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Tweet Tweet!!!! Me and Richard had a moment!


Best. Day. Ever!

The #HobbitMovieUK organised a live Tweet event with Richard.

As you know, I’m usually asleep, having internet connection troubles or just too overwhelmed to take part, but the stars seemed to have aligned today.

The Hobbit Movies Live Tweet

And guess what???!!!???

My question was the second Richard answered!

I know that many Armitage peeps have met/hugged/taken their picture with RA, so this isn’t a biggie, but he’s always managed to elude me and I’ll take it where I can 😉

Here’s my question:

Richard Armitage answers

I knew that Belstaff jacket would bring me luck the first time I laid eyes on it 😉

He didn’t get around to answering whether he wanted to marry me though, maybe next time…

Here are some more of my favourite questions and answers from today:











The event was really cool and well organised, but can Richard please learn to say Goodbye! at the end?

Seriously, just a Bye! so we know it’s curtains.

Anyway, I’m off to continue doing cartwheels 🙂


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  1. I grinned like a fool when I saw your question and the answer! There are some brilliant answers there, and Thorin in the shower is just too good to be true. 😀

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    “like” is inadequate to express my feelings about this! [comments there, please].

  3. You were spectacular. He was spectacular.

    • The moment felt spectacular LOL! I must never meet the man in person though, my heart just wouldn’t take it LOL!
      Now I’m busy running around high fiving 🙂

      • I teased you earlier because of all the questions you sent in – you said you weren’t lucky with The Hobbit – but it was an in the spot question that was answered. This was a great reward for the charity auction. So happy.

        • That’s true! I’ve never been lucky with stuff like that, that’s why I like to organise competitions and such. I never win, but I like the joy others feel when they do 🙂

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    Lucky Smart Agzy got one of the best answers and a fine reward for her hard work on the RA Silent Auction. Karma. Comments there please

  5. Excellent! Congratulations, and thanks for posting these so I could read them!

    I also liked the one where Richard was asked who his favorite dwarf was, and he said Dwalin. I think Dwalin rocks!

  6. I was SO excited for you! Hugs!

    • Hugs and high fives! I’m so happy he answered my question second so I could just sit back and enjoy the rest and not hope mine would be next 🙂

      • as usual, I didn’t ask … which makes watching a LOT easier 🙂

        • I couldn’t stop myself, I was celebrating that the event was taking place when I was actually awake and it was fun to come up with silly questions, even though I didn’t think any would be answered.

  7. I got so excited when I saw your little icon!!!! I’m doing cartwheels with you!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!

    • I know, I’m the same way when other RA fans I know pop up in an RA related situation. Where fangirling is concerned I’m big on living vicariously though others 🙂

  8. There were actually some great questions there for a change and it is fantastic that you got to ask and get an answer to yours. Congrats. Maybe next time that marriage question will be the one….

  9. If you get to marry him, it’s like we *all* get to marry him!

    Oh, wait. Maybe not 🙂

    Still so happy about this.

  10. How cool, Agzy. I was so pleased when I saw your name there.
    I missed the whole thing of course *duh*
    He got the hang of it this time, didn’t he? Some answers were positively… ehm… saucy?
    But: Did Richard attend the hairdresser’s between his stint on Daybreak in the morning and the Twitter Chat???? Where was the luscious mane??? Maybe the pic was just bad? Hm.

  11. Agzy congratulations ! Belstaff jackets !!!! He knows his army and “the leather thing” !

    • Oh, I think he knows more than he’s letting on, as always. I find it charming that his most prized possession is one that is also beloved by the RArmy!

  12. Woohoo!!!! I’d be ecstatic! Way to go!

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  14. 😀 😀 😀 Mało się przez Ciebie nie zakrztusiłam wielkim kawałem cheddara 🙂 gRAtulacje! Koleżanko!!! Kurna! 😀 On chyba wiecej wie niż nam sie wydaje.! Boję się….Boje się.. ( jak mawiała Danuśka)….Ale fajnie!..u nas tak zimno i wietrznie a tu tak radośnie i ciepło się zrobiło. Dzięki Agzym.

    • Mnie tam jest gorąco, śniegi przez Ryśka się roztopiły, żonkile rozkwitły, ptaszki ćwierkają, strumyk sobie leniwie płynie… 🙂
      Ps. Właśnie napatoczyłam się na rozmowe gdzie zauważon dokładnie to co ty podejrzewałaś z czubeczkiem Ryśka!

