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A Discovery of Witches and a perfectly vampirical Armitage

I know I promised you the results of the RA Silent Auction this weekend, and I’m bursting to wrap things up and share the final tally, but I’m still waiting on a transfer from a winner who has just opened up her Paypal account and banking stuff is making her, me and us wait.

Secondly, my usual posts like Arty Farty Friday and Stereotype Sunday will be suspended for December.

There’s so much happening in the RA world, not to mention my trip to London this Wednesday and Christmas right around the corner, there’s only so much scheduling a blogger can do.

Last but not least, I’m very excited about the Berlin première tomorrow!

I wasn’t too enthralled with the world premiere (sorry LA), and I really hope that we Europeans can muster up some more energy and welcome The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with less of a fizzle and more of a bang.

I’m counting on my RA friends to wave the flag, take plenty of pictures and report back 🙂

Matthew Clairmont Armitage

Rarely do I read a book and a character jumps out as one that would be perfect for Richard to play.

I’ve often wondered how I would feel about Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South had I read the book first and saw the BBC series second.

Of course I’ll never know, but I’m pretty sure Armitage for Thornton and Daniela Denby-Ashe for Margaret wouldn’t have been my obvious casting choice and yet they worked perfectly in the series.

I’ve heard Armitage Admirer sharing which protagonist they’d like to see Richard portray on screen, but the one that stuck with me was the character of Matthew Clairmont  in A Discovery of Witches.


The Debrah Harkess book had been lingering on my Kindle for some time, always “the next book to read after I finish the current one”, I kept overlooking it until a few days ago.

I’m not sure if all the fandom chatter that Armitage is perfect for Clairmont actually swayed my judgment, but holy cow, Armitage is soooo perfect to play the dashing ancient vampire.

For those who have not yet read the book (I’m in the middle of it, so no spoilers please!), you can find the synopsis here, but I’ll focus on why Richard would be perfect for the part.

By the way, the film rights to the book were purchased by Warner Bros., but I haven’t found any details as to what their plans for this project is, nor have I dug up any info regarding the cast, so a girl can dream 🙂

A Discovery of witches 2

Before my dear readers start complaining that I’d dare wish for Richard to be cast as a vampire, this book is not your run-of-the-mill paranormal juvenile book where girl meets vampire, they fall in love, he wants to kill her stuff.

Professor Matthew Clairmont is an ancient vampire who looks like he’s in his 30s and is gorgeous: very handsome and tall, with wide shoulders and narrow hips, athletic and sturdy.

Did I mention Matthew does yoga?

He’s a scholar, stylishly dressed in expensive garb who drives an expensive old car and is a wine connoisseur.

He’s also ridiculously charming and has the air of a gentleman from a bygone era.

At this point of Matthew’s description I think his similarities to John Thornton are obvious.

And it doesn’t stop there: Clairmont is incredibly protective of the woman he falls madly and dangerously in love with (or, as the book describes, he’s mating her).

Matthew Claimont Richard Armitage

He’s enthralled with Diana, very much like Thornton is with Margaret, delighting in her scent and going out of his way to keep her safe, even against his better judgment.

He’s torn between his deep feeling for her, who he is at the very core and the danger his emotions could entail.

His passion for the woman he loves drives him half-mad, especially that it’s the first time he feels so strongly about another being, despite having relationships in the past.

A chunk of what I’ve read so far takes place in the Bodleian library in Oxford and what a lovely setting it is for the plot.

An Armitage aficionado will ask which of Richard’s incarnations best suits Clairmont physically.

The obvious choice would be either season 8 Lucas North or John Mulligan, but in truth I see Matthew just as Richard is now, out and about promoting DOS, with his comfy cardigans and Hugo Boss jumpers, his hair a little longer, a smile fixed on his face.

I can only hope, against all hope, that if/when the casting for A Discovery of Witches rolls around, Richard Armitage’s name will be included in the mix.


If you would like to check out why Richard is perfect for the part of Matthew, go to Armitage 4Clairmont.

