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All I Want for Christmas is RA! (and that Thorin Anime Doll)

If you’ve watched the clip where TODAY’s Phin Wong asks Richard what he’d like for Christmas.

Sadly me as his stocking stuffer was not his answer…

If you’re wondering what the heck Richard is on about, here it is:

thorin pop vinyl figure

The Thorin Anime Doll or Thorin Pop Vinyl Figure, as the rest of the world calls it, would also be on my wish list!

I’ve been trying to get my hands on one, but it seems that they are currently only available in the US.

Thorin pop vinyl

They won’t be made available at Forbidden Planet till the end of December, just when everyone is pretty much shopped out.

Thorin/Richard, as always, ever so elusive…


Let’s just say I’ve been a very good girl this year, so Anime Thorin MIGHT find it’s way to me after all.

Thanks for the advice on where to look for him 😉


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  1. Oh I’ve received my little Thorin two weeks ago.I bought it on and is still available !

  2. And cost 12.18 $ + shipping

  3. Now that Richard has mentioned he wants it, all remaining dolls will be bought up by the Army and shipped to him… Maybe he’ll re-sell them? Might make a few buck…
    PS: That doll is cute… I have just bought myself Lego Thorin, though.

    • I was thinking was a huge mistake it was for Richard to mentioned it. He’ll have them thrown at him at every DOS related event now 😉
      I’m not one for merchandise, my BF bought me a Thorin figure in London, but apart from that I’ve been staying away. But the first time I saw Anime Thorin, I wanted it! Grabby hands Agzy is what happened 😉

  4. I have also ordered this figure on Amazon and received it 2 weeks ago. I love this figure, it’s so cute. 🙂

  5. I got one as gift from my dearest friend.

  6. I bought it days ago. Then, last night I received two emails. The first one was from Amazon, telling me the doll had shipped. I squealed in delight, wondering how I would thank Santa. Those thoughts were cruelly squashed when I read the second email. It said they had proceeded to refund my money because the doll was out of stock! Can you believe it? Of course, I did what any self-respecting Middle-Earth lady would do: I ordered one from another seller. Now I’ll have to wait until the 16th to get my hands on Thorin! If they cancel that order then I’ll strike a deal with Smaug and sic him on them!!!!!!!! 😉

    • How very rude!!! I decided to order it from a UK seller as the shipping from the US is pricey, so although the doll costs less, that’d be one expensive Anime Thorin! I hope Richard gets a % from the dolls as he plugged the product like a real pro 😉

      • It was rude! You know, I hope many people send Richard the doll and he in turn forwards most of them to that Children’s charity he supports. I imagine he’d give one to his nephew and keep one for himself. I wish there was one of those dolls for each of the beloved characters he’s played, then I’d be able to say I sleep with my husband John Standring. Ha! 😉

  7. No tak skarpetek to on już nie potrzebuje 😉


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