  15. So excited for you! I know you must be on cloud 9 right about now!

  16. Lucky girl!!! I would feel in heaven if he answer one of my questions!! 😉

    • I’m still in shock as it happened so soon. I turned to my sis and said: I think Richard’s just answered my question! I was so thrilled I can’t image how I’d behave if I actually ever met him 🙂

  17. I missed the event entirely and missed your post here initially, but saw it on Tumblr and was just so thrilled to see he answered your question! It really is a good question, with an even better answer, since there is much mutual love for those jackets. And mutual “heart” cartwheels here for you as well. 🙂

    • Oh the pressure I would feel if the question was pants 🙂 And me complaining that most interviews are recycling the same crap questions they use with AUJ 😉 The event was so much fun and I’m not just saying that because I got to stand up and scream: BINGO!

      • No there were lots of good questions. Some not-so-serious answers by him too, which made it fun. (Reminiscent of Mr. McTavish on some, actually). I joked on Tumblr/Twitter that the “tattoo” answer might have involved a Sharpie marker and the GMcT himself. 😉

  18. Hooray for you! This is why I love Twitter. I had a similar experience once where the Object of my Affection answered a question on a live radio interview. It sent me to the moon!

    • Yay! I know it’s silly to be so excited, especially seeing that fans have had actual encounters and such, but this is my little treat and I am really chuffed nonetheless 🙂
      PS. Can I ask who was the object of your affection?

      • I don’t think it is silly at all! I think it is great. I am a fan of Ciarán Hinds. I was lucky enough to meet him eventually, but he’s not quite such a big star as Richard, so it was easier. Still, my little interview moment was quite a thrill!

        • I had to google the name, but I recognise the face very well. He’s one of those actors who looks familiar, but maybe it’d be difficult to match a name. It was probably a tad easier to meet Richard or get an autograph a few years back, but then we get a healthy dose of RA sightings, interviews and shoots, so I mustn’t complain 😉

          • You’re right! Every interview for us fans of Mr. H. is a big deal. He works steadily but he’s not always the one they want to interview, being primarily a character actor. Still he’s in the romance pantheon for having played both a Jane Austen hero (in “Persuasion”) and Mr. Rochester in “Jane Eyre.” Currently he’s in “Game of Thrones.” Now that’s a show full of British and Irish actors where I’m surprised not to see Richard Armitage cast. Maybe he was too busy with “The Hobbit”!

        • I’m a huge Ciaran Hinds fan ( just the kind who watches and loves – not fangurl stuff) He’s pretty well known – he had a good part in a U.S. limited series ( I hope it comes back)- “Political Animals” with Sigourney Weaver. I loved him in Persuasion and look forward to Game of Thrones. Good taste.

          • Many thanks! I was thrilled with him in “Political Animals” and wish it would come back. Got to have my fix of Foghorn Leghorn/Bud Hammond! I love the way Bud started out as a total jerk and ended up being a very sympathetic character.

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    Agzy got her moment in the spotlight with RA!

  20. Gratulacje, Agzy! I niech te ptaszki ćwierkają Ci jak najdłużej, a przebiśniegi z hałd śniegu wyrastają. Ależ przeżycie – cieszę się i zazdroszczę zarazem. 🙂
    Może i Rysiek na razie bawi się z Tobą w kotka i myszkę, ale widać, że co się odwlecze, to nie uciecze. Dziś odpowiedź na Tweeterze, jutro spotkanie, a pojutrze… Kto wie, kto wie… 😉

    • No, na Teeterze kotek złapał myszkę, pytanie tylko kto jest kto 😉 Ja wciąż wierzę że znajdziemy się w tej samej lokalizacji, co nie zmienia faktu że chyba nie mogę sobie ufać, po wczorajszym tweecie szalałam, a jednak pół Europy nas dzieliło.

  21. I missed the event on Twitter. So, thank You for posting some of it for me to see. 🙂
    I asked one question last year, and didn’t get an answer. So, congrats to you. And thanks for asking that question. 🙂

    • *cough* I MAY have sent more than a few questions for this one, however I tweeted the one picked about 40 minutes before the event, so I think probably someone looked beforehand and picked the ones Richard ended up answering.

  22. Ale się cieszę, że Ryś odpowiedział na Twoje pytanie Agzy!!! Ale super wiadomość!

  23. I’ve been away all day and missed the chat (and everything else). It was such a happy moment when I saw your post! I actually screamed … good thing I was alone. *giggle* Congrats, my dear dear A!!! Way to go and what an answer! 😉

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  25. Ooh well done you! The Spooks Belstaff jacket!

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