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Who’s coming to dinner?


This is a classic, but it’s fun.

If you could invite three guests to dinner round your house, who would it be?

Here are my choices:


Stephen Fry

for his intellectually stimulating chatter, interesting opinions and general flair


Ricky Gervais

because he’s possibly the funniest man alive


Richard Armitage

so we could play footsies while the other two talked 😉

Who’d be your three guests for the perfect dinner party?


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  1. Richard Armitage, David Tennant and Peter Capaldi. Only 3? Can I invite also all the Dwarves from Hobbit? I have a well equipped pantry! And I love beer! 😛

    • The dwarves can serve the courses (if there’s anything left after they raid the kitchen). I’m getting a Doctor Who vibe from you, would the Tardis fit in your dining room?

      • yep, absolutely! There’s room for it and my fave Doctor, Tenth. I have great hope for the 12, Peter Capaldi is a fantastic actor. I’m currently watching The thick of it and he is brilliant. btw, It seems I have a thing for Northern men… 2 Scottish and one with Northern origin 😉

  2. Aside from Richard, I would invite Hugh Jackman and Rufus Sewell. They could talk about acting, singing, music, theater and anything else they want, while I sit there, watch and listen to their sexy voices. It would be such an arduous task for me! *lots of swooning* ;D

    • That is one sexy guest cocktail 😉 I bet you’d be so preoccupied with the beauty that you’d be starving at the end of the night!

      • Ha! Trust me when I say that I’d be starving for their attentions, not for food! When I was a little girl, my mother would say that she never had to worry about me going hungry, she had to worry about me spoiling my dinner because as soon as I wanted food, I’d drag a chair to the kitchen, climb on the kitchen counter and open the cupboards until I found a snack I liked! So, yes, I’d eat my dinner and my dessert. Now, as for second desserts…like we say here in the USA, that’s a whole other ball game! 😉

        • When we were little we always heard the saying “Children are starving somewhere, eat everything on your plate.” I saved a lot of starving children. I aked for more 2 or 3 times. LOL

          • hehehe … I got the same guilt trip about the poor children who were starving in Africa. So, I always ate everything on my plate – especially if it was dessert! I wonder what menu I’d choose to prepare…must think about it. 😉

    • I would be rendered useless and completely unable to function with that line-up. Wow.

  3. The Clintons, (Bill and Hillary), and Tim Gunn.

  4. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    Ooh! Lots of peeps I’d like to have round for dinner… tricky! Okay, if I could choose anyone from history, I’d have
    Freddie Mercury, Simon Pegg and J K Rowling.
    Armi would be there anyway, ’cause he’s always hanging out at my house… and he makes a mean roast! ;P

  5. Tylko trzech? ..ale twoj wybór jest swietny 🙂 ja tylko R.Gervais’a zastapiłabym Stephenem Merchandem.

  6. Wow – Stephen Fry can hardly be topped. He is so impressively witty – in a real frightening way. I would love to have him around for dinner but I think I would leave a terrible bad impression on him. It’s hard to live up to his discussion-niveau. I would completely lack in conversation/vocabulary skills and (far worse) in educational background.

    Is it ok if I invite my mum and my dad next to Richard? I am sure they would like him. And vice versa of course.

    • I disagree with Stephen Fry. Pretty much anyone he speaks to is dumber/less educated/less witty than him. I bet he already has a mechanism in place how to speak with us mere mortals 😉

      • Podzielam twoje zdanie co do Stephena i mam wrazenie że potrafi uwaznie słuchac ..każdego i sprawić by ten “każdy” czuł sie dobrze w jego towarzystwie. Lubię jego życzliwe i wyzbyte natychmiastowych ocen podejście do ludzi .

  7. I would have to hold three dinner parties:

    Dinner 1 – slightly mad and naughty: Russell Brand, Matt Smith and Tom Hiddleston.

