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Splitting hairs about Richard’s hair…

Armitage Bald

The debate continues, so cue the hair puns!

Hair we go:
Todd is going to great lengths to finish this cutting edge tornado flick and one can only hope he’ll pony up soon, once he straightens out a few things.

I think it’s great he tweets pics hair and there of highlight from the film, we’re still waiting for a great clip, so I’m brushing off any criticism from other fans that he’s showing his true colours by teasing us.

There’ve been some cutting remarks, but let’s knot get tied up about it.

Armitage Hair magic Black Sky

There have been discussions throughout the RA community regarding Garner’s intentions and the disturbing change in Richard’s hair length, as he’s clearly still sporting hair from down under… and I mean from NZ, so get your mind out of the gutter!

It’s something I’ll have to mullet over, although it looks like the mane issues were covered here and here, so check it out if you want to get to the root of the problem.

Gary Thorin Hair

The truth is I can’t wait for the tornado flick, it doesn’t wash any more and I feel stranded.
I’m receding now, it’s all getting too hairy for me and I think I’m just splitting hairs now.

So, to cut this short, hairs to your success Richard!

You are a cut above the rest and we are rooting for you!


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  1. LOL! That gif is truly frightening 😉

    • Thanks to Damian Lewis I’m embracing ginger sexiness 😉

      • The Doctor would be so envious! 900 years, 11 regenerations and still not ginger 😉

        • I agree! But believe me, ginger may well be the next big thing 😉 I was so surprised at the Doctor choice, although by the time they had announced it the word was pretty much out about Peter. I was sure they’d again go for a young hottie like David or Matt to keep those fangirls happy.

          • I have grown fond of Peter Capaldi. I’m sure his Doctor will be a memorable one! Can’t wait for the 50°, the Christmas Special and the the new series!

          • I’m making my way through the series as I’m a relative newbie. For now I can’t imagine anyone else but David playing the part, but then I felt that way about Rose being the only side-kick worthy of The Doctor and I found the Christmas Special with Catherine Tate hilarious and regret it was a one-off. I’m keeping an open mind 🙂

          • Donna Noble-Catherine Tate is my fave companion and 4th season is my fave at all! None could ever be like Ten+Donna. But I hope Peter would be a more Tennentish Doctor if you know what I mean 😉

          • I haven’t seen any episodes with Matt yet, but he seems quite quirky, pushing the Doctor envelope even further than 10. I can only keep my fingers crossed that it will continue to work out so well as there’s something magical and different about this show.

  2. Thank you Agzy ! I will not sleep well tonight. The first picture really is “traumatic” for my little heart !

    • We would sometimes wonder what Richard would look like with a shaved head, now we have some idea plus there wouldn’t be continuity issues with the reshoots 😉

  3. As usual Agzy, you baldly go where no mane went before.

    • LOL! I’ll remember that phrase when I watch the 1975 North and South with Picard playing Thornton. I think he looks sexy with a bald head in ST and it’s a shame he didn’t sport that look in the series. Imagine the cotton fluff sticking to his clothes AND with shaven scalp 😉

  4. You have a lot to answer for, Agzy. Your command of the English language (and bad puns) is obviously vast and terrible to behold.
    Seen latest episode of TAJ? I hate to think what we’re in for next week. Did you see the cast are hosting a live showing at a pub- so if you happen to be in Auckland next Thursday night……

    • I have to wait till Monday to get a new TAJ episode for my source to upload it. I can’t freakin’ wait and things are heading towards dangerous territory. At first the Mike turning bad storyline didn’t sit well with me but, as always, they managed to construct it in such a way that it’s believable and fascinating 😉
      Next week’s episode is the season finale, right? *checking online for tickets to Auckland…*
      BTW, is there any news about a possible season 4? I’d really hate for them to keep me hanging!

      • Yeah, one more to go. There hasn’t been a decision yet about another season. I listened to one of The Lesser Gods podcasts where they interviewed Emmett- he’s going off to promote the show overseas, so hopefully he’ll drum up some support.

        • There’s more to play for as more people from around the world tune in and catch the TAJ bug 🙂 They are adorable, the show is excellent and different, and although it lacks the international promotion, they seem to be learning that, so unleash the Nordic gods on the unsuspecting worldwide public and watch it turn into a phenomenon!

