, but the Sherlock fandom has a few cards up their sleeves too, if the tumblr Sherlock tag is any indication.

mr and mrs holmes

To celebrate the start of season 3 you can check out this pretty amazing list of the most delicious Sherlock fanfiction, although be warned, some contain Johnlock/slash.

Belstaff coats at the ready, it’s going to be a Sherlock winter 🙂


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  1. I too had to use magic means, Agzy- all the ads on TV here say ‘coming in 2014’. Then they wonder why easily spoiled shows like Sherlock and Game Of Thrones get so heavily pirated here. The ABC learnt their lesson with Doctor Who, but sadly Sherlock airs on a commercial channel that is in no hurry to keep up with the rest of the world.

    I was determined not to be spoiled for this, and managed to watch with no inkling whatsoever of what was going to happen, other than having seen pictures of John Watson with his new hairy growth! I loved it- all the in jokes, the nods to fandom. Both lead actors did an outstanding job, I thought, and hats off to Mark Gatiss for writing a great script.

    • Gatiss is my secret gay crush 🙂 I followed setlock on tumblr as I knew very well that by the time the creators put the episode together I’d barely recognise it. Gifs of the actual episode are a whole other story. I can only be sad that I am pushed to shady means in order to experience what UK fans are offered. I don’t feel too bad about it as I’ll buy season 3 on DVD to round up my Sherlock collection and I wouldn’t watch it on Polish TV when it airs anyway (bloody voiceover). I think that creators of shows like Sherlock will have to confront this issue very soon. I don’t watch TV at all, all my viewing is done either online or on DVD and I a great presume many of us do the same.
      BTW, I’m taking advantage of iPlayer, just watching Death Comes to Pemberley. I read the book a few months ago, thought it was…OK, now I’m checking out the mini-series 😉

      • Well I’m the same with DVD buying- anything I can’t wait to see, I’m going to want to own as soon as it’s available. I rewatched The Reichenbach Fall yesterday and found I’d forgotten quite a bit of the detail, so it was good to be reacquainted ahead of the new ep. Let me know what you think of Death Comes to Pemberley, would you?
        We have some very high-handed attitudes prevailing here when it comes to showing TV shows- this is known as the ‘silly season’, and the expectation is that Australians are all either on holidays or at the beach at the moment, so no worthwhile shows get aired in Dec/ Jan. they wonder why TV numbers are down….

        • I had to pause and explain Reichencach Fall twice to Magzy yesterday as she dozed off each time the episode was on last year. In hindsight we probably should have rewatched it beforehand so I wouldn’t have to go over the plot South. Now, I love Bessie and cry every time she dies, but the actress is so ill suited to play Lizzie it’s just painful. Imagine Bessie, 15 years older, in very drab clothes, no make-up, with a dodgy messed up hairstyle. I feel horrible to have to say this, but Lizzie was a gentleman’s daughter, even if she was a bit of a loose canon. Anna Maxwell Martin portrays her as a mill girl who just happened to step out of the sorting room and into Pemberley. She gets outshined by almost every single woman on screen and it’s just really uncomfortable to watch. Honestly, it’s like they took the only lengthy Elizabeth Bennet description from the book and unfortunately she’s analysed by Caroline Bingley 😦
          See what I mean?

          Darcy on the other hand is portrayed well. Differently than Firth in 1995 P&P, but still in keeping with how I think Austen imagined him. I also found the other cast members satisfactory and the plot is still OK, as was the book. All in all, if you have a free evening and chance upon this mini-series (3 episodes) but it’s by no means a DVD must.

          • Thanks, Agzy- I did wonder when I saw who was playing the part- I think she’s a fine actress, but she doesn’t really have that sparkle we’ve come to associate with the part- Jennifer Ehle made it hard for any Lizzie coming along after her.

          • I feel terrible make such comments, but I just think that the casting of Elizabeth is off. Having said that, now that I’ve finished watching, I enjoyed it although no fireworks.

  2. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    I loved this ep so much I watched it again the following night…well, pretty much straight after work, and after changing into my pjs…
    Anyhoo *spoiler alert* for anyone reading these comments who hasn’tyet seen The Empty Hearse…
    I think my fave moment (ok, one of them) was John headbutting Sherlock! Funny, and, sorry Sherlock, but throughly justified! ;P
    I also loved Derren Brown’s cameo… more so because I said to my friend hours before that I think he’ll have something to do with it, as a joke! Conspiracy theory or not, that’s what my money’s on! ^-^

    • I had good intentions of watching this a second time but iPlayer made me venture out and check out other shows I had missed.
      I agree, the headbutting scene is the best. I love how they start out in a posh French restaurant, get kicked out due to violence, move on to a café, kicked out again and end up in a disgusting fish and chip/kebab place 🙂 And all of this intertwined with moustache comments. Brilliant!
      I knew Darren Brown was in it (setlock) and I’m so happy that the explanation he’s in is only a theory. Still funny though, and smashing through the window and kissing Molly made my day- I’m a bit of a Sherlolly fan 🙂
      All in all, it was certainly worth the wait. I’m suspicious about Mary and I think making her the bad guy will be a bit predictable, but the Moffat and Gatiss have a way of surprising me, so bring it on!

      • littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

        Yes, that scene was a perfect medley of tension and comedy. Love! ^-^
        I had no idea Derren Brown was going to be in it, so it was a good surprise, even I did “predict” it ;P
        I wonder if they will actually reveal how it was done? All the conspiracy theories and toying with elaborate plans is fun and entertaining, but, seriously?! 😉
        Aw, the kiss with Molly kinda made me weak at the knees. Yum!
        Really don’t want Mary to be a meanie…I hope they don’t go down that road.
        Ugh, is it Sunday yet?

  3. Podoba mi sie Martin z wąsem..i bez wasa też:)


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