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When I Woof! You Woof! (just like that…)

Richard Armitage Lucas running dogs

It’s bad enough when the most exciting things in RAWorld happen when you’re asleep.

It’s bloody awful when you are at work when you learn about it and can do nothing but long to get home and switch on the laptop, bloody nuisance job…

Thorin wolf new Hobbit trailer_edytowany-1

I’m chuckling that this is probably the only time when Servetus was wrong and my instincts proved spot on.

I’m basking as there won’t be a repeat of this emotion, but I’ve been pretty luckily recently, so remind me to get a lottery ticket…

Armitage dog Yorkie


I’m a dog person. I don’t have a dog but if I were to have an animal it certainly wouldn’t be a bloody cat! They’re just temperamental and dogs are just cute and faithful”


*starts salivating*



(translation: Hey Girl, how YOU doin’!)


*tail wags uncontrollably, involuntary flips onto back hoping for a belly rub*



(translation: Cats? You’ve got to be joking! If I wanted to constantly be judged I’d live with my mother in law)


*involuntarily wees on carpet as the joy is just. too. much*

Cat lovers, don’t be sad!

I hear that Vladimir Lenin was a big cat admirer, so you can have him and us dog lovers will keep Richard!

As a consolation prize (although you should quit your complaining because Lenin could be seen as attractive if you like that type) I suggest you visit My Cat is a Dick  that contains pictures of cats being… well…dicks…

Armitage dog_edytowany-1

On a side note, I was just wondering if Richard ever sees comments to what he says like here and wonders why he even bothers…

It’s was a humoristic answer to a silly question, let’s take it all with a grain of salt.

My Magzy has a cat phobia and believe me,  if she was ever asked that question, THAT would be one heck of a bitchy answer.

Lighten up peeps, it’s all just for fun!

Armitage question mark

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  1. Aw, noooo – the woof has replaced the *ooof*? *weeps* 😉
    I was laughing yesterday at the whole cat-dog controversy. Richard has divided his fandom with one fell swoop. Oh, dear…

    • Me thinks you’re working on this weeks *woof* (see, the exchanged has already organically occurred LOL!).
      Well, I reacted to him mentioning his love for chocolate ice-cream in entirely the wrong way. I can’t stand it (OK, I’ll eat it, but only in crisis situations) and I should have gotten much more emotionally engaged in the aftermath. How dare he like it if I don’t? By saying that he favours it above the rest, doesn’t he see he’s making all the other ice-cream feel bad? He should have just kept his opinions to himself!
      We are one funny bunch! 😉

      • (This week’s *ooof* will publish itself in 24 minutes :-D)
        Oh don’t mention the Chocolate IcecreamGate! I *hate* chocolate icecream. And I *despise* anyone who loves chocolate icecream. It is my absolute benchmark for taking someone seriously or not… (just kidding)
        I actually have 2 cats myself – but I would consider myself a dog person, so I actually approved of Richard’s answer. Plus – he is absolutely right: For cats, humans are only tin-openers. Love against food. Much like fickle females, actually *hahaha*

        • Ah, the magic of blogging, it basically does everything by itself 😉
          Isn’t the cat vs. dog debate moot seeing that he doesn’t and most likely won’t have any pet (or probably potted plant) in the foreseeable future?
          Now, if he said he liked caged birds above all other household pets, now THAT would spark my fury. You can’t pet or cuddle them, they don’t want to sleep in your bed and keep you warm, dress them in funny little jumpers on a cold day and I just don’t trust their body language 😉

          • And I don’t like any caged animal at all 😉 Birds are beautiful, but free of flying and singing on air 🙂

          • Yup, and especially not dead in your garden with their poor feet hanging in the air 😦 Last year I felt like they would literally take their last flight above my garden just to drop dead here.

          • oh dear, what a sad things… that is another things I don’t like in cats, they play with their prays, little birds that they caught, kill and don’t eat. I find it cruel. Sometime dogs do this too, but more rarely and if you reprimand them they learn and don’t do it again.

          • Actually Cockatoos do like to cuddle actually. LOL

          • My Eclectus used to sit on my shoulder outside for hours. She died a couple of years ago, but she would nestle in my lap like a cat and go to sleep while I watched TV. Birds are very loving to the person they bond to.

  2. Yes, it’s… surprising how people take things seriously. I’m just glad I don’t have his job. 😀

    /Yay, I’m in the right time zone for your blog – sharing your frustration for being late to most RAworld parties!/

    • I was shocked when the trailer came out and I was still awake. It’s also fun not to have to chance news and just have it handed to you for your consumption. That way you can spend all your energy admiring, going crazy, weeping/uncontrollably laughing 😉

  3. I was practically sure he was a dog person. Everything in his nature pointed out at this. He said of himself that he is strongly protective of his family and friend, that he always try to satisfy people. He is loyal, humble, devoted to his work and colleagues. He is a big puppy, anxious to please and receive compliments. At least, this is what I feel about him 😉

  4. People are reading too much into his answers, or the way he looks or what he wears. Goodness gracious. He just can’t win either way.

    • I know, it’s ALL for fun (and for promotional purposes, but then we know the man puts bums in cinema seats for a living…). It would do my head in if I had people judging me so much. We often comment that RA keeps his distance and it’s a shame because we have so much love for him. Maybe he does it because our fangirling love translates differently to him and, darn it, it may even on some level hurt his feelings. He seems like a very non-confrontational type of bloke.

