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Have Yourself a Merry Dwarving Weekend!

Thorin Armitage mask

I thoroughly enjoyed the European premiere of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug in Berlin.

Now I’m ready for Richard to take off his red carpet/promotional mask and done the Thorin one.

Entertain me Oakenshield!

As you read this I’ll already be in London, roaming museums, galleries and restaurants,  waiting to catch the movie on Friday afternoon, courtesy of a wonderful RA friend (thanks Guylty!).

Wherever you are, whenever you get to catch the next Hobbiting Adventure, I hope you have a wonderful time!

Whether you’ll be fangirling in your 3D glasses accompanied by fellow Armitage enthusiasts, or going it alone in quiet contemplation, remember:

 Have a BLAST!

Savour each moment!

Salivate/jump up and down in your seat/swoon/reach out and try to touch the majestic dwarf if you want to!

Then let’s meet back and fangirl and ooof! the heck out of this sucker 😉


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  1. Great pic!!
    Have the best time in London, and to you and all of us – have a great dwarving weekend! 🙂

  2. Enjoy London. Say Hi to Guylty if you see her. See you on the other side.

  3. Have a great time in London. I met guylty at the Berlin premiere and tonight I´ll go to the midnight premiere of DOS with my daughter.

    I feel a bit surreal at the moment and quite overkilled, but we´ll meet up together next week and share our impressions.

    Let´s enjoy!

  4. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    Enjoy your trip! 😀
    Did you get my email? Let me know if you’ll be free to meet up before/after you see Hot Dwarf King part II 😉

  5. You too have a wonderful time in London!!! 😉

  6. Have a great time! Say hello to friends we know, and everyone you meet! (“From Have a Jolly Holly Christmas Song”) I can’t go to see DOS till next week, but I don’t care. “Spoil” me rotten!!! I’ve already read the book a half a dozen times. I know what happens. hahahahahaha. I want to hear about everything! xoxoxoxo

  7. Agzy, enjoy your time in London. Is it really a year since we met on freezing cold LeicesterSquare to oggle Thorin together?? It will be the hell of a roller coaster ride to look in his gleaming blue eyes again…. Tomorrow!

  8. Oh that’s brilliant! Is the manip yours?


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