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Christmas hangover, the crackers are pulled, the wrapping is torn…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas this year, for us it was a corker, but then I presume it’s always good to put things into perspective and remind yourself about what is important.

Christmas Eve was made even better with the brilliant presents under the tree.

Richard Armitage christmas tree

And for the record, there was no Richard Armitage with a name tag signed For AgzyM on it and he better not have appeared under some other fan’s tree or I’ll scream bloody murder 😉

Believe me, the tree was big enough to accommodate a Richard slid under it (he’d have to be careful not to crease the red ribbon around his neck though) and I even decided to crank up the heater so he wouldn’t be chilly laying on the floor.

present 1

Nevertheless, I think Santa’s on to me which was made evident when I tore open the RA/Hobbit/dwarf box.

I got a wonderful collection of Armitage related goodies I’d like to share with you (the pictures NOT the presents to mitts off ladies!).

Firstly, as you may know my Magzy is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle nerd enthusiast.

I had once stated that I’d actually give puzzling a try if I ever got jigsawed Thorin and I knew I had to keep my word when I opened two Hobbit-related puzzles (cracker not included, just a misguided and failed attempt to be more artsy…).

present 5

I’ve already completed the 500 piece Elf one and can only huff over how much bloody hair that sassy Thranduil has and how hard that part of the puzzle was.

I’ll be doing the other 1000 piece one tomorrow so look out Thorin and gang, AgzyM will be taking you part and putting you back together again!

present 4

Apart from the jigsaw puzzles, I also finally got my hands on The Hobbit: AUJ DVD.

I haven’t checked out all the footage yet, but is it just me or do we have to change the disc in the middle of the movie?


I also got a dose of Anime Thorin, a figure that fascinates many but just freaks Magzy out.

present 3

He stands proudly defending my bookcase, accompanied by my other Thorin figure which I got from my BFF Max last year in London.

Is it just me or is there CLEARLY a Lego Thorin missing from my Majestic Dwarf collection?

present 6

I’ll have to rectify that soon…

Anyway, the boys know what I value most in my home and stand guard!

present 2

Speaking of books, I also received an item that I had been pining for meaning a paper copy of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South.

I think I’ve mentioned it a few times that I’m very much an ebook convert and my Kindle is my prized possession, but there’s something wonderful about flipping pages, delighting in the smell of a new book.

The last piece in the Hobbit box is a bit of a head-scratcher.

May I present to you the Barrels out of Bond kit:

present 7

I must admit that I saw on Serv’s blog (can’t find the post), this set of figures of barrelled dwarves that you paint, I thought it’d be a great idea, impulse-bought it and forwarded the info to Magzy.

I thought I’d take my time and casually paint the figures as a long-term summer project.

This is how they looked on the picture that first caught my imagination:


This is what I got which on opening the box, made me say: The fuck is this???

(Anime Thorin serves to show you the size of the kit)

present 8

Clearly I should have focused more on the description because the figures are tiny.

Actually, they are so tiny I’ve had to ever so lovingly point to where the they actually are in the pictures.

There’s just no way that I’ll do anything more than dip the whole figure in paint and call it a day…

I have a feeling I’ll be selling these off very soon.


Apart from my Hobbit box I also got a ton of other goodies including a pink iPhone 5c and that’s where my nightmare before after Christmas began.

iTunes hates me.

In fact it’s more iHateYouAgzy.

My relationship with iShit is so sado-masochistic I really do wonder why I bother until I take the phone into my hand, start caressing it and whispering: My Precious!

It turns out that an error had occurred in my archived file and I lost all the data from my old phone, but luckily a nice iMan managed to at least save my contacts although the rest is gone and I can’t seem to save anything on the iShitCloud.

iWanttoMakeYourLifeDifficult is still working incorrectly but I feel I need to let it go for today, admit that technology had kicked my arse and prepare for battle tomorrow.

Anyway, how was your Christams?

Dish about what you found in your stocking/under the Christmas tree 🙂


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  1. Lots of cool stuff which made me mutter My Preciousss under my breath 😛 Glad to know you had a great Christmas! I did get what I wanted for Christmas, though the only gift that was missing was an adorkable Tolkien nerd called Richard 😛

    • I know, you’d think that Santa+elves (both the Xmas and the Tolkien kind) would figure out a way to supply a heavy dose of Armitage to each naughty and nice girl around the world. Oh well, there’s always next year…

  2. Yes AUJ extended editions require you to switch disc half way through the film. Nice gifts!

    • I thought the gifts were pretty neat 🙂
      Regarding the film that requires you to get up from the sofa and change the disc, am I the only one who’s so lazy that this requirement actually seems cruel? We ended up not going on to part two and went to bed instead which is bad as Tolkien/Jackson deserve more.

      • Wow … that IS bad hehe! But yes, I agree – it’s really annoying having to insert a new disc. It’s like you’re completely thrown out of Middle-earth!