    • Talking about hair, I died with laughter when TOJ Odin climbed on the roof to fly. That in and of itself was very disturbing, but sticking the hairy magic G-string thingy in his pants so he looked like he was severely overgrown down there was a killer 😉

      • They know how to play the visual gags, that’s for sure. Emmett talked about all the nudity in the interview- he said you pretty soon get used to all that as well as wearing a dress or whatever the writers come up with. He mentioned how close the cast are- they usually get together to watch each episode when it airs, so the pub thing is their way of thanking the fans.

        • That’s adorable and I think it shows. There’s a funny scene where Ty and Anders are driving somewhere and Dean’s character pokes the other in the cheek like siblings who are close and have no boundaries would do. You could see it wasn’t scripted or rehearsed as Jared Turner has the most adorable shocked look on his face, like he’s about to corpse 😉
          I think close cast members translates to a relaxed set and better acting. That’s important especially considering what the scripts have them do 🙂

          • He said they act a bit like their characters when they go out drinking- Dean’s the one who points out which girls he should chat up, Jared makes sure they get home safely- can’t remember the others.
            The sad thing about the show is that it’s got a bigger overseas audience ( in Canada for instance) than it does at home- Kiwis tend to disregard their own shows apparently.
            Let me know what you think when you watch the latest- feel free to email me if you like.

          • That’s strangely adorable and make me like them even more 🙂 I shall get my hands on the episode tomorrow and will watch it in the evening, so let’s chinwag on the issue after.
            BTW, we were lucky to watch all 3 series apart from the last 3 unaired episodes in one swift go and it’s a wonderful way to see it. With the last 3 episodes we debated whether we should wait until all of them are out and marathon the end of season 3 like we do with Game of Thrones and True Blood, but there was no way we could have a new TAJ episode in our possession and not let our curiosity get the better of us. I believe it simply can’t be done 😉

  5. I LOVE THIS POST!! I literally screamed when I saw the one of him with growing long hair. You are a geeeeenius!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Also, I received my lovely Richard amulet in the mail from the contest, and THANK YOU! It's beautiful and it's hanging on my freezer (where I'll see it every time I'm pulling out some ice cream). Hooray!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox and thanks a million. You really gave a lift to a bad week.

    • So happy you enjoyed the post and what you got in the post 😉
      It is my belief that RA the actor was to us so that we can utilize him to make our days that little bit better. He serves an important function especially on cr*p days and weeks. He’s an uplifting little begger, but you, YOU are Wonder Woman (I would’ve chosen another female superhero, but it seems they all play supporting roles to men’s leads, so WW it is!).

  6. I hope this translates…
    I hair you! I almost curled up and dyed when I thought the film being shelved was permanent. I was combing through some old pictures and clipped a few. They were all the same picture, unfortunately. You know the one where he looks washed out, almost bleached.
    Well, I think we’re all set then.
    Waving good-bye.

  7. No limits for your imagination!! LOL

  8. *laughs* did you have fun writing this? because I had fun reading it! I love puns 🙂

    • Sigmund Freud identified puns as “an admission of weakness, a psychic release-valve in which humour alleviates the stress of repressing unpleasant truths”.
      AgzyM identifies them as a little low-brow humour to brighten up the day 😉

  9. You have a way of highlighting what’s important and getting to the root of the matter without our having to comb through a rat’s nest of extraneous fluff. It dis-tresses me to see our guy looking like a cue ball, but I could get conditioned to it with practice and the idea will surely gel.

  10. I’m just happy for any news, even all the teasing from Garner. I am curious to know how they’re going to fix the lack of continuity in RA’s hair 😉

  11. ROFL … what lengths you’ll comb through to tease a chuckle from us! *giggle*

  12. Oh my G_d, I am speechless. 🙂

  13. Agzy, this is just tooooo good! Anytime readily it will be a great pleasure hairsplitting a round with you and of course preferably splitting our dear Richards short or not so short hair. Still staring like hypnotised at the hair magician and the wonders he or she does. Absolutely nothing can deface our handsome bloke!!!!!! 😀

    • It’s hair magic, I just don’t know how he does it! The theme of Richard as a magician came up when I was adding moustaches to his beautiful face, so maybe that’s something worth exploring 😉

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  15. Ha ha ha ha! To kapitalne, Agzym 🙂 Lubiem włochatego Ryska.


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