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I’ve been Naughty this year (but Richard made me do it!)

If Santa asks whether I’ve been naughty or nice this year I need to lie through my teeth if I’m to get anything this Christmas.

If I was one of Santa’s reindeer I’d be Rude-olph!

I hope the jolly man will understand, especially that we’re kin of sorts, he is after all North Polish!

My line of defence is that most naughty coal-worthy behaviour has been inspired by my fangirling of Richard and he is more than welcome to submit any form of punishment he sees fit!

(see what I mean? one mention of the man and it’s just pure filth…)

Anyway, let’s celebrate the season of Ho! Ho! Ho! by a round of Nasty Santa, Armitage style:

Richard Armitage 2

I have a rubbish chute, will that do?

Richard Armitage 3

Be warned, I’m a loud carol singer… never mind…

Richard armitage 5


So what are you gonna do about that???

Richard Armitage Xmas1

That last one makes me feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place…

And, if anyone had ANY doubt…

Richard Armitage 4

He means his nose after a glass of sherry I hope.

Last but not least, for my friend Serv bravely battling the snow:

Richard Armitage xmas

A Very Merry! Dear Armitage Friends 🙂

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  1. Hehehehe! 😀 😀

    What dirty thoughts? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. He doesn’t have that effect on me. Nope. Never.

    /Santa, I hope you’re reading this!/

  2. If he came down my chimney, there would be no Silent Night. We’d have Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas, while I was with Good King Oakenshield born on the Feast of Durin. So, my friend, I’l be with the Army for Chrismas if only in my dreams.

  3. Hey sweetie, BIG thanks for getting me back on the straight and narrow!! One always gets distracted by all this seasonal glittery stuff… I mean, those things that REALLY matter….You sure wanted to make me (total fidgety!!) fantasising, all about this lusciously, mouth-watering (man), glowing (non-)candy-stick??? Unfortunately at first I have to consider this gormless chimney thingy as I do not have one……There MUST be other ways…
    Though..Yep… starting with a sherry… and then… that other place you mention….
    Good Girl!!

  4. LOL, hybermate, cybermate — I’m up for it with naughty Richard! Thanks for the big grin and laugh! I’m trying to think of a snowy come on — something like, “wanna go out in the snowbank with me and and make snow angels?” I’m sure you could do better.

    • BTW we’ve had the warmest Christmas I can remember. It’s about 10C day in and day out, with slight frosts at night. At least now I know where all that snow has got to 😉

  5. I knew you were up to something with those candy canes! Great post.

  6. Thanks for the laughs! Have yourself a Merry little ChRistmAs! 🙂

  7. Hey, I think you are on the safe side with this post, Agzy. Didn’t he say something about being the worst potty mouth on-set? There – approved. (And certainly enjoyed by me :-))

    • He and I could sit all day, swearing till we’re blue in the face and the cows come home 😉

      • Somehow, I can’t imagine that he could out swear Freeman, the worst of the lot.

        • Well, I’m not too sure. Freeman weaves swears in organically, but Richard seems to mind his tongue (I could mind it for him if he needs a break…) so when he’s amongst friends, I can see the floodgates break and all the backed-up swears just come pouring out.

          • I loved that statement about how he might be the biggest pottymouth — but not publicly. Yup. That’s our Armitage 🙂

          • I understand that. I’m the biggest potty mouth… but in English. I rarely swear in Polish. I think it’s because my parents didn’t and still don’t accept a juicy “kurwa” but don’t mind a “fuckity fuck”.

  8. Spokojnych Świąt dla Ciebie i dla Twojej Rodziny, Agzy:*

  9. Well, I arrived a bit late for Christimas, but I’d like to thank you for having brightened up our days along this year… I wish you and your family all the best in 2014 and I hope we can go on celebrating here many good RA and personal moments!! 😉

  10. 😀 Hej , jakie cudowne karki świateczne! Dzieki!
    Niegrzeczny Ryszard jest moim ulubionym Ryszardem…z tymi swoimi lśniącymi oczami.. jak to kiedyś orzekła siostra mojej RAsiostry ” O ten to ma ku*wiki w oczach!!” 😉

    • Tak strasznie grzmiało pod naszą ryśkową strzechą że on taki i owaki, że się zmienił i inne pierdki. Prawda jest taka że Ryś jest taki jaki sobie wyobrażamy. Dla mnie to taka cicha woda, ktoś inny obrazuje go jako nieśmiały romantyk. Prawda leży całkiem gdzie indziej i i tak nie mamy do niej dostępu, więc co tu dużo gadać. Dla każdej z nas jest tym ideałem, ale ideał znaczy coś całkiem innego. Ja pozostanę przy tym co ma ku*wiki w oczach 😉


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