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Richard, let’s hear you say: Ich bin ein Berliner!

Dear Richard,

We haven’t had a note from you I quite some time, so I decided to open up this line of communication again.

I’m very pleased that you’re a little further East and closer to me, even though that means that I won’t be stalking checking you out on the red carpet in London this week.

Richard Armitage tux snowing

I really do hope that you have a great time this evening and I will definitely be following the festivities HERE at 6.20 pm (GMT+1 which is my kind of time zone).

It’s been quite cold in this part of the world and we’ve had heavy snowfall, so here are some items that I think will make your red carpet event more enjoyable.

Firstly, make sure you pull out your long johns from the bottom of your suitcase:

long johns

I know often your suits are *cough* form-fitting, but let’s make sure everything is nice and snug.

If it’s good enough for woodcutters and crab fishermen, it’s good enough for adorable British actors…

It’s also important to stay warm from the inside, so how about this:


Now, a hip flask may disturb the silhouette of your suit and you just know we’ll be obsessing over each and every bump, so how about a fun alternative:


How many people you know who take a St. Bernard to a red carpet event?

You’d be a hit and people will be asking: Benedict who?

Chicks dig a hot man with an adorable dog, so maybe you’ll actually score manage to find other ways to stay warm.

I will be watching, cheering for you, experiencing my own RA heating effect 🙂

All the best and good luck for tonight,



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  1. I love those red thermals. OOOF! I don’t think the alcohol will keep him warm, though. Unless it’s 150º proof Rum from Puerto Rico, of course. 😉

    Agzy, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this but I want you to know how much your blog delights me. It has cheered me up on many occasions. Thank you for doing such an excellent job!

    • I was thinking the same thing about the red long johns. I have an urge to see Richard in them 🙂 I bet he’d rock the look.
      And thank you very much, I really do enjoy blogging and I just like to have a laugh, so without my fellow Armitage Admirers participating I’d just be a sad Armitage fetishist 😉

      • Maybe when he finally gets to do a movie that’s “all about love”, it could take place in Winter and we can see them! 😉

  2. Love this Agzy. I may or may not be getting up at 4.30 AM to see if RA takes your excellent advice!

    • That was the problem with the LA premiere. I set my alarm clock, but there was no way I could actually wake up, so I just rolled ovr and caught up in the morning. Damn you time zones!!!!

  3. I don’t know if Richard is going to follow your advices, but I’m sure the man looks great in anything he wears!!! 😉

    • We’ll know when we see a bit of the long johns sticking out from under his expensive suit 😉 Also, I’d like Guylty or Linda60 to stick a breathalyser so we know if he needed some Dutch courage LOL!

  4. I thought you were suggesting he wear the flask around his neck at first 😆

  5. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    We already know you’re a tasty filled jelly donut. But we wish you well nonetheless! [comments]

    • (Christine’s mind is filled with visions of sugarplums, I mean, of eating tasty filled jelly donuts, I mean… well, I can’t way what I mean because it’s far too x-rated. THUD)

      • It’s the time of year for Berliner — they are a Chanukkah specialty (they’re called sufganiyot) and they start to appear in bakeries right after Christmas — the high point for Berliner consumption is Fasching / Carneval. My favorite kind have the plum filling. OMG OMG OMG. OK, now I know what I want from Berlin. I want a picture of Richard Armitage enjoying a Berliner. Sinking his teeth right in there … rolling the filling on his tongue …

  6. He doesn’t need to say that … although I’d love a sightseeing photo of him in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Or eating a quick meal in one of the opera or theater cafés … or really, any photo. Actually, he doesn’t have to open his mouth. Hmmm. I don’t like where this is going …

  7. I vote for the dog!! Although I think a St. Bernard would get hair all over his suit. Perhaps a Jack Russell terrier? I think he’d look swoony with a Jack Russell. Or — oh my gosh — a Corgi!! A CORGI!!!!!!! Ohmygoshjeeperssqueepers!!

  8. Love the Union suit (as New Englanders call it)! My DH used to wear a red one.
    So glad he gets to tour so many world-class cities in his work.

  9. Genialnie!..Pomyslałaś o wszystkim, Agzym ! 😀
    Mam nadzieje że Guylty i Linda60 nie zmarzną tam za bardzo.


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