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Richard’s a Big Boy and he dresses himself :)

I’ve already revealed my desire to dress and undress Richard, but I guess I’m only too happy to watch him do it all by himself 😉

I wonder if, like me, he first get’s dressed and then washes his teeth, leaving toothpaste drool on his clothes.

Richard Armitage I dress myselfsmall

What’s his “around the house” outfit?

Is there a stretched out/shrunk T-shirt that should have been binned a decade ago and a pair of comfy tracksuit bottoms he puts on when he gets home?

Does he separate his wardrobe into “good clothes” and “normal clothes” you wear every day, or is that just a post communistic thing?

What does he wear to feel snug after a tough day?

Slippers or barefoot?

Iron everything or nothing at all?

Maybe hang stuff in the bathroom so the steam gets the biggest creases out?

Dress so he’s never too hot or never too cold?

Does he pair socks the moment they come off the washing line, or is every morning a dash to find two identical ones?

So many questions that I’d like to know the answers to for no other reason than to quench my nosey fangirl thirst!

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  1. You gif has me in stitches, Agzy. This is brilliant – I could look and laugh at that for hours. The naughty little pants alone (I ❤ my Army *screamswithlaughter*) , the awful jewellery, the completely wrong colours, oh wonderful… Somehow I think, if RA were to see this, he would laugh out loud and wholeheartedly agree…
    Oh, BTW – the whole distinction between good and normal clothes: I am a child of capitalism (*pukes*) but that is certainly something I was brought up on. Nice clothes on Sunday, for special events, and when you travel *lol*. I find it hard to shake that one off – I tend to be like that, still…

    • LOL, I hope he’d see the humour in it 😉
      It’s a strange distinction, these special and daily clothes, I change into scruffy stuff at home but that just for comfort. I find the notion of “saving” clothes a but silly nowadays especially as they are quite inexpensive and easy to buy. I remember when I was a child certain items could only be worn on special occasions, but we’d grow out of them so fast, I hardy see the point 😉

    • as children, we had “school,” “play / chores” and “Sunday” clothes and woe if we did not change the second we got home from school.

      After I started working I developed this weird feeling that all the negativity from the day had somehow permeated the clothes, so I got in the habit of stripping off whatever I was wearing the second I got in the door. I think it would be great if Richard Armitage lived with me and did that 🙂

  2. Great Agzy and love the way he shows his love for his army !

  3. Hilarious! Well done! A tutu?? LOL!

    • I envy those kids who get to wear them to playschool each day. If only I could get away with that I’d feel like a ballerina all day long 😉

  4. I love the GIF! We all have our own head cannon about the real RA. a to your questions- Plenty of photographic evidence from the Hobbit production videos that he does wear those Adidas track bottoms and old t-shirts and crocs. Or checkout the 2005 promo pics where he has clearly put on a brand new shirt including the folding creases – no ironing there.

    • Sounds like my kinda’ guy 😉 I know peeps were horrified about the Crocs, but I wear them all summer when I’m in the countryside, so I can’t blame RA popping them on after having to run around wearing dwarf boots all day!

      • What’s wrong with Crocs??? I wear them in the house all the time. Thank Cod there are no photographers snooping around here *ggg*

        • I’m wearing mine right now 😉 Apparently they just aren’t cool G, but me thinks if you, me AND Richard Armitage wear them, surely they must be dope, the bomb, the shabazzle 😉

  5. I’m laughing myself silly and I think he’d chuckle too. You gave us so many pressing questions to ponder. Love the trunks!

  6. I’m hysterically laughing… 😛
    Now I’m racking my brain on the questions you put. The one about socks is particularly interesting though, since I really think that attitude toward socks can reveal a man’s real nature (micra’s personal handbook on men). I suppose, if what he told about himslef is true, that he struggles every morning to find a two identical ones. Unless he now has someone who takes care of his things. In negative case, I offer myself as volunteer… 😛

    • Me too, I volunteer to look after Richard’s casta although I’m pants at housework 😉 I’m more of a “cut out the wardrobe middle man and take fresh clothes straight off the dryer” type of gal. Easier to find matching socks too if they are just hanging there in a row!

  7. *rofl* Great GIF, A! Definitely an interesting mix of elements. *snicker*

    I was brought up with the notion of “good” clothes and “everyday” clothes, too. My Mom used to break it down even further … everyday clothes were for “school” (which meant a uniform for me), “church” or “play”.

