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Tha gaol agam ort Richard!

Scottish flag Armitage

Today’s Stereotypical Sunday was suggested by Nadia who longed to see Richard frolicking in the Highlands.

What do Scottish men wear under their kilts?

As always Richard probably knows but he’s not telling!

Then again, some say that if men wore anything under kilts they’d be wearing skirts 😉

 Richard is a Skinny Malinky Longlegs from the north, although not that far north, but he sure has the pegs to decorate a kilt!

scottish Armitage

I’ve used the stereotypical elements of the kilt, bagpipes and a beautiful glen, but I passed on the haggis as it just refused to mingle with the other elements…

Talking of Scotland, there’s also something a bit Braveheart about Thorin, could be the hair, could be the dodgy garb or the yelling…

They both believe: Gie it laldy! (you should do things with gusto).

Armitage Braveheart 1

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye, Richard!

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  1. Thank you Agzy ! And ice on the cake I learned some words in Scottish Gaelic !

  2. I’ll take the first one- and now I’m curious to see his true face.

  3. He is bonny. Whaur kin ah git yin o’ mah ain?

  4. Gaelic men are cool. I speak from experience :-D.

  5. Interesting thing to spot the similarities connection between Braveheart’s William Wallace and Thorin… must be the hair me thinks (apart from the sense of honour, loyalty, determination, pride … etc, etc…)

    • I just don’t wish to see Richard take a character part that goes by way of Wallace, if you know what I mean?

      • Oh no definitely! 🙂 I was just caught up in the whole similarity thing. There’s definitely a difference between the two characters nonetheless. For a start, one has a beard the other hasn’t! 😀

        • I was somewhat making a joke of it, and maybe it was not in good taste on my part, but you do know I was speaking of the…um…disemboweling?

          Armitage fans will no longer tolerate the future deaths of his characters, especially a death of such a violent nature. Our hearts can’t take it anymore, you see. The Hobbit has been shot, so there is nothing we can do about that. 😉

          • and unfortunately the Hobbit was written, what 50-60 years ago and William Wallace was disemboweled hundreds of years ago– we can’t change history girls, no matter how much we love the actor. I, for one, hate it when they change the storyline of a book SO much you almost don’t recognise the book.

          • That goes without saying, I think Sir PJ is already toeing a thin line as it is with his poetic license with The Hobbit. Look what happened to GoT and True Blood. The first series were closest to the books but then it all went pear-shaped. I’m just saying it would be nice for an RA character to go off into the sunset instead of 6 feet under 😉

          • I absolutely love the Sookie Stackhouse books! Couldn’t wait for True Blood. Couldn’t turn it off fast enough. I was so disappointed. Worst thing was I forgot to take it off my Christmas list and now have the first three seasons of True Blood sitting in a drawer, unwatched.

          • I enjoyed the first few series, and also the last one, but they did get lost somewhere along the way. I also felt that Harris should have quite while she was ahead with the books, the last one was a bit of a snooze fest and Sookie deserved better!

          • I agree. So that said…would we really want Richard to play Wallace, if ever offered, knowing what happens?

            FREEDOM! No, nope, please…no. *sigh* 😦

        • It’s an Armitage fandom joke that they always kill him off in almost every part he plays 😉

      • At this point can it be avoided? It seems that he has to fall of the perch for producers/writers to feel like they’ve dug that dagger deep enough in our fangirling hearts… Me thinks maybe Into the Storm might prove to be a break from the RA kick the bucket norm.

    • Could be the hair, could be the need to lighten the heck up 😉

  6. Wow, that first picture is NOT what I was expecting. Yes! Yum! More plaid for Richard Armitage! (or less, depending on how you see it)

  7. Ojeeeejunciu!!! Szkot! Szkot! Kot! Kot! Ten Szkot zawróciłby w głowie niejednej Krzysi 😉

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  9. Eilean Donnan Castle – the one behind Richard in the second picture was only a few miles from where we used to live before we moved to Canada! 🙂 It’s such a beautiful area. BTW, I wish these pics showed him wearing a *proper* kilt, not a tartan skirt! 😉

    • That castle is beautiful! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify it as my knowledge in limited, the same with the kilt. At least I get fangirling points for using RA’s image and not Hugh Jackman LOL!

      • You certainly do!! 😀 Putting him in tartan is a great first step! Now if we could just find a role for him to play when he has to actually wear one!! 😉

        • If only they would remake “The Ghost Goes West” with RA in the dual lead role originally played by Robert Donat. Kilt, humour, romance, survives the credits and gets the girl — and easily updated.


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