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Arty Farty Friday: Tom Ford is my Secret Crush


There, I’ve said it!

Something about Tom Ford makes me secretly swoon- he’s intelligent, talented, unbelievably stylish and you just know he smells good!

He first came to my attention when he took over designing for Gucci in 1994 and created some of the most recognisable silhouettes of the 20th century.

He was also one of the hardest working designers, although the pace of life being a fashion demigod wore him down.


The documentary I’d like to recommend isn’t as gritty as I like them, there’s plenty of arty farty talk (and not in the good way), but there are some gems, like when he described being a boy, looking down at the new shoes his mother had bought him and just knowing there was something flawed in their design.

It’s also fascinating to watch his designing process.

I’ve mentioned many times that despite having a degree in fashion design, I know I’ll never work in fashion.

One of the reasons is that I have little attention to detail which is essential in creating clothes.


It’s fascinating to watch Tom get his scissors out and start hacking away at a jacket I would have given the green light to.

What I admire most is that in 2004 Ford was able to walk away from a career that was slowly destroying him and turned to making another dream come true meaning directing.


In 2009 he wrote, produced and directed The Single Man, which is based on a book written by  Christopher Isherwood of the same title, much to the disbelieve and amusement of the fashion world.

Ford has stated that the main character is loosely based on his own experiences, and was his way of dealing with his mid-life crisis.

How can you not just crush on this guy?

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  1. I agree with you. TF is really a talented and handsome guy!! I don’t pay much attention to fashion details, but I admire some stylists and his creations usually are very classy… Besides, I loved a ‘A single man’!!! I hope he doesn’t stop in this movie!!!

    • He’s gone back to designing and has his own label, but I’m sure he has enough courage to drop everything and follow his heart.. As with this book, he knew he had to bring it to the screen, so I hope that a project like this will capture his heart again 🙂

      • I had no idea he had directed that movie! Thanks for sharing this post. What a talented guy….and what an amazing love story between he and his partner.

        • By the way, I read a lot about him after you posted your blog. I always knew he was a designer. I believe RA says his go to suit for the red carpet is a Tom Ford suit. I have never tuned into designers too much, but found this interetesting.

          • Men’s fashion is actually quite hard to design. I think Ford has a perfect eye for a god suit and he balances each element, like the lapel, so beautifully. I wonder what Richard will be wearing for DOS. I hope he keeps the stylist, she really did know what RA looked good in and what his female fans like to look at 😉

        • I know, they’ve been together for decades and they also have a son together 🙂 It warms my heart! Such an amazing person!

  2. I love that you share your love of art with me. I have learned so much from you. Thank you my friend, for expanding my world another mile. xoxoxo

    • Thanks Darling! I think it’s because I’m constantly studying (I’m starting a post graduate course tomorrow in Art History) and I really enjoy a good rec, so I guess I try to pass it forward in my own humble way 🙂

  3. Attention to detail is surely a requirement in fashion! After I wanted to be an Egyptologist and an archaeologist, I wanted to be a fashion designer. My brother had just started doing professional photography for the city fashion houses and rising designers who happened to be his friends and I was crazily sketching my uber-fashionable redundant designs. Unlike my brother, however, I have NO eye for detail at all. So no fashion designer career for me.

    I loved “A Single Man”! Tom Ford was right to follow his heart no matter where it led him, or still leads him. I’m glad he’s got his own label now and is doing what he wants. Fashion is such a dog eat dog world and I don’t know how people get out of it alive while still remaining faithful to who they are.

    I knew Monique Lhuillier when she was only a teen (she’s a few years younger than I am) and have watched her rise on her own as a designer. Most of all, I love to listen to her speak with her Cebuano accent still intact. Makes me think that she hasn’t changed much from when I knew her back when.

    • That’s it, you either have it or you don’t. I can’t imagine doing something that I’m mediocre at and that would have been the case with designing. It’s a tough bitchy business and it’s easy to be taken advantage of.
      Having said that, people who do it right are a pleasure to watch 🙂

      • It’s LA Fashion week here and I remember attending my last one 3 years ago, when I was 7 months pregnant and huge among all the teeny tiny things around me. But being there for a night where my brothers’ friends who’d “made it” was really nice.

        But it’s clearly not my world anymore. I’d rather be writing…

  4. Spełniony gość chociaz smuteczki wieku średniego już słychać.. ciekawe jak to jest móc robić tylko to co daje zadowolenie?
    Lubię jego projekty,jego styl a film w jego reżyserii bardzo pozytywnie mnie zaskoczył .
    Przyznam że pieknie ubiera mężczyzn..nawet tych nie bardzo klasycznie pieknych czy idealnie zbudowanych;)

    • Męskie ciuszki o wiele więcej wybaczają niż babskie. Nawet przeciętny facet wygląda dobrze w idealnie skrojonym garniturze. No I głupich rajstop nie muszą nosić, choc pewnie niejeden pan z miłą chęcią by przymierzył 😉


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