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  1. After your description, I’m pretty much in love with Matthew Clairmont… LOL
    I certainly can’t deny RA would be perfect for this role (although I’m not a big fan of vampires). 🙂

    • He’s not your standard vampire, which will come as a relief for all of those who worry Armitage may be in any associated with Twilight and suck. I’m mid way of the book, so I can’t really comment on the plot, but Clairmont is so freakishly perfect for Richard, if I didn’t know better, I’d think the author thought of him when she was writing 🙂

      • He really doesn’t look like the standard vampire (thanks god)!! When you finish the book, please, tell us if it’s worth reading!!
        Regarding the book’s author, maybe she’s a deep RA admirer… lol

        • I think I can tell you it’s worth reading for the RA image and as light entertainment. The author is an American scholar who spent time in Oxford, so I’m really enjoying her descriptions of places she clearly knows very well. I’d say the book is worth a try, maybe not the best thing you’ll ever read, but Matthew Clairmont is worth it 😉

  2. IM(most)HO having read the books, I couldn’t agree with you more, my friend. Trust me when I say Twilight is Dr. Seuss (forgive me Dr. Seuss) compared to the magnificience of Discovery of Witches. Richard reeks of Professor Clairmont, as much as he is a living, breathing Ross Poldark.

    • Yup yup yup (high fives!). I haven’t read Poldark, but from what I can tell Richard would be perfect for that part too.
      I’m starting to worry that I’m so desperate to get excited about a new role for Richard (not that I don’t care for Thorin mind…) that I think I’m seeing him in parts that he’ll probably never get to play. If only I were a casting agent, I’d have a couch in my office with Richard’s name on it 😉 Wanna play Annie? No problem, Dolly Parton? Sure! The lead Wonder Woman? You got it!

  3. He would make an indeed very perfect Mr. Clairmont – and I am fairly sure the author had a picture of Mr. A on her mind when she created him.
    I was surprised how gripping this story was to me – given the fact it is about vampires and witches and demons and stuff like that. I was so very reluctant to get this book (after all the chatting on the net about it I got too curious to resist) and as soon as I was halfway through I couldn’t get the 2nd part quick enough. It was a read through in one go, and I am looking forward for the 3rd one. It will make a formidable film in the hands of the right editor and the right director. And if they will be able to find two actors with enough chemistry between them to fullfill the lead roles.
    On 2nd thought I think it would be devastating to cast Richard Armitage as Clairmont – no mere mortal man would ever again have a chance to woo a woman if she had seen that film. The benchmark would be far too high to achieve.
    But maybe they will go for Tom Cruise. Then I will be in no need to get a ticket and prefer to stick to the pictures in my head.

    • No no no, please never mention Tom Cruise playing a romantic/sexy/sexual role. That just freaks me out and not I have to go wash my hands to get the yuk from them. I remember a time when Cruise truly was the perfect leading man, but I guess we know a little too much about him to ever buy into him being anything else but weird, and not in a good way.
      I think Armitage as Clairmont would be the romantic equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction, he’d slaughter our poor little hearts in one swift motion. Again, this character is conflicted, in turmoil, slaying his own demons, battling his feelings for a woman he hardly feels he deserves. In other words, it the PERFECT part for Richard to unravel, tug at, expand. Me likey and me wants that to happen, against all odds!

      • Your right, I do agree with you insofar as it is a very interesting character with several layers – and that cries for a really detailed actor. Mr. A would surely love it and deliver a masterpiece. And the Prof. is around 1500 year old – he could write a backgroundstory of around 2000 pages. That would occupy him for months. Otoh – a vampire is immortal. No chance of a cruel and gruesome death. 😉

        And sorry for coming up with Mr. C. It’s just that I am still upset they cast him for the character of Jack Reacher, when my first idea then was that this story and character had been more than perfect for Richard Armitage. The books of Lee Childs are really clever made. And there are several of them. Each on it’s own worth making a film from. Would keep him in work for a very long time. And I was beyond upset when I heard whom they finally casted for the lead role. Richard Armitage would have made a success of this film while Mr. C. did exactly nothing for it.

