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What to expect when you’re expecting (The Hobbit Fan Event on Monday)


The Nov 4th Fan Event for The Hobbit is upon us and at this point all we can do is speculate what treats are in store for us.

As I was going down my Twitter feed it was wonderful to see so many of my RA friends score tickets to see the cast in either NY or London.

Magzy asked me whether I was jealous and I truthfully answered that yes, but not in the obvious way.

It would be much worse if Richard was in London as it’d be extremely difficult but doable to try to make it work.

As RA is in NY, beside logistic issues (like a 10 hour flight), the US isn’t getting a tourist penny from me until they get rid of tourist visas (seeing that we ARE citizens of the EU).

Therefore, there wasn’t any way in hell to bend reality to fit with my fangirl desires.

Zdjęcie: The new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be unveiled tomorrow (Tuesday, October 1st) at 6am PT / 9am ET!Share if you're counting down!

I have to admit that reading fan encounters always delight me and I hope our fellow admirers show us with insider info.

 I’m always proud of the conduct of our fandom members on RA impact, despite probably being on the verge of exploding, they usually manage a calm cool exterior and represent us well.

It’s also easier for me to live vicariously through another fan, I can just imagine myself in this situation, I giggle (and sometime squirm) reading the details and I get a rush that is probably almost as intense as the lucky fan felt on meeting Richard… almost…


The event will take place at 11pm on Monday AT (meaning Agzy time), so could be worse.

I’ll be bundled up in bed with my laptop, refreshing the page every few seconds, trying not to think about having to get up the next day at 6am.

I’ll give watching everything go down in real time a go, although it felt odd during 2012 SD: Comic-Con and I quickly abandoned trying to keep up.

RA tablet

What can we expect?

Difficult to guess.

My bet is that because there are four host cities, we aren’t going to see that much of Richard, especially that he’ll be joined by a teenage girl Orlando Bloom and much of the attention will be focused on Legolas (the name comes from the Scottish ‘lass’ and Lego because he delivers his lines like he was made of plastic… OK, not really…).

The event poster claims there will be live Q&A and exclusive footage shown, but I’ll be the judge of how exclusive that footage feels 😉

The event is dubbed a FAN event, so I hope we’ll be able to satisfy our FAN appetites!

What would you like to see on Monday?

Are there any questions you’d like Richard to be asked?


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  1. I’ll be like you in bed with my laptop with a fear : a power failure or internet crash !!!!

    • That’s the problem I had during the summer- I had very poor internet connection. In the city I have wifi and a separate internet modem, the battery will be fully charged, so if something goes wrong, at least it won’t be on my end.
      BTW, it’ll all be on YT in a matter of minutes, so even if someone can live feed it, they can always play catch up!
      The thing I worry about is I’ll be sitting there waiting for Richard to pop up and moaning that all the other cast members get so much more screen time 😉

  2. I live in the same time zone like you and will share a glass of Pinot Noir with you (just virtual). Having no special expectations I agree that we´ll probably not see this much of RA but more of “Lego” Orlando (choke on my coffee and nearly spit it over the keyboard ): )

    Questions: Why is he growing his hair? No, this would not be suitable on that event. So I´m just grateful for any glimpse we´ll get of the movie as well as the man himself.

    • I’d love to hear the answer to this question. Obviously there’s a reason, I’m just surprised he’s (they’re?) keeping it under wraps for now. I’d think TH:DOS is the perfect time to plug any new ventures, so either he’s holding off till things get really frenzied or…. well, not sure why else it would be that big of a secret.
      Maybe the interviewed he had a month or so back will reveal the big secret. Either way, I’ve finally let go of any excitement concerning the tornado mess, I’m ready to celebrate something new coming up 🙂

  3. loved the Orlando bit! *laughs* (because I totally agree 😉 ) I’m very excited to view the event, though it will be during dinnertime here and my husband will be mad that I’m attached to the computer.

    I think the hair question must be asked, truly, it’s driving the Army insane! *laughs* maybe it could be phrased in a way that doesn’t force him to give away any secrets, just more like “business or pleasure” 🙂

    • Trick for hubby: just adjust the clocks around the house so they show that it’s 2 hours earlier/later. That way dinner will be postponed/moved forward and you can spend some quality time with your online crush 🙂

      The hair question NEEDS to be asked, agreed!

  4. I am one of those twitter friends who scored a ticket to the Fan Event in NYC! The Event was reported in the New York Daily News and it says there is to be a 20 minute film of previously unshown footage from DoS. I guess after that there will be Q & A. I don’t think there will be much time for RA. But he will be in the theater where I will be during the whole time of the event, whether he is being asked a question or not. Squeee! I wonder if I’ll even hear anything else of the event since I’ll be staring at him the whole time. Can’t wait!! 😀 Only problem is waiting on line to get in. 😦 It’s supposed to be pretty cold in NYC on Monday. Not complaining, though!! I feel very lucky. 😀

    • Congrats!!! Please enjoy every second of it so you can report back to the rest of us. And take plenty of pictures. And record what RA says with a dictaphone in case we miss anything 🙂
      As for the wait, wear some long Johnson, comfy shoes and have a water bottle/ irish coffee in a thermos! Remember you gals are taking one for the team!!! 😉

  5. I’ll be sitting at my desk, 4pm(EST). I’m about 6 hours south of NYC. If it hadn’t all happened so fast while I was in the midst of a crisis at the country club (I’m on the Board of Directors) the General Manager suddenly gives his 2 week notice to take a job in Atlanta and the Golf Pro comes in resigns, packs his stuff, leaves, I’d be sitting next to Marie and Stephanie or at least having lunch with them! Love you, girls! Have a great time!

