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It’s not all a Barrel of Laughs for Thorin

I dare not write and schedule a post for the next few days in fear that tomorrow’s fan event will be loaded with delicious goodies and will spark new posts that conflict with what I’ve already had planned.

In the meantime, as we count down the hours, pray for extra strength internet connection and smooth streaming, I turned my attention back to The Hobbit AUJ.

Yesterday I cracked an obtained a copy of the movie (in that Arrrr Captain! way, if you catch my drift), all 2,5 GB of it and watched it for the first time since January.

Although the extended version is out on November 11th, I just couldn’t help myself and needed something to tide me over.

Richard Armitage swimming

I was also thinking how ironic it is for an actor who is afraid of water to always have to be drenched/dipped/drowned while playing a part.

He’s definitely been thrown in at the deep end more than once, but he’s been good about diving right into a part and has made waves with all of the parts he’s committed to.

I was thinking of making things a tad better for poor Thorin who no doubt did not find a particular scene a barren of laughs, so a few ideas were floating through my mind and this is what I came up with:

Thorin dwarf barrel swimming

Just look at our water baby, all snug, comfy and protected in full Thorin get up!

Better, right?

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  1. Love this. I just do wish you hadn’t covered his bum in the first photo with the tube. lol But he is All Muscle. THUD

  2. That could be a fun barrel ride with Thorin, except he can’t move a wee bit, because he’s overly protected and wrapped up with all this gimmicks. OTOH he would be totally in my hands…. Phew!!!!! This opens brand-new options……. 🙄

  3. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Love these graphics. Poor Armitage, constantly drowning.

  4. Has he actually said that he is afraid of water? I know he has said that he has nearly drown in every part he has ever played and that certainly is no fun. I had a bad experience as a little girl in the ocean and it certainly colored my view of deep water the rest of my life but I still love water. He is a Leo of course and being a “cat”, at least in the stars, he might not like water that much, but I just wondered if some other interview he might have said he wasn’t very fond of swimming and such. I’ve read so many interviews I can’t remember hearing anything about disliking water in general.

    • I think he said something about knowing how to swim, but…. having a bad experience as a child with a pond and subsequently being uncomfortable or afraid, particularly in deep and dark water. I am paraphrasing, but I think these quotes are from an interview re: Capt. America. I wish I had total recall, but after devouring hundreds of thousands of words about RA, I can’t get them straight. I also recall his being water boarded as Lucas and John P. and I think he counted as those as “near drowning” acting experiences. I think he has an aversion to water. Just my impression, he has never been that blunt about it. If you look at the whole video of his speedo performance, he is in the shallow end of the pool and to me, he looks a little uncomfortable.Hope this was helpful. I could be totally wrong.

      • When he was very young he fell into a pond whilst in his push chair (as he called it) so he has a fear of deep dark water. He can swim but IIRC he has said he doesn’t enjoy it. In the pool scene in Cold Feet, when the couples are splashing around, he doesn’t look comfortable at all to me either.
        My admiration for his strength and determination continues to grow with every role he takes on where he has to conquer his fear. I felt for him when I saw that they had filmed the barrels in the river, but to now discover that the poor man had been pulled under the water by the weight of his costume….that kind of experience would make my own fear of water much worse.

    • the “push chair” story comes from some of his very earliest publicity, iirc. And re: water fear / water dislike as an adult, see also the publicity for Captain America:

  5. Love the graphics Agzy & Thanks Serv its nice to read that interview again

    • I know, it’s like Richard and the age of innocence 😉 He’s a lot more media savvy now.

      • Ever since the new Strike Back interviews I find myself hoping he gets cast in a rom com. I didn’t think he was that good at it in the Vicar, charming yes but keeping a straight face? No and then I want an interview where he talks about the face again LOL

        • Rom com would be great, although isn’t he a bit long in the tooth to start as a romantic lead? I think VoD was different as it was taped in front of a live audience surrounded by ridiculously funny people, so I’m not surprised he’d corpse all the time.
          My money is on a costume drama and we KNOW he does that well 😉


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