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Richard Armitage Silent Auction Coming Soon!

Richard Armitag Silent Auction big

Dear Friends,

There’s been something I’ve been mulling over, seeking advice about, and trying to figure out the logistics of in the past few weeks and today I can finally share the news with you.

I’ve decided to organise a Richard Armitage Silent Auction from the 29th of November till December 1st.

What’s this mysterious being, you may ask…

Well, the  auction will feature a number of goodies (many, but not all are RA related) that you can bid on via email (hence the silent part).

I will be posting the rules and guidelines shortly, but let me just outline the basic idea.

A bunch of items will appear in a post on the 29th of November.

if you wish to bid on a specific one, you are asked to send me an email with your bid, with the closing date being Sunday Dec. 1st.

The person who bids the highest wins.

Here’s the best part: ALL of the money raised goes to an RA charity that will be chosen by Armitage Admirers based on the results of a poll that shall be up throughout the auction.

The RA Silent Auction means that you will not only be able to get your hands on some pretty amazing items, but you’ll also be contributing towards a worthy cause.

RA Silent auction b&w

I will be writing more about the auction closer to the date, but today I’m looking for generous and kind-hearted people to contribute items that can be auctioned off.

And when I say items, your imagination is the limit 🙂

If you would like to donate anything, or help in any way, please email me at RASilentAuction [at] or at my usual email address.

You can also leave a comment and I will get in touch with you shortly.

And a HUGE thank you to those who have already answered my  plea and have pledged awesome stuff for the auction or have offered their advice, assistance and wisdom 🙂

So, get your thinking caps on, start rummaging through your stuff, pull out the old DIY/ arts & crafts box,  and put aside a few pennies for the auction!

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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. Agzy, I will contribute the HobbitFanEvent T-Shirt I received from the event. Size M, but is small.

  2. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Fun new charity auction / game to help out charities supported by Richard Armitage! Check it out!

  3. What a lovely idea!
    If you agree I will donate my Lords of the North audio book and hope some other member of the army will enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. Onboard–Handmade Erebor keychain — charm bracelet — and mug. Photos when needed.

  5. Reblogged this on The Arkenstone Blog and commented:
    What a great Idea!

  6. What a lovely idea. I wish I could help in some way, but for now is not possible for me. I just wish you good luck and good energy. ♥

  7. My reblog just got re-tweeted by fundraisers to 3000 people…

  8. Hi, it’s a really great idea!
    If you think it could help you and it could please, I can send you the DVD of “Malice Aforethought” movie with Richard which is really difficult to find.

  9. Count me in Agzy! I’ll look thru stuff when I get home from work, but I’m sure I can find something good for you 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on Musings of a wandering duck…. and commented:
    What a fantastic idea! 🙂

  11. Great. That could be Christmas sorted. As I already told you – I’ll be in with a couple of photo-related goodies, too. I guess I better get to work now and produce the goods. Can’t wait to see the final list of things up for auction. Great idea, Agzy!!!

  12. Hi Agzy,

    if it doesn’t have to be RA-related, I have a couple of items that I have been meaning to put on ebay as they are in the way. 🙂 This seems like a much better cause. So, if you’re interested, I’m in.

  13. Reblogged this on Lady M of Gisborne and commented:
    A Richard Armitage silent auction is being organized and held by AgyZ at I Want to be a Pin Up, Friday November 29 – Sunday December 1. Proceeds from the auction are for to benefit Richard’s favorite charities.

  14. Reblogged this on Obsessive Behavior and commented:
    An excellent idea from Agzy! Can’t wait!!

  15. I’ll donate my poster from the fan event on Monday!! I don’t have a collection of RA items yet, so it’s all I’ve got, but I’ll be glad to include it. I haven’t even unrolled it yet, so it’s still in beautiful condition.

  16. Reblogged this on the armitage effect and commented:
    Great idea! 😀

  17. I goofed up the reblog (tried it from my phone) but I have some hand crocheted scarves if you’re interested…not RA related, but pretty :). (I can email you pix)

  18. Swietny pomysł Agzym! 🙂 Jesli jestes zainteresowana wydaniem książkowym N&S (mam i angielską i polka wersję) to daj znać 🙂

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  21. This is a fabulous idea Agzy, I’ve been mulling over what I have to contribute and will get back to you soon.

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