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Debbie does Dallas, Richard does Old Hollywood…

There WILL BE a “what’s Richard leaning against?” brainstorming post once the RA Silent Auction (coming to a computer near you this Friday!) is done and dusted, but I’ll leave you with this image I’ve been toying around with:

Richard Armitage Hollywood cinema

I simply refuse to let go of Old Hollywood Richard!

Scientists keep on trying to figure out Viagra for women.


Here it is, and without any nasty side-effects!

In the meantime, here’s the image and you can start thinking where we’re going to stick Richard 🙂

RA tux empty

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  1. Rick’s cafe in Casablanca!

  2. Monaco, in the casino hotel where Cary Grant made the fireworks explode with Grace Kelly.

  3. The PM’s office at 10 Downing Street (“Love Actually”?) with the door closed. The box at the SF Opera (“Pretty Woman”). A hotel in Paris (“Love in the Afternoon”). Shall I go on?

  4. I immediately thought of Rick’s cafe too…

    The casino in Monte Carlo… Or anywhere else, I suppose!

    • Richard looks ready for a flutter 😉

    • He stands just outside the door waiting for her to leave Rick’s. He follows her in the shadows. Taking a last deep drag off the Turkish cigarette he flicks it into the street where the butt explodes into a million small fireworks. She barely notices it. “She should watch where she’s going,” he thought as he reached up and tapped her on the shoulder. “Ilsa. Don’t sceam. It’s me. We have to talk now.” She stood still, her hand reaching up to rest on his. “Did anyone see you?” “No, I don’t think so.” She turned and fell into his arms. “Oh God, Richard, I’ve missed you so much!”

  5. A ja bym chciała żeby to był Linus Larrabee czekający na Sabrinę Fairchild :)….albo może dajmy mu jakąś “Kotkę na gorącym blaszanym dachu” ( może nawet dorównałby Paulowi Newmanowi?;) )

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