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Daily Archives: January 3, 2014

Season 3 is on and I’ve been Sherlocked!

*may contain Sherlock spoilers!*

I had scheduled an Arty Farty for today but seeing that BBC’s Sherlock is back I felt the occasion needed a bit of celebration.

And I’m not the only one, judging by KathrineD’s reflections about the BBC.


How was I supposed to not get excited after such a long wait, a cliff-hanger to rule them all and a teaser that makes you salivate like a rabid dog whets your appetite.

I knew I’d have to go into Tumblr/Twitter/Blog blackout until I watched the first episode of season 3- The Empty Hearse as the internet is crawling with spoilers.

I tried streaming it live as it aired on January 1st at 9pm but the traffic was so intense that all feeds were interrupted.

I then decided to scout the internet for fresh uploads and did that till I finally gave in after 2 am (I still got up absolutely knackered after dreaming I was obsessively trying to watch Sherlock…).

I finally got my hands on the episode on the following day (how? a magician never reveals her/his naughty tricks), but I knew that I needed to find a better solution to watch the next episode which airs January 5th.


After scouting the internet I came across ways of accessing BBC iPlayer.

You need to open it through Firefox and download an app which hides your proxy.

It may be shady but it works (I’ll link to the advice page when I find it again…).

So I’m all set for Sunday and I’m bursting with excitement.


I won’t be writing about the plot as I’m only too aware that many folks are waiting for the episode to air on TV in their respective countries, I will only say that I had shivers running down my spine during the first half.

I’ve expressed before how much I enjoy emotionally charged scenes, ones that show the characters unraveling and there plenty of Sherlock/Watson goodies here, including the process of mourning the loss of a friend, the fight to build a new life and dealing with betrayal.

The second half wasn’t really my cup of tea- give me a juicy murder mystery over a V for Vendetta knock-off.


Anyway, there are some delicious nods to the Sherlock fandom, a clear indication that the creators know very well about ships and tease us with them.

I also grinned when Ben’s parents popped up, then realised it’s creepy that I knew straight away who those people were…

Anyway, one may say the game is on, but the Sherlock fandom has a few cards up their sleeves too, if the tumblr Sherlock tag is any indication.

mr and mrs holmes

To celebrate the start of season 3 you can check out this pretty amazing list of the most delicious Sherlock fanfiction, although be warned, some contain Johnlock/slash.

Belstaff coats at the ready, it’s going to be a Sherlock winter 🙂

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