        • I know! You’re already in the Tolkien/Jackson trans, with a good supply of food around you and nothing, not even the desperate need to go to *cough* powder your nose will entice you to get your butt off the sofa (best wait till the very last moment…). I was hoping that a full copy of the movie was on one of the other discs. It’s just bizarre and I’m surprised with how Sir PJ strives to keep making viewing better, he’d allow for something so strange.

  3. I have never laughed so hard at your iPhone stuff. That’s why I have a droid….I only had to change BluRay disks if I wanted to watch the 9 hours of extra stuff…sorry to hear that. You can I cleaned up in the Thorin stuff. I love the puzzles! I do them on my computer because my cat knocks the pieces off the table and my dog eats them before I can retrieve.

    • I just dunno with the phone, it’s worn me out and the worst thing is that for now we’ve just applied a Band-Aid on a festering wound as nothing got resolved. I shall get my computer pro to clear up my laptop and then install iTunes again. Maybe it’ll help…
      Magzy got 16 boxes of puzzles and she’s so easy to buy for 😉 A few times a year, for Xmas, her birthday or name’s day I design special puzzles for her and it’s just ridiculous how much she loves doing them. I have to cover the image so she doesn’t know what she’s putting together. Just crazy!

  4. Wow, those barrel riders are THAT small? I didn’t see that, either. (I didn’t get them because the thought of having to paint them myself gave me fits).

    For Christmas, I got a neato crocheted scarf from Obscura and some pickles at a Chinese buffet lunch — and on Christmas Eve a hand-made, handpainted angel ornament from my nieces that they made in art class. That’s kind of it. I got my dad the usual Christmas present he got from my mother because I wanted him to have something to open when the nieces were opening their presents, but he didn’t get me anything (I wasn’t surprised) and my agreement w/bro and SIL is that we don’t exchange gifts but put money in the nieces’ college fund. When I was shopping for my nieces I got myself the Thorin figure Magzy finds creepy (I think it’s cute, and I am considering getting a few more. I wonder how many Richard Armitage got) and the UK Esquire magazine with the dinner suit photoshoot.

    • They are truly tiny nd I’m so dossapoined. There’s no way I’ll be able to paint them. No more impulse buying on the internet in future, I’ve learned my lesson.
      Regarding presents, I’ve noticed that many families have enforced the rule that only children receive gifts. Magzy and I usually get the presents, so I guess if it was up to my parents Christmas in general would look a bit differently. I enjoy planning what everyone gets and it gives me genuine pleasure to watch people shred through wrapping paper. A few years ago we’d go majorly overboard so we enforced the “3 gifts per person” rule which is slipping again as we seemed to have moved on to “3 boxes with multiple gifts”. What can I say? I simply like giving presents.
      Regarding the Anime Thorin, I was just looking at an Anime Gandalf to keep Thorin company and I’m starting to worry that my “no merch” rule is slipping too. The only reason I don’t own a Weta Thorin is because I seriously can’t afford it, so I shall continue to visit it at Forbidden Plant in London each time I’m in town 😉

      • I bought a lot less Hobbit stuff this year myself. Though mostly out of feeling like the offerings were less interesting. I don’t regret WETA Thorin at all — he sits on my desk and seeing him when I come in for work in the morning continues to be a major pickmeup.

        presents — my exSO was an amazing present-giver and it was so much fun to exchange presents with him because he truly thought about every gift he gave and that made me want to think about it, too. My mom was also like that. No one was allowed to make a gift list or say what you wanted, people had to think / guess which made it much more exciting. In other words — it’s fun when other people are into it but most of my family is not that way. (And, the college tuition question is pressing, lol.) The nieces got a ton of stuff this year, I think because everyone was worried they’d be neglected b/c we’re so preoccupied.

        I saw there’s an anime “invisible Bilbo,” too. Just how I’d like to experience Martin Freeman most of the time, lol 🙂

        • LOL! I agree with Magzy on this one- the Invisible Bilbo is a tad on the freaky side 😉 I can’t hate on Freeman though, I’ve adored him since the UK Office. I also have a disturbing love for Sherlock. WETA Thorin is definitely not freaky and believe me, if/when I win the lottery that’s on my list, the Gandalf one seems pretty amazing too.
          Regarding gifts for kids, I remember I was about 6 and My Little Pony crazy. I really wanted a MLP stable housy thingy, although now I realise just how expensive that must have been, especially seeing that when we lived in England my parents budgeted and bought things for when we come back to Warsaw, especially seeing that most even the most basic items weren’t available here.
          So anyway, there I was with my big dream and a huge box under the tree with my name on it. I opened up a smaller gift and wouldn’t you know it- My Little Pony PJ’s. They were made from some awful man-made fabric and were bright pink, but I was sure they were a clue as to what the huge box was. Imagine my dismay when it turned out that I got a bloody loom! A plastic kiddie loom so could weave crap little rug-like monstrosities. I was so disappointed, but I was also extremely ashamed that I could hide my feelings from my parents.
          There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

