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On John Thornton moving into my bedroom…

Friday was a very busy day for me as I was feeling crafty.

I was planting herbs in lovely and ridiculously expensive French rustic pots and preparing for a new Thorin project that I won’t utter a peep about just yet.

I’m also on a high of adding artwork to my walls, I’ve always favoured a minimalistic approach to décor, but I figured it’s time for a wee change.

I’m not going to bore you with all the stuff I’ve made, but I wanted to share one I’ve been meaning to do for some time.

There just aren’t enough sexy British men in cravats in my bedroom, so I decided to remedy that.

Here’s the result:

(picture removed, will post a different one)

(BTW, not my bedroom, Thornton’s temporarily housed in Magzy’s living room till I can get my dad over with a nail and hammer)

I took the beautiful image that can be found here, but stuck it on a background.

I chose a page from Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, but wanted to have it hand-written.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a Jane Austin font that can be downloaded for free (me likey!).


Originally, I had intended on going a bit artsy with the image, I considered making the silhouette float above the writing background (as in sticking it on foam), maybe age the image so it looks like old parchment etc, but in the end the simplicity really worked.

I mentioned “men in cravats” and ultimately I would like to add a similar image of Mr Darcy.

My two favourite boys stuck on one wall aiding me in getting a good night’s sleep full of delicious dream.

(picture removed, will post a different one)

The problem is I can’t find a good Darcy silhouette that would rival the beautiful Thornton one.

Have you come across any good ones?

If so, let me know in comments and my bedroom wall will be eternally grateful, not to mention seeing my boys first thing in the morning will surely add a spring to my step.

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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. Love it! I’d want one in my bedroom, too, but I’m afraid Mr. Muse will stage a revolution soon. Between Lucas North, Thorin and Guy – and now Thornton, he’s got some pretty tough competition – poor man.

  2. Really nice idea. Minimalist, clean, creative…and everyone in the know will appreciate. I just love that. Looks good in the leaving room also, from what I can see!

  3. What a great idea!! Wish I could help you with Mr. Darcy, but I can’t!!! Good luck!!

  4. I made a JT silhouette, just black on a cream background, and put it in an oval frame, but without any identification. Let them guess: ancestor, departed lover, absent friend? However, my cat knocked it over and the frame broke, so I have to fix it up and do it again.

    • I think that cat was jealous, and who can blame it! I find myself staring at Thornton a little too long, luckily my dogs don’t care either way 😉

    • Did the cat *accidentally* knock the picture over before or after RA outed himself as a dog person?

      I want a Thornton silhouette too! I’m usually immune to RA paraphernalia but I am green with envy over this Agzy. If you ever go into production consider me your first customer as I fear of I attempted a version it wouldn’t look quite as professional!

  5. Beautiful, and beautifully done. i’ll see what I can come up with concerning the fine Mr. Darcy.

  6. Beautiful! I love the idea of the print behind the silhouette! You are so creative!

  7. Lovely. 😀

  8. That is just lovely. A fine addition to any home.

  9. That is a gorgeous project, Agzy. Very classy. And such a sweet idea for a reminder of the man in your rooms – not too obvious. Congrats – I applaud your creativity and craftiness. The underlaid handwritten excerpt from N&S is a brilliant idea.
    I love silhouettes, in fact, there is a whole wall of ancestors’ silhouettes in my house, and inspired by that I made a few projects involving silhouettes for my craft blog a few years ago (before photography claimed all my creativity). My best one was a mug with my regal profile in blackboard paint 😀

    • That’s beautiful! I’ve been thinking about how to use that blackboard paint, this is a great option! BTW, how did you make ancestors silhouettes? Did you make them from photographs? I’ve tried doing it but the image comes out too fuzzy and there aren’t enough details 😦

      • No no no, the ancestors’ silhouettes are original, from the late 18th and early 19th century. They are actually painted silhouettes, both male and female. Stunningly detailed. Here, have a look on my old blog-post:

        • That’s really beautiful! *whispers* and I like that it’s signed with that name beginning with S. It suits you so well! In comments I sometimes have to go back and change it for Guylty. Now I’m off to look at the other posts on that blog because I’m a nosey so and so!

          • :-D… pssssst. It’s been rather quiet on there for a while. My creativity has been taken up by other pastimes lately. Ahem.

          • I know what that’s like 😉 I believe you should do what you feel like doing and abandon any projects that aren’t giving you satisfaction. Maybe one day you’ll start feeling crafty again and go back! BTW there are some adorable things there!

