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Look out Richard, it’s BEHIND you!

The photos that have hit the fandom (hard) answer interesting questions (cat vs. dog), provide material for contemplation (fatigue/hangover/jet lag/got out of bed too late?), but there’s something much more important to chinwag over.

Richard Armitage potted plant

Let’s play a round of:

What plant is growing from Richard’s shoulder?

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

I think it’s an orchid (Orchidaceae) with yellow/golden flowers.

They seem like a popular choice in hotels and offices, so it’d stand to reason  one would be growing out of RA’s shoulder in this candid shot.

I hate to boast but I’m actually a bit of an orchid specialist, just call me Ms AgzyM Green Fingers.

Yup, I posses 4 (count them! FOUR!) orchid pots residing on my window sill that I need to protect as Magzy is always threatening to chuck them, and perhaps with good reason (she cannot see beyond obvious beauty).

Woof Armitage flower

People think it’s the flowers that are the main feature, but I’ll let you in on a secret.

Not one of my orchids is blossoming, not even close.

Who the heck needs some beautiful colourful flowers when you can have pots full of dodgy leaves!

All four of my orchids have put all their bloody energy into their leaves which still manage to look a tad shrivelled up, and have disturbing brown stems sticking out.

Who needs orchid flowers if you can have this:

(not my picture but certainly could be if you doubled the pots, did I mention I have four of these stunners?)

Although I think I’m right with my analysis of the type of potted plant in question (I haven’t read/watched Christie and Doyle stories since I was 10 for nothing!) I’d very much like to hear your opinions.

If you have other suggestions, make sure you link a picture 🙂

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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. I thought it was an orchid, too, but commentators on my blog had other opinions. We all agreed, however, that it is not marijuana.

  2. Yup, I’ve got a plethora of leaves and roots myself – not a freakin’ flower in sight. I tell you, these things are overrated…

    • I love them so very much 😦 Right now I’m harbouring pots with skanky leaves but I’m not ready to let them go. My favourite is when leaves grow out from the top of the stems where the bloody flowers should!

  3. Have patience, dear. Your orchids will be back to glory if you just give them a rest and wait what will happen. If possible treat them with a window to the east. Brown spots on leaves: too much water. Just drown them once a week for a minute or two completely, and take care that the roots otherwise do not stand in the water. My mum always said that flowers are like humans: they don’t like wet feet, it gives them a cold. And I know she is right. I host more than a dozen of orchid pots on my window sills. It’s mostly because they are so easy to keep. And after the period of blossoms they need a rest of around 3/4 of a year. Sometimes a year. And than they reward me with new beauty.
    Good things come to he/she who can wait.

    • I think mine are just a tad upset someone else was looking after them all summer. And I bet no one sang to them either 😦
      Thy do blossom, but only 2 at a time, never all together. I just don’t know how they thrive in dusty offices with artificial light ad all that business talk. Surely I’m a better host!

  4. Obraz w treści 1

  5. nie pytaj co próbowałam zrobic powyzej 😀

  6. file:///C:/Users/Administrator/Moje%20dokumenty/Moje%20obrazy/kucikuci.jpg

  7. Well, hello, Sista! I love orchids for their easy maintenance. Except they always die on me, too. Currently have one languishing in my kitchen. i.f.’s advice is great though, I’ll try and have patience…

    • I have this weird thing that I can’t throw out potted plants until they have well and truly kicked the bucket (the pot?) and are starting to resemble a compost heap. And so they languish between the land of the living and the dead, trapped inbetween 😦

  8. Agzy- don’t know a jolly thing about orchids, but here, have a post about deleted scenes from TAJ season 3

    Will get back to you about my thoughts on finale after I do a rewatch!

    • Ooooooooo! Thanks so much! My sister has demanded a TAJ rewatch as tribute this weekend. We’re starting from scratch as I think we missed a good portion of the dialog in the first few episodes until we got used to the accents.
      My heart pains but that little bloody stone that Loki threw at the end gives me hope!

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