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I’ll dress you up in my love Richard, and other Halloween costume ideas!

I’m continuing Halloween Week here at IWantToBeAPinUp, and the last post is scheduled for tomorrow.

Today I though I’d give Richard a hand and suggest some Halloween costume ideas, just in case he’s heading our for a party tomorrow (and I’m not even going to moan that he’s not taking me with him…).

First up, a Halloween classic:

Richard Armitage Halloween dracula

Let me just go on the record as stating that Richard can suck on my neck any time, and it doesn’t actually only have to be the neck for that matter…

If Halloween terrors are not your thing, here is a nod towards The Vicar of Dibley.

I though Richard could go dressed as the Dibley Easter Bunny.

*avoiding filthy “Hey, that’s a big carrot you got there Bunny Richard” jokes*

Richard Armitage halloween costume bunny

How about a mind mess: the guy who plays Thorin dressing up as Thorin?

Better than the original costume, me thinks…

Thorin halloween costume Richard Armitage

Last but not least, if this can’t be Richard’s Halloween costume, can it at least be his jammies?

Howdy to you partner!

Richard Armitage Toy Story Halloween costume

*again, I shall refrain from any Woody jokes, but those pants leave little to the imagination…*

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Happy Halloween!!! Very funny Richard 😉 I wonder if he will go to a Halloween Party 😀

  2. OH my sides hurt. I was inwardly raging about domestic matters before I read your post – and the anger is gone. The pajamas are just… ROFLMFAO. Thanks Agzy, I love your posts so much. They come up early in my working day and they always, always really cheer me up with their humour. Keep doing what you are doing. I love your saucy asides, and your funny (and very well-executed!) photo manipulations.

  3. Great imagination!!! Very funny!! Loved the Count Dracula!!! 😉

  4. Love it Agzy. That pumpkin is terrific also..

  5. Oh Agzy your posts always put a smile on my face !!!! C’est si bon !

    • Yay! We all need to smile/laugh a little more, times have been tough for many of us, so if I can put a smile on my face, not to mention aid Richard in finding the perfect Halloween costume, I’m more than happy to do so 😉

  6. Excellent fanarts, bravo ! 🙂

  7. I’m not sure if I should “like” this post or run away from it! *laughs* those Woody PJs and the bunny costume were frightening 😉

  8. After all the hype, I can’t believe you didn’t dress him up like Batman….the rest are hilarious! As always you’re the best!

    • I thought about it, but I remember doing an RA Batman image when we were speculating before producers sat at a table with a dozen pictures of random actors and blindfolded picked Ben Affleck 😉

  9. Absolutely no idea, why I’m getting into Richard looking like a Dibley Easter Bunny?? Weird me! Maybe that’s one of the most ridiculously kooky (I learned this word only recently in connection with Richard!! 😉 ) outfits one can imagine him in, and still he for certain would be the real hot stuff! Oh, to ruffle those long… ears….ahem……….. 🙄

    • I can’t lie, I’m a bit partial to RA Bunny. He could hop on over and I’d tickle his ears and mush his bushy bunny tail 😉 Ps. we are so weird LOL!

      • ……. his bushy bunny tail….Oh my, oh my!!……Gawd!!!! Agzy!!! Now you make me fidgeting around on my chair…. 😛

  10. Kapitalne propozycje! Drakula jest cudny! ale ja optuję za królikiem ;)..choc kowboj też kuszący(jestem pewna że w tym stroju Ryszard wygrałby w kazdej *ahem* sztywnej;) konkurencji )

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