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While I was sleeping…

I had the best of intentions:

I took my laptop to bed with me, set my alarm clock for 3.30am and was all set to join my RA peeps to enjoy the DOS festivities.

The alarm clock rang, I rolled over, switched it off and went back to catching Zzzzz’s.

Sure, probably reading North & South fanfiction till past midnight didn’t help, neither did the realisation that I had to be up at 6am.

While I was catching up on my beauty sleep, Richard was painting the town… black?

The styling was perfection, check out the length of the cuffs!


The thing is Richard, when I go left, you go right.

When I go to London, you go to Berlin.

When I go to sleep, you go out to party.

When I live in NY, you are in London, when I live in Europe, you move to the States.

This just won’t do!

When I want to get excited about new projects, you go mute.

When I fall for Porter or Lucas, you plan your exit strategy and they get killed off.

When I fall for the nape curls, you lop them off.

When I am enthralled with you, you have no idea I exist!

I guess that’ll have to do!

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  1. What can I say to cheer you up??? 😉
    You are not alone, darling…. LOL

  2. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    You were a better fan than me… I didn’t even bother to stay awake! ;P
    I woke up to many pretty pictures though *swoon*
    And my plan for this evening is to watch the whole thing on YouTube. And, most likely, drool all over my laptop… 😉

    • That’s the best thing about not watching live: the boring (read: non RA) parts are cut out and you end up with the essence of what matters 😉

      • littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

        Exactly! Cut straight to the good/beautiful footage! ^^
        Are you coming to London next week?

        • I’ll be there on Wed to Sunday. By and by I have an extra ticket for Friday afternoon courtesy of the beautiful and brilliant Guylty, if you’d be interested 🙂

          • littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

            I’m seeing it at 7am on the Friday. (Yep, 7am!) I’ll have to see what’s happening in the afternoon because I’m going with a friend and it would mean leaving her to get back on her own..not that she isn’t capable, but more that I’d feel a bit mean! Unless she wants to come too of course….
            If not, maybes we could meet up after? Or possibly see it again on the Saturday…?

          • I completely understand, I’ll be there with my BFF and I really want to spend time with him, especially that we usually have a lovely time when we travel, checking out exhibitions and restaurants. He boycotts Middle Earth, so asking him to see the movie with me would be pushing it, but I also don’t want him to feel like I’m off doing my own thing. Let’s play it by ear 🙂

          • littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

            Aw, of course you want to spend lots of time with him, that’s fair enough 🙂
            Yep, let’s play it by ear. Would love to meet up if we can. Even if we don’t get to see the film together, perhaps we could meet for a coffee/cocktail? 😉

          • That would be wonderful 🙂

  3. I woke at 4am (though not to see Richard Armitage in the same way as you people perhaps ;P … more as a fan of the cast in general hehe!).

    As I logged on to the live stream, catching Benedict Cumberbatch mid-interview, whilst still heavily asleep, the premiere came to an end 15 minutes later. Suffice to say, slightly disappointed and tired, I didn’t manage to sleep …

    Nonetheless, those 15 minutes still got me as excited as every to see DoS! 🙂

    • I didn’t want to seem like a sore loser, but I feel like this time around the premiere was… OK. That’s in comparison with last year’s: F**k me, that was amazing!
      BTW, you are more than welcome to go all fanboy-ish any way you like! Believe me friend, glass houses, no one will judge 😉

      • Hehe thanks!

        Regarding last year’s premier …. my exact same thoughts. It felt more homely and wonderfully organized for some reason – perhaps because it was the first time in 9 years or maybe it was in New Zealand…

        I’m really hoping they do next year’s in London – might just try to attend 🙂

        • Yup, but then maybe we too are different than last year. For Armitage fans it was the first time Richard was out promoting a big film, the first time he was a lead and the big dog on the red/green carpet. Maybe this year we’re a tad jaded and have the been there, done that attitude. I was surprised that they chose LA, especially that movies premiere there every other day and I guess DOS wasn’t that big of a deal for locals. I was laughing that last year probably half of Wellington turned out.

        • Yes, I think nothing would surpass Wellington’s grand premiere but then it wasn’t supposed to. Unfortunately L.A. had only so much room to work with so it couldn’t be as grand as Wellington or now even Berlin but it isn’t a competition now is it? We’ll still see Richard and that is what we want. Berlin looks awesome and they have more space to work with. I’m thinking that going to London next year would be exciting too so I hope it is there. Might be nice to have a group gathering all around if so.

          • Berlin looks like they’re are really putting their heart into this one. I think it’s very much about organisation. Look at the Live Tweet event. Last year it was scattered, this year I think we can all agree it was a pleasure to participate in. No matter what the event, I always feel like there could be plenty more Richard though 😉

  4. This made me laugh. (Except I think there was something strange about his trouser break again — and this in itself is weird.)

    I didn’t expect it to be as big as last year, and honestly if I hadn’t been in a convenient time zone I’d have gone to bed (as I did for Tokyo last time around), but I think what really struck me is that all the actors seemed much less buoyant than last year everywhere they were. I suppose they’re well into it now and that anticipation of “what will people think” is gone — but Freeman was in a downright sour mood, Jackson seemed almost withdrawn … it was neat that Armitage was in such a good mood (or pretended he was) because most of the actors weren’t especially cheery.

    • I saw pics of Martin with his partner and it struck me how gloomy they looked. I usually really like to watch interviews with them as they both have a wicked sense of humour, but they seemed somehow fizzled out. Maybe it was just jetlag or maybe something happened behind the scenes before the premiere. Either way, I feel the LA event lacked the frenzy and electricity of other ones.
      BTW, I guess Richard wasn’t growing his hair for Poldark 😦 I really missed the nape curls and the absence of them have dashed by dreams of Richard playing a romantic hero. Having said that, the cuffs made my day!

    • Well Evangeline seemed fairly happy but I agree it seemed like they just went through the routine. Richard was smiling as always but he is a real team player. You wonder why they chose L.A. if they didn’t really feel the moment but maybe the previous event for the Book of New Zealand sapped some of the energy. I didn’t feel that they even gave the fans much even though most of them went around signing. It just looked like they were speeding through in many cases. Wonder if it will be different in Berlin.

      • well, the advantage in Berlin is that there is a huge pedestrian area right around there. But I’ve heard that the space in the fan area is ticketed.

        • Oh no, greedy little things. Then again, that means that only real fans will go the extra mile to check out the event. I remember coming across a few premieres in London and I was standing there gawking, probably blocking the view of those who made a effort to come. I cope Guylty and Linda60 have great spots to observe Richard (in lederhosen…).

  5. Kiedy mój budzik zadzwonił o 3:15 pomyślałam ‘jeszcze 5 min.’ i…. obudziłam się o 4-tej…masakra. Może podczas europejskiej premiery będzie lepiej 😉

    • Tak jest, Berlin jest nam bliższy, chociaż nie wiem jak w Niemczech organizuje się premiery, mam nadzieję że troche lepiej niż w LA, a najlepiej gdyby zrobili premierę u nas w Złotych Tarasach 😉

  6. Zaspałam chaniebnie! 🙂 Rys wygladał cudnie tylko…a zreszta nie będe o tym mówic i tak nikt nie zauwazył.

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