    He has said in interviews that he’s really messy when at home by himself. I’d hazard a guess that means old t-shirt and track pants. And definitely barefoot. 😉

    • I loved wearing my school uniform when I was at school in England, the summer dress was particularly adorable.
      I’m having an RA/Lucas North flashback. I really enjoyed him making coffee in his flat in s8, so I’m definitely down with that image 🙂

  8. OMB! Uwielbiam ten gif ❤ A bokserki… przecudne, zdecydowane Ryś takie powinien mieć 😉

  9. Our friend zeesmuse over at Tumblr is delighted because a few days ago on Facebook she came up with the idea to create a fridge magnet ‘Let’s dress Richard’ set. We all said we’d buy it. She’s looking into the legalities now, so she can get started if it’s allowed. I’ll let you know! Oh, and the tutu is perfect. After all, he is a dancer! 😉

  10. This is hysterical!! What’s the story behind this big pompous golden chain?? Yep, no stylist could do any better!!! (Except this undescribable necklace!!) 😉

    • The idea was: if a 5 year old could dress themselves, what would they choose? Kids like glittery shiny objects, so I think they’d go for the bingbling 😉

  11. I’ve thought long and hard about this and it is my belief that RA’s socks are all identical so he doesn’t have to pair them. This belief is based on him apparently wearing the same grey marle t-shirt for days on end whilst filming black sky ( or whatever it is called now). I think we came to the conclusion then ( because all the fans who met him said he smelled ‘clean’ ) that he had either bought a multi pack of utilitarian T’s or just bought the same one several times. I quite like this practical solution for someone who claims not to be interested in clothes or to like shopping.

    • It’s a great idea and I try to implement buying only black socks, but then they have a 3-pack of bright red Mickey and Minnie socks on sale and which 30-something woman could refuse those? 😉

  12. I love it! The GIF is just the thing to put a smile on my face at the end of the day. 🙂

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  14. Well I don’t know. For myself if I am not out of the flat all day I’m in shorts and some t shirt or old beat up thing I wouldn’t be seen dead in outside. Honestly I make no effort for anything if I’m not going anywhere. Richard has implied pretty much the same but we don’t know whether to believe him or not. Now I figure he probably has friends that occasionally drop over. I don’t really so I can do as I please but then again he is a man and you know they often just don’t bother much with clothes if they’re at home alone. He was in a hotel for the dog/cat thing so we can’t count that but there he was in sweats basically like he had just got back from the gym or out of the shower. No dress up at all and he knew he had this interview. Didn’t care or wanted to look that way? I’d say he has the dressy stuff for going to the parents and out with friends just like anyone else and he has the worn, scruffy stuff he can just wear around the flat, house or whatever abode he is living in when he isn’t going out. I don’t know that he cares about being seen. Like most if he is running down to do some shopping he will pull on the jeans and a t shirt or whatever suits the weather and that’s it. He isn’t going to dress worried about being photographed obviously. Have we seen many photos of him being caught shopping? Now if the mags start doing that, well you might see a change….

    • That’s a wonderful thorough analysis 🙂 I agree, although if RA is messy at home I’m not sure if he’d have friends popping round without giving a heads up (and I am unfortunately speaking from experience). BTW I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 100% pap pic of Richard and I really hope he won’t be hounded by the press in NY. We were worried about that prior to the release of The Hobbit, but it didn’t happen and I think I’d prefer it to stay that way (as much as the greedy fangirl in me always appreciates new pics).

  15. armitagebesotted

    Socks? Mystery solved. We now know he has hundreds that match. No more laundry sorting!

    Thrifty with clothes is a Communist thing? I always knew I was Red! But actually, and this is my excuse, in the U.S. it’s a result of having been raised by Depression babies, not Commies.

    I work from home — t-shirts and fuzzy slippers — and, oh my, how the wardrobe has degenerated. My new standard for “low” is can I get my mail in it? I live in an apartment building, which requires a trip to the lobby, may run into neighbors in the elevator….

    AgzyM, how did I miss this back in October? I laughed and laughed for 10 minutes when I found it today. And I got some hand-eye practice trying to get a screen grab at just the right second….

    Please make more of these! Please, please!!!

    • Luckily I wasn’t raised by Commies, just partly in a Communist country 😉
      I have reached a new low with regards to my physical appearance. Although I still slap n my war paint before I go to work, I’ve become very much a T-shirt, jeans and Converse gal, which I find disturbing as a decade ago it was all high-heels, dresses and styled hair. I’m holding on to the thought that it’s what’s inside that matters!
      BTW, I’m happy you like the gif, it was very impromptu, but I felt the quote from Richard deserved a moment of contemplation LOL! I hope to get back to silliness soon, but my Photoshop is down on my laptop so I’m having to resort to other ways of expressing my RA admiration 😉

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