      • Exactly! He said he hates arguments, so he takes everything inside himself. Until he explodes in one of his famous temper crisis. And I’m sure he stays away from social and “his” sites because he doesn’t want to displease none (being privacy the main reason obviously). He perfectly knows that anything he says will please a part of the fandom and displease another one. Even when he thinks he said nothing particular this sort of division can happen and happened indeed. So he tries to take no position. This time he took one, ironically, and the poor chap didn’t know he was putting himself in the hands of the fans! I hope he will have a fat laugh looking at all the version fans did of his Woof and Meow signs 😉

        • I do hope so. I hope that with all these silly signs being made people will focus on the humour of the whole situation. A grown 41 year old man and successful actor, dead tires/hung-over/jetlagged gets asked if he prefers cats to dogs and then he has to hold up a sign illustrating his point.
          And the point of this whole situation is that it’s pointless!

          • Agree. Remember how puzzled he was at Wellington Premiere of The End of the World when someone apparently had asked him what kind of cereals he preferred? I’m sure he has still troubles in coping with silliness of some questions and the reason why people can be interested in which kind of cereals he do likes 😉

          • Thank you. That is 42 by the way but so true. He answers the question honestly and raises a firestorm for doing so. So he prefers dogs, get over it. He isn’t asking everyone to get rid of their cats and he isn’t out there killing them either. We could have a discussion all night long (oh that sounds so good….) about why dogs do what they do for humans do (back to that tin opening thing) but I digress. He was tired and the question probably seemed inane so can you blame him for just saying what he thought?

      • It’s a one-sided affair, isn’t it?

    • I think it’s all in fun. Basically, we’re watching the grass grow. There is no answer he could have given to the question that would not have given rise to extended discussion. though I am curious whether he ever had a pet or lived with one.

      • With the ‘division’ and all the fan introspection from those simple pictures and answers, he’d be stepping into a hornet’s nest to even answer that question 🙂

        As it is, as much as its all done in fun and to kill time, in the end there’s a lot of judgment thrown his way unintentionally. Wait till he answers the watch question and fans will be studying the price tag and the whys of wanting to own one – or not.

        But then, it’s better than watching grass grow 😉

  5. I don’t remember Richard ever mentioning having a pet, even a childhood pet, in any of his interviews. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember him saying so. As someone who has never had pets, i think that’s OK too by the way. Even if I don’t have pets, i prefer cats, and am a bit afraid of dogs.

    But I still love Rich and love seeing the old “irreverent” RA back, so shoot me for feeling that way. If fans didn’t want to know the answer, then why ask him? No wonder he’s not on Twitter! (Not that I want him to be, I think he’s doing the right thing by not being there!) He took the question in a lighthearted way, as he should have.

    • I don’t think he has either, and I agree — this was the Richard Armitage we saw in Sydney and I’m glad. 🙂

      • Absolutely. I had a friend who never had pets and had no real interest in having a dog or cat. Didnt hate them but didn’t need one either. You ask a question you get an answer I say and if you don’t like it then stop asking.

  6. My cats want to scratch your blog to bits. My dog is licking the screen. My parrot, he could care less. I was going to write another American cliche. Now I have to figure out how to say it another way….LOL forget it– You figure it out my darling friend. I like to have all my bases covered. (It means I don’t like to leave anybody out.)

  7. I love your photoshop skills, Agzy, and I adore the sense of humour that goes with them. You always brighten my day!
    Will you see DOS someplace with an earlier release date, or will you be hanging out with the Aussie ladies impatiently waiting our turn?

    • Yup, we’re going to London like last year to see DOS, haunt galleries and museums, spend a ridiculous amount of money on coffees and unhealthy food, eat fish & chips and Chinese while watching British TV in bed… 🙂
      BTW, KATHARINE THE LAST EPISODE!!!!!! THAT BLOODY LAST EPISODE… (ok I’ll stop with the caps now) If it must be the last TOJ ever it’s a fitting ending, but did you notice how Loki threw that red stone when he was leaving? That’s their gateway if s4 is ever commissioned. As in Loki is the only one whose life gets much worse now that… well, you know. Is it unreasonable to assume as a successful politician and a general misfit with badass fire powers, he’d want them back?
      I’m happy with Michelle though, I’d hate to see her go.
      Now I’m sitting here in TV series mourning with the feeling that it’s still much too soon for it all to end 😦 That last episode gave me the serious sads 😦

      • The last time I was in Scotland, a zillion years ago, my absolute favorite restaurant was a Chinese restaurant. What I remember most, is a beautiful Asian waitress speaking with an English accent. It surprised me. Ooh, then there was the Indian restaurant, oh, then the fish and chips….I need to start saving my pennies to join you.

  8. I found fascinating, in the comment stream, the range of associations that people had with cats vs dogs. I myself would have been inclined to say that it’s not a matter of huge world import and thus a good question to answer.

  9. Fajnie że woli psy, moja teściowa też tak mówiła ..aż przywędrował do niej mały chudy kotek bez ogona ( jej ukochany owczarek odgryzł ten biedny chudy ogon) Teraz kocha tego tłustego, bezogoniastego kota miłościa bezgraniczną 🙂
    PS: Ryszard jest dość podobny do psa, szczególnie kiedy obnaża zęby w tym swoim zarażliwym usmiechu. Psy kochaja wszystkich, ta miłość je rozpiera i wszedzie tę miłosć zostawiają…na każdej nogawce..;), a nawet tak jak pies mojej sąsiadki- na kocie. kocim kocurze 🙂

  10. Of course he’s a dog person. No self-respecting lion will want another cat around to challenge his rule! I can see it now, many Army members who live in London and NYC getting themselves a cute dog and walking around his neighborhood(s), hoping to spot Richard… WOOF!

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