    • I HATE when RL interferes with our fangirling needs! Seriously, didn’t the GM think that maybe, oh I don’t know, you have your own life too and he’s messing your fangirling up! Priorities people, Atlanta will still be there in February when all the Hobbit: DOS stuff is water under the bridge!!!

  6. As yet, I don’t know where I’ll be come 9AM on Tuesday morning in Sydney. It’s a completely frustrating tale which I’ll save for another day, but I MAY be in a cinema with a crowd of Tolkien/ PJ/ RA fans, or I may well be at home sitting at my computer.
    My wish at this moment is for it to be a well-run event in which Richard gets to play a decent role. I’ve read that festivities will last for 2 hours, so hopefully that leaves time for all involved to have their say.
    Have fun everyone, especially the lucky ducks in NYC!

    • I’ll be ignoring it til it hits YouTube like the fandom rebel I am! Need to replace that laptop.

      • LOL! You go gurl!!! It worked for me for SD:CC and I survived, plus all the RA stuff worth seeing will be neatly extracted from all the other white noise around, so all you’ll get are the essential Richard goodies 😉

    • If I had the option I’d also go to the cinema event, however the closest one it Berlin, which is about 6 hours away by train, in another country, so that won’t work.
      I hope there won’t be any tech glitches, it’ll be packed with interesting stuff, that our RA friends on the inside score some juicy pics/news that they can share with us 🙂

  7. I could see Evangeline Lilly down the street at the Grove but nope, I will be chilling with my almost-4 year old and probably drawing silly faces on the mirror as he laughs while I’m glugging down the Cabernet. No need to make arrangements for child care because darn it, RA hates LA and would rather be in 40 degree weather NYC – not that I blame him.

    But I’ll keep an eye out for my twitter feed to see what everyone is up to, whether they’re still vertical after gazing at the man (Orlando who?) and then fangirl with the rest of all of you from all over the world. Now that’s a plan! 🙂

  8. Can’t wait! 11pm it is for me too … bring it on! 😀

  9. Good to know about the time, I always mess up with the time zones. 😛 But I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll watch it or not, I try to stay away from spoilers for Dos as much as I can, and the behind the scenes clips already have put me into a fangirl overload. 😉

  10. I’m, uncharitably, expecting aggravation — the livestream will probably collapse even if I view it from my office due to fan overload. 🙂 But anything for a glimpse of Armitage … !

    • I’ve adopted a “come what may” attitude, so if it all comes crashing down (and that may well be the case) I hope I’ll just switch off my laptop and not get too upset. Having said that, I’d probably be moaning about the mess for months to come 😉

  11. I will be online at 2:00 pm, Los Angeles time and will not be down at the Grove – nothing against Ms. Lilly. For those of us not blessed with actually attending the event, I pray to the Internet Gods that technology and the webverse is on all our side on Monday.

    • after Friday, I can imagine anyone flying into LAX for any reason (this event or not) is going to be a bit tense, too … prefer my dodgy data stream to dangerous real life exposures, I guess.

      • Me too, exactly. The comfort of my own desk and a cup of coffee.

        I pity anyone flying into LAX, period. Hopefully folks in the States had the option for Burbank instead. Grove parking is not bad, but it’s not good either.

        Anyone reading this who is from out of town and going to the Grove event:

        I suggest eating at the Farmer’s Market adjacent to The Grove. It’s a fun place and much less expensive. There is lots of history there, and The Grove used to be it’s parking lot.

        In the Market, I recommend:

        Bob’s Coffee & Doughnut, for the obvious – go early before the event – the best!

        The Gumbo Pot – Cajun

        Magee’s House of Nuts – FRESH Nut Butters!

        Lots of international food, deli’s and cafeteria style eating as well, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable stalls.

        Dupar’s is famous, but completely over-rated in my book. The pie is good though.

        NOTE: If you are driving and parking, they WILL tow in the lots across the street (grocery store, etc.)

        If you are from out of town now, and have time, Hollywood & Highland is where you can see the Hollywood Sign and enjoy the best of Hollywood. The Chinese is there as well, which is quite possibly (highly probable) where The Hobbit premiere with be.

        The Dolby Theatre is at the Hollywood & Highland, which is where the Oscars are held, right next door to The Chinese Theatre.