        • Tom Cruise can’t be anybody else but Tom Cruise, no matter which part he plays. He’s slowly becoming box-office kryptonite, I haven’t seen him in a role for ages, probably since Minority Report, nor am I planning to revisit any of his roles. The man gives me a mega yuck reaction.
          RA gives me a reaction on a very different scale. I can imagine him layering the character of Matthew, creating back stories and developing the nuances of the role. It would be delicious, not to mention a hoot to watch him doing yoga 🙂 Isn’t it described that he’s actually leaning just on his ear? Now that I’d like to see!

  4. *high five*
    I’ve read both A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night. (Confession: more than once.) It was (for me) impossible not to see Richard in the description of Matthew or to hear Richard’s voice in any of Matthew’s dialogue. I’m really (as in really, really, really) hoping that this is the project he was referring to in that interview a little while ago when he said it was something he thought his fans would really enjoy.
    And he did mention (somewhere, I don’t remember where or when) that he was into Bikram yoga. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing him do yoga. 😉

    • Oh Z, if only our wishes would make it so! I’ve been digging through the internet for casting info and now I’m worried that they’ll cast someone else and ruin te story for me. Look at what happened to “Beautiful Creatures”. The main guy was just ugly (no offence) he just did nothing for me therefore ruining the whole series (I’m shallow that way…).

  5. I could not agree more. Keep reading – you will love book two, Shadow of Night! I love both ADoW/SoN and Richard. He is perfect for Matthew Clairmont. There’s a fan campaign to make it happen, if you haven’t come across it yet, google “armitage4 clairmont” .

    • I’ve seen the campaign on Twitter and I can certainly get behind it now 🙂 I think I’ll have an early night and go snuggle in bed with Matthew!

  6. Agzy, when I noticed that a real time (as in how she wrote the book) reading of the book I decided to finish what I was reading and to FINALLY move DoW forward on my reading list. Deborah Harkness posted pictures of the locations she referred to or of locations that inspired some of hers. Meanwhile the real time reading of the sequel is going on which is a bit more spread out so I’m reading Death Comes to Pemberley before it airs on the BBC.
    You didn’t add he’s a brooder who likes his wine 🙂 I was quite pleased to picture RA in the role even if it was spoonfed to me

    • Oh thanks, that looks fun 🙂 Regarding Death…. I though it was OK, maybe not great, but I’m nevertheless excited about the BBC series, although I think I’m under the misapprehension that MR Darcy/Colin Firth will be back, so disappointment surely must follow.

  7. I have all confidence in Matthew Rhys he was awesome in The Mystery of Edwin Drood

  8. I loved both books and am really looking forward to the third. I agree, I think Deborah Harkness must have seen Richard! It’s too perfect for him. And you’re right about RA as Matthew being a romantic WMD! 😉

  9. I am listening to the second book at the moment having really enjoyed the first one. Even though I have a woman reading it and she does very well with all the voices but I still hear Richard’s voice in my head when Matthew is speaking. I really hope they make them into a film and I can’t see anybody else playing the role of Matthew I even sit and try and work out who will play Who play other ones. I have Tom Hiddleston and bent a dick Cumberbatch lining up for certain roles in book 2 (sorry I couldn’t really resist leaving what Siri thought I said instead of Benedict, he will forever be known as bent a dick in my head!)

    • LOL! Maybe “bent a dick” it accurate LOL! I think Hollywood will shock us with their casting choice anyway. I really liked reading Gone Girl and then I found out that Ben “Batman” Affleck was playing the lead in the movie adaptation. I’m so thankful that I first read that book because I very much doubt that I’d like it half as much 😦

  10. YES!!!! Richard Armitage IS Matthew Clairmont. You can see the case laid out at If you like the Facebook page at, you will see regular updates. And don’t miss the INCREDIBLE videos made by a few very dedicated daemons.


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