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Richard Armitage tumblr

I came across this wonderful parody of GaGa’s “Applause” and it somewhat ties into last weeks discussion 🙂

Chescaleigh performes “Reblogs”, because you know, she lives for it!

For those not on tumblr, it’s an endless stream of images, gifs, videos, fanfics that make your head spin.

It’s not really a place where you comment on stuff, but you “like” (by pressing on the little heart in the corner) or, even better, reblog the post onto your blog.

Although I’m rather a lurker on tumblr and I post only on special days like Armitage Day, I can nevertheless see the appeal of watching those numbers climb.

I’m usually I’m like a fan possessed, going down the posts and liking every one 😉

You can check out the Richard Armitage tumblr feed here.

One thing’s for sure: there’s always something new whizzing across your screen and it’s a lurker’s dream 🙂


BTW, one of my favourite bloggers, Jen from Cake Wrecks also has a steampunky blog called Epbot.

A few months ago she took a blogging and internet sabbatical and now that she’s back, she wrote about the 6 lessons she learned in her time away.

The post is very thought-provoking, so check it out along with the other awesomeness she has on her blog 🙂


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  1. Reblogs rule, yes. Or even just a simple “like” – they both make the number count go up on tumblr. And yet – somehow I have to say I am getting a little bit bored with tumblr right now. Always the same old pics, just new people reblogging them. Plus, interaction really is at minimum. It’s great for the quick fix and the drool, though, and for that reason I simply cannot leave 😉

    • It’s because people fiddle about with old stuff instead of creating new images and posts. It really is a lurker paradise, but it tends to get repetitive. I sometime regret that there isn’t more interaction and that you don’t have a simple “comment” option so I can spread my wisdom across multiple platforms 😉
      Also, it’s funny to see when things kick up between bloggers. The you have a whole tag of peeps appealing for peace, but making things even worse by doing so 🙂

  2. I spend quite a bit of time on Tumblr myself. I discovered the “fan mail” option so I can write or ask questions of other bloggers. Some of the manip and gif talent in the fan world is awesome and I follow my tennis styles there, too. And,don’t tell, I check out the hashtags #cats and #dogs every day.

    • LOL, I follow the most dead hashtag in all of tumblr meaning #ForsyteSaga. It literally gets a post a week, if that 😉

      • I just recommended it to a Facebook friend who was looking for good Brit Period Mini Series. I understand there was a very long and very old version in the 70’s.

        • The long FS series was from 1967, but it’s cut up into so many 10 minute pieces on YT I just don’t have the energy for it. Another interesting but controversial Brit period drama is the 3 episode “Tipping the Velvet” which caused a stir when it aired but I really enjoyed it. It’s about lesbian performers in Victorian times and is about love and relationships. It’s quite cheeky and forward but also moving and funny.

          • Yes, it’s there but chopped up to bits. I’m hoping maybe someone will post whole episodes. FYI the episodes of the 1975 North & South with Captain Picard before he joined Starfleet are also on YT 😉
            Haven’t watched them yet, but wasn’t Thornton really tall?

  3. This is a good post, and I like Jen’s Blog, Epbot. Good to know I am not the only one who spends so much time just in responding to emails. 🙂

    There is a key – or Tumblr encouragement – to inviting “some” interaction on Tumblr: When you put a Question Mark at the end of a sentence in the text body of a new post, or in the Header of a Text Post, Tumblr generates an Answer box at the bottom.

    There are responses about 30% – 60% of the time and you are notified via email, if your Settings allow.

    I may not Reblog all the time, but can spend hours in the Tags (not really, but close), and am a chronic “liker” for all-things-armitage on Tumblr.

    There are exceptions: I do not click Like on “Ships” – RL or character – or anything disparaging or in bad taste. The occasional Martin/Bilbo I find okay if truly within positive and existing canon character boundaries, although most of that is just in light fun.

    It’s just one of those personal choices. I just feel that many Ships can lead to gossip and “some” negative energies and/or create un-needed anger/arguments. This includes some fanart, although I don’t actually see anything personally wrong with any of it. (The imaginations out there are quite vivid and detailed.) But I will certainly never Like or Share anything really violent or mean-spirited, which thankfully has been negligible.

    • I can understand that people have limits to what they find acceptable, I’m more of an “anything goes” kinda gal, but as long as everyone does what they feel is right for them and they don’t try to push their beliefs on others, I respect that 🙂
      One of my favourite fanfics is “A Cure for Boredom” which is Johnlock slash and yesterday I got an update that after months of silence a prequel was posted. I literally did a little jig 🙂
      Tumblr is where I can unleash my bad girl and I like cheeky naughty things (Penis Fridays on Tumblr anyone?) but I try to keep the blog as clean as possible. I don’t even swear here which is quite out of character for me.

  4. Och Tumblr, bezlitosny pożeracz czasu 🙂 Ma pewne ograniczenia, ale cudownie odpręża 🙂

  5. A hopeless fossil, I still can’t figure out how to make tumblr work. It won’t let me join, it won’t let me navigate. Pfft *mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble*

    • Oh no! I remember it took me a while to learn to navigate it as it seems at times illogical. It also requires a very good internet connection as each post is so heavy. On the plus side you don’t have to be logged in to get you RA tumblr fix although having to be so passive probably takes the fun away from it 😦


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