  12. I won tickets to the NYC event and will hopefully be hooking up with Marie and AwkCeleb!!! The catch: I work today and my ride works Tuesday, so we are whipping out heroic measures and driving 12hrs (24hrs rd trip) “there and back again”, with basically a stop to see the event. lol WE ARE DETERMINED and that’s how much we adore our lad. And you know I don’t mean the Lego Lad. Sorry, Orlando. You’re fab, but… :}

    • That absolutely wonderful!!!! I can’t wait to get the juicy details from you! Driving like a woman possessed may seem crazy, but won’t this be one of those memories you’ll cherish for years to come? It’ll be like: Hey, remember that time when I drove across the country to see RA 🙂
      We’re counting on you to gather enough RA delights to spread it across the RA fandom around the world!

  13. Agzy, I’m with you about the US Tourist Visa thing, along with those dreadful fingerprints they take of you whenever you enter this country. I wonder how many of RA imprints they’ve already piled up over the last years. Wouldn’t that be a nice giveaway?? (tsk tsk! sorry being a bit …. here!) 😉
    With this relentless spying out of us all over the years, I’m asking what there still can be missing for a fully elaborated profile of you and me (with loads of cute RA pics in the folders)?? Gahh!
    Admittedly for tomorrow I don’t expect anything particular. Hopefully it is not like most of the other occasions that have been similar to this, mainly a thing about a huge (getting out of hand) technical effort. I’m sure there won’t be any information that refers especially to Richard, that we all are waiting for so eagerly to receive. Yes, this hair-topic is really a (nerve-wrecking) long runner!!
    Anyway I’ll be sitting at my labtop waiting for my favourite man to arrive (live) in my humble little living room, listening spellbound to his voice and trying to ascertain whether his hair has grown even longer since his last public appearance. Doesn’t that anyhow sound like a feast for us fangirlies???
    BTW Agzy, if Richard eventually is showing up in Berlin this December, wouldn’t you come???

    • I love NY, I really do. I spent my college gap year there, but I’ve reached a point, as have many of my friends, where we’re not the illegal Polish exiles who are running away from communism to get a better life in the US and who end up working off the books. If I’m a member of the EU then I should have the same rights as everyone else. The ship has sailed where I’ll stand for hours under the US embassy. You don’t want us, fine, there are plenty of other places we can go to.
      LOL! regarding huddling up to your laptop waiting for glimpse of Richard, I think that’s a common theme among us tonight. I’m trying to keep expectations low so anything they dish up tonight will wow me!
      And yes, if I got confirmation that Richard will appear in Berlin I’d get on the train as it’s only 6 hours and we’d stand side by side ready to wave the RArmy flag 😉

      • I’d rather see him in Berlin than NYC, myself. Most of the big premieres seem to be held on the Potsdamer Platz and although it’s a frightening triumph of capitalist excess, I really like being there …

        • Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Berlin then 🙂 Although it would be great, I have a feeling Richard has bigger fish to fry in other cities around the world, Moscow being a popular place for red caret premier’s recently or Beijing. I think in Europe they don’t really bother too much aside from London. Hope I’m wrong though…

          • yeah, Berlin is not (yet) a significant film city again although it’s been trying harder since 1989. They’ll send a few dwarves to Berlin maybe, but not the king of the dwarves …

            BTW totally agree with you on the visa issue. There’s no reason that special rules should apply to Poles. Besides some huge quotient of Poles is legally in the US, they are probably bringing over their relatives and so on 🙂 no need for them to come illegally. AND the Polish part of Chicago is pretty much the funnest part.

      • It’s not only the Poles who need a visa for the US, it’s also the Germans and probably all the rest of the Europeans as well! And as I mentioned above, let’s not talk about this degrading act of taking prints in general. When in summer 1989, I went through immigration in NY for the first time, the unfriendly and time consuming procedure (no Visa required back then and no prints, but endless questions) reminded me very much on entering the GDR, which irritated me profoundly. That kind of execution was only known to me from my countless visits (of relatives) in the Eastern Part of Germany. That’s for sure one of the main reasons why I haven’t been to the US after 2001.
        Re Berlin. Wasn’t Germany the second biggest market for the first “Hobbit” film, behind the US? That’s why it should be interesting for those guys with dollar-signs in their eyes! Richard can’t be more known in Beijing than in Berlin, or am I totally ignorant to some new developments?? And should it be that way, there is no time to waste to introduce our Man to the German audience properly.
        Heads up! Meeting Richard, Agzy, Servetus and others in Berlin would be quite a sensation/blast!!! A fangirl is allowed to dream….. 😀

        • So Germans are also paying? It’s more than that green form that always had to be filled out? (sorry, was always going the other direction and I never watched what Henning did. I am truly clueless).

          I haven’t read the piracy figures for TH in China, but I imagine he’s quite well known now in that context. He has a Chinese fan board (they show up every now and then on my radar) and there are some other things …

  14. ……. I forgot to ask what happened to that guy that was sitting next to Richard?????

    • Weeeeelllll, I did feel a bit bad about that, but I just needed Richard to be alone in that one…. I know, I do feel ashamed, but hey, a fangirl’s gotta do what a fangirl’s gotta do 😉


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