    Dinner 2 – good chat, great music and intellectualism: Benedict Cumberbatch, James Rhodes and Stephen Fry.

    Dinner 3 – more personal: Just me and Richard Armitage.


    • I’m particularly partial to option 2, but Darren Brown sees to be very friendly with Ben and James, maybe he’d be a good third. That means that Stephen Fry gets moved to day 3 (because I’m jealous that you’d spend an evening alone with Richard…).

      • Nooo…I’m not a fan of Derren Brown…would prefer my mind left to its own devices 🙂 I know James and Stephen Fry are friendly so it’ll be fine…and I can have RA all to myself! Hehehehe!

  8. I need to think on this one … too many possibilities! *giggle*

  9. well, if I could invite anyone living or dead, it would be: Richard, of course 😉 my favorite author Diana Gabaldon, I think her and Richard would get along well together; a nice mix of intellectual with that all important down-to-earth humor. and the third person would be my Grandad, who is no longer living. he was a storyteller, with a mischievous streak and a twinkle in his eye to prove it 🙂

  10. I would have a costume party. They would dress up as my favorite character. Richard as Thorin Oakenshield, to show everyone he really is that good looking in person. Richard as Sir Guy of Gisborne to show everyone he really is that good looking in person. Richard as John Thornton to show everyone he really is that good looking in person.

    Actually I would have my father so I could ask him why he didn’t go to the doctor sooner. Shakespeare so I could ask him if he really did write all those plays, and Merlin. I have a whole lot of questions to ask him.

    • The first option: dreamy, although I doubt Guy would be pleased to have to share the spotlight!
      The second option: I bet you’d ask your dad so many other questions instead of focusing on a past that cannot be changed. I was just talking to my dear daddy. He’s thinking of getting a new car, I told him he won’t need the dosh where we’ll all end up going, so he should enjoy each and every day, buy the things he wants, do what he feels like, you never know what’s around the corner.
      Re Shakespeare, I robably wouldn’t understand what the heck he’s talking about 😉

  11. Hugh Jackman and his wife Deb and RA. Lovely, thoughtful, committed people. It would be fun!

    • That’s a very interesting choice. I bet Hugh’s wife doesn’t feature on many “dream dinner guest” list, so that’s really nice of you!

      • LOL! Deb is a special person, very active in championing adoption. They have two adopted children. She has always been lovely to Hugh’s fans as well. Me & Richard, Hugh & Deb – sounds like a dream dinner to me! 😀

  12. Can’t I invite Richard for three different dinners??

  13. Richard Armitage, Sean Bean and Anthony Bourdain. Will have Bourdain suggest a caterer, Richard can select the wine, Sean could bring a bottle of Henderson’s Relish, and leave dessert to me

  14. Richard (of course!) and erm….too hard to choose from so many people! 😛

  15. Ewan McGregor bo jest niezłym podróżnikiem;-) Martin Freeman bo ma nieobliczalne poczucie humoru i oczywiście Ryś od którego powinnam zacząć moją listę 😉

  16. There are just too many interesting people, I’m afraid. It’s really difficult to choose! If I restrict myself to only living people, I think I would invite Josep Carreras, because I loved his voice for 10 years, Richard Armitage, because I love his voice and so much more now, and Patrick Rothfuss, because I really, really want to know when the next part of the Kingkiller Chronicles will be published!

    • May I suggest dinner in the dark? I went to one of those restaurants a few years ago. You could focus on everyone’s voice that way 🙂

      • Ah, you caught me! 😉 Fading everything else out, only these wonderful voices remain… sounds great! And I would indeed dine in the dark with Carreras and Rothfuss, but I’d really prefer to see RA as well as listen to him. A candle would be nice, I think. 😉

  17. Agzy, what a fun night that would be. I’d be just fine if all I was required to do as hostess was cook, listen and not have to form a cohesive and logical sentence. I would just want to be at such a dinner – it would be heaven.


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