          • I know at least three adult women about my age who are making up for misspent parental Christmases by stocking up their MLP collections 🙂

            I think securely attached kids are acutely conscious of their parents’ and adults’ reactions to their reactions — I see this with my nieces. I always joke and say, “I’m the boring aunt” because I give them books, art supplies, trips/tickets to the movies or the theater, journals this year, and their other aunt, who’s a fashion plate and on top of that kind of thing, gives them cheap trendy clothes designed to keep them in the running for fashion mavens at their very rural school. I’m just joking but they always say, oh, no, we LOVE your presents, Aunt S. Kids like my nieces anyway know that their parents work hard care and they don’t want to disappoint with their reactions …

            So let me guess, you immediately sat down to make a potholder 🙂

          • I get Thorin toys, I gave the nieces and nephews, books…..albeit, one got a book on how to make origami star war figures with paper, so we’re not the boring Aunts, Serv, we’re the ones that help our young relative grow up to appreciate authors like Tolkien instead of people like Miley Cyrus….

          • I got my cousin’ son The Hobbit and I very much doubt he read it, but then he didn’t pretend he’d even try. I know he loves the story as I met him the other day just as he was leaving the cinema and I was heading to Middle Earth.
            It pains me greatly that kids don’t want to read. I swear, I wasn’t allowed to read till I did my homework, which I would never actually do so I ended up sneaky reading, resorting to flashlights under the covers and such. It saddens me that they won’t know what it’s like to read, say, their first Agatha Christie or Stephen King and have nightmares afterwards ;).

          • I’m not too worried about Miley, my nieces lead a *very* sheltered childhood — they are being raised even more conservatively than I was. I imagine that an unpleasant adolescent rebellion is on its way. On the upside, though, they have zero interest in boys, their energy all goes into school church, their animals, reading, and slowly, sports …

          • I think I may have made one nasty rug for my doll house 😉 I do however tut every time I see the new My Little Pony. Believe me, I very much doubt I’d be yearning them if they looked them how they look now.
            I rarely buy gifts for kids but I’m very much the “hey, I bet he’d love that plastic thingy that shoots spider webs around the whole house” type of gift giver. This year I took part in buying gifts for an orphanage. By the time I signed up all the children had been chosen but I decided to buy all the girls (age appropriate) perfume and lip gloss because I remember how much I loved the first bottle I even got and how special it made me feel.
            I appreciate practical gifts now but I think when I was younger I felt pretty cheated when my grandmother got me a pair of thick grey tights that were a tad too small.

          • I always got underwear and devotional books from one grandmother — every year …

          • I honestly don’t know what to say to that 😉 I understand that the underwear were what one may call “sensible” which wouldn’t work for me as I have a thing for cartoon characters on mine, yes, still, in my mid 30s…

          • yes, plain white cotton … 🙂

          • Plain white cotton doesn’t exist in Chez AgzyM because I always end up washing my whites with other stuff and they turn out either pink or grey 😉

          • Now I think that was sweet with the perfume! I grew up with the “this is your Christmas Present and Birthday Present.” My birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas. It’s difficult as a child to wake up on your birthday knowing there are no presents because you opened them on Christmas. I could never understand why my sister got new clothes and they were never this is your Easter Outfit and your Birthday Outfit. Her birthday sometimes fell on Easter. Or my brother who’s birthday is Halloween.

          • I truly believe it’s the though that counts and both adults and children alike don’t necessarily need/expect very expensive gifts. I remember when we were living in England we were always careful about money but we’d get these little Care Bear figures that we collected. We loved them so very much and still have them.
            Regarding the presents for the kids, the youngest girl is seven. She asked for Hello Kitty Pj’s and linen, so I added Barbie perfume and lip-gloss and apparently she loved them. This is the first year I’ve contributed and I can’t lie, I’ve been inspired by the Armitage community to get involved in such endeavours. I’m so impressed with the way especially my American friends do so many wonderful things for others. It’s become one of my favourite aspects of the fandom.

  5. Hej, byłas w tym roku bardzo grzeczna..tyle ładnych prezentów dostałaś:)
    A jakie świetne prezenty rozdajesz…perfumy i błyszczyki dla mojej byłej siedmiolatki
    stanowiły centrum wszechswiata!

    • Kochana, organizując prezenty dla dziewczyn zdałam sobie sprawę że nie mam pojęcia co jest odpowiednie dla 14-latki, 10-latki. W pewnym momentcie musiałam wygooglować: do 10 year olds like Barbie? Ciężka sprawa ale mam nadzieję że podarunki sprawiły radość małym damom.


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