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The Picture of Richard Armitage or The Secret of RA Youth

Today marks the start of RA Halloween Week (OK, technically it’s Halloween 4 days, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it…).

I’ll be serving up the usual mayhem and madness, but I’ll also be trying out some new things like a ficlet or two, so I hope you’ll have yourself a spooky week 4 days.

It’s also the only time when the following image makes any sense:

Richard Armitage Halloween See you soon

Richard just looks better with age, there’s no denying it, but what’s the man’s secret?

Maybe a portrait hidden somewhere in his (alleged) NY abode?

One that shows all of his deepest darkest secrets that he wants to keep away from the prying eyes of his fans (sleepless nights partying, one too many shots of Russian vodka, a love of chocolate ice-cream…).

Thornton portrait 2

So now you know, but don’t mention it to Richard, he’s very touchy on the subject 😉

What other beauty tips does RA use to keep us fangirls salivating yearning?

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  1. His best trick is NOT trying to be fascinating, beautiful and sexy or look younger. The less he does the more we drool. It’s an inner beauty, something not manufactured. I hope he will go on like this. 🙂

    • No, you can’t man make that beauty. That’s not to say the RA hasn’t fiddle a bit with his look (like getting his teeth and hair done, and that’s what we know of for sure), but whatever he’s had done is not obvious and he’s allowing himself to age quite gracefully, at the same time Clooneying it and getting hotter with each passing year 😉

      • Agree, And even with his old teeth he would be fantastic. No problem at all. The man loves wine and ages well as a very good one.

  2. His secret lies in his fandom eyes that always look at him with such a great love and just see beauty and good things!!! 😉

  3. That is very true, Luciania 🙂

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  5. Richard Armitage is a gentleman and a gentle man. His self effacing remarks deflecting praise and adoration make him even more handsome and sexy. Sighhhh!
    And I love your JT gif! Giggles about the Dorian Gray reference.

    • We all know there must be SOMETHING the man does to look better and better with each year passing 😉

      • Giggles! Well, happiness and contentment go a long way toward giving a person a pleasing look. And taking care of oneself by staying out of the sun or using sun block keeps skin youthful–and as I always say, RA is the palest guy on the planet. Ha! Even being bare chested a good deal in Strike Back didn’t give him a tan. Ha!


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