          • “Satisfaction” being the keyword of choice here :-D… Yeah, what was funny, though, was that despite my regular activity within the craft community I never connected on such a personal level as I have in Armitageworld. No doubt our topic is much closer to the heart, literally, and we have given much more of ourselves away, already, but nonetheless, I blogged on a regular basis for several years and never made any deep relationships… The power of the Armitage???

  10. Sticking with Thorin. Larger. More threatening 🙂

  11. lovely! I like it so much I may just do the same in my room!

  12. To jest cudne! Pytanie tylko, czy będziesz mogła zasnąć w takim towarzystwie;-)

    • Powinnam jak w kapliczkach na starej Pradze podłączyć światełko nad Johnu co by się wiecznie paliło na znak mojej niegasnącej pasji dla tej postaci 😉

  13. I love this! If you don’t mind, I’m going to steal your idea. I have professional silhouettes of three generations of our family on my wall. I could sneak JT in and maybe no one would notice??!!??

    • Please, steal away, I also took the silhouette from someone else 🙂 You can always pretend that it’s an old image, not beautiful Thornton 🙂

      • I’m sorry, this is my copyrighted Silhouette of JT. Can you please take it down from your blog? (Especially the link to the high resolution image). I had to have it removed from the RA fan site as too many people were using it on products for sale (even though there was a strict copyright warning!!!). It seems you are not selling the image, so I’m ever grateful as a struggling artist! Someone is using it on a cookie cutter, but I ended up making a licensing deal with them…so at least that is a positive note. Thank you kindly! Kathryn

        • Hello, I have removed the image as per your request. Would it be possible for you to email me at iwanttobeapinup [at]

        • I think Elizabeth and JRR would be absolutely thrilled that one fellow (RA) has increased interest in their works a thousand fold. Especially Elizabeth. She wrote N&S in 1855 for heaven’s sakes. 158 years ago.. we are all reading it, watching it, writing new stories with her characters. I have a small problem with you taking possession of Mr. Thornton. He isn’t your Mr. Thornton. He is OUR Mr. Thornton. If you don’t want anyone to use your picture you need to take it off the internet and put it in a drawer and hoard it all to yourself. Since it is in about 100 places with no indication whatsoever that it is copyrighted might I suggest you get right on that. Otherwise, be proud that people found your artwork beautiful enough to use.

  14. What a lovely pic and fantastic idea, will do one for myself. Fortunately I live on my own, how many opportunities preesent themselves, Guy and Lucas and porter and Thorin…

    I`m sorry, but I have no idea where you can find Mr. Darcy (do you mean Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen?).

    Btw, my grandmother used the same coffee service when I was a child.

    • There is only one Mr Darcy (hint- it ain’t Macfadyen…). I think the image is subdued enough that it doesn’t scream fangirl, although I’m thinking of doing the pop artish RA image I did a while back which has really grown on me, will post pic if I ever get around to it 🙂
      BTW, the coffee service was a gift from me to Magzy, it’s Rosenthal so we don’t even pretend it can be used every day. We go through cheap mugs at an alarming rate, bet keep the china as decoration LOL!

      • Yes, I remember, it was Rosenthal, I got it and gave it away after several years of no using it and then moving to a litlle flat… But I still put my eyes on every Darcy I can get (know whom you mean)…

        BTW, don´t put the “Rosenthal” into the dishwasher, you know that, it`s a remnant of ancient times 🙂 What do you you think about using it, feeling a bit of a lady? It never was me, though I relished it. Sentimental confessions…

        • We never use it, it serves as decoration and it’s simply stunning. My sister collects Rosenthal bits and pieces, but we drink out of chipped mugs, no ladies here you see 😉 I once got her a pair or espresso cups and saucers. They were breath-taking. Then out cleaning lady broke one saucer but wasn’t too worried as “they are so small, so they probably aren’t all that valuable”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that in a 4-piece set, once you damage one element, the rest isn’t worth much and they were quite pricey. Oh well. All I could say was that it’s OK, the damage was done and she hadn’t done it on purpose so there was no point in making her feel bad 😦

  15. Och! Ach! Ech! to nie dudy kowalskie, to jo 🙂 Piękne Agzym !
    Chcem takie cudo ale nie mogiem 😉
    Parę lat temu próbowałam namówic córkę na plakat Lady Marion + Robin Hood+<3GoG (cobym mogła siedziec w jej pokoju i modlić sie do obrazu) ale siem nie zgodziła jako że pieknego Guya darzyła żywa nienawiścią. Przez 3 lata królował w jej pokoju połyskujący wampir naturalnej wielkosci ,dopiero w tym roku zakończył kariere , w pojemniku na makulaturę.

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