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Summer Heights High… say what now?!?


You know how I always say I appreciate The Hobbit for introducing me to new stuff and gorgeous men like Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman.

I wrote a post on The Almighty Johnsons and let me tell you, we’ve caught up on all the episodes aired to date in NZ (season 3 episode 11) and we are raptured by it.

I can’t freakin’ wait for more and I’m already mourning the fact that it’ll be almost a year before season 4 airs.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, all of the episodes are conveniently available on YT

That’s another reason why I love NZ, they don’t go all huffy and puffy about protecting their shows. Hear that USA?


While we were chin-wagging on the issue of the Johnson boys, I asked KatharineD, my specialist on all things Down Under, to recommend more goodies from this previously untapped but apparently delicious source.

One of the recs was Summer Heights High.

Here’s what Katherine had to say:

“For off beat comedy, there’s a very clever one called Summer Heights High- I read somewhere that Dawn French got hold of it and thought it was brilliant- well written satire”.

I’m always up for a good recommendation, so I decided to give it a try.

One hardly knows where to begin 😉


Firstly, if you’re a fan of the British The Office, The Catherine Tate Show or Little Britain, this is a MUST!

Fair warning, it’s cheeky, edgy, definitely off-beat, there are naughty words and controversial topics raised.

The above description ticks all my boxes for a comedy series but then my sense of humour is a required taste…

Summer Heights High is an Australian television mockumentary (where fictional stories are presented as documentaries) series, written by and starring Chris Lilley.


It follows the lives of pupils at an Australian public school, especially three characters, all played by Lilley, and a supporting cast, many of whom are non-actors.

There’s the megalomaniacal “Director of Performing Arts” Mr G, a self-absorbed, privileged “it girl”  Ja’mie King, and disobedient, vulgar Tongan student Jonah.


The series manages to be wickedly funny, while at the same time it explores what life as a teenager in an Australian public school is like, raising issues such as social cliques, bullying, teenage slang, stereotyping, profanity, racism, and homophobia.

It’s not for everybody, but for me it’s a gem 🙂

All 8 episodes are available on YT:


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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Agzy. Yes it is edgy and at times confronting comedy, but so cleverly written. I found it sometimes quite astoundingly moving as well. When it first aired in 2007, it was almost required viewing at my sons’ high school – much discussed, must-see tv.

    Here’s a couple of links to info on the upcoming series, which will air on the BBC and HBO as well as here in Australia.

    • Thanks so much, I really did enjoy it and I was out trying to get my hands on other Lilley stuff, but they only have short clips on YT.
      I’m happy to hear that your sons school showed this to their students. Never in a million years would it happen hear and people would take the series at face value without actually getting the message which is quite profound and covers many issues. People left and right would take offense, missing the point of satire entirely.
      What moved me was the inability of adults to protect children, give them an environment to grow and learn. Instead they are easily manipulated, powerless, even if they have good intentions. The whole series is so thought-provoking but it’s also a laugh a minute 😉
      Can’t wait for his new stuff 🙂

      • Let me just clarify, when I say it was required viewing, I meant amongst the students in the playground. It was always a hot topic the next day, as well as a brilliant satire on current affairs that aired on the same night. Smart, clever program that teenagers found relevant and topical. Not that it’s just for the young demographic by any means.

        • See, it seemed too good to be true, but then with Australians you never know. You get so many sunny days, maybe the weather makes you see things clearer and have a more upbeat attitude 😉 Nevertheless, I can see so much merit in young people watching this series and hope they get more out of it than dicktation 😉

          • It was a pretty open minded school for ‘gifted’ boys, so I’m sure they were well aware, and probably approved of what the boys were watching.

            Not all Chris Lilley’s work has been as good as SHH, but he’s in the enviable position now that he can come up with an idea and he’ll always get the funding to get it made.

          • I have a couple of friends who are teachers and they found it required viewing as well! From memory, I think many of the teachers in the series are not actors, but teachers in real life. I’ve seen most of these episodes a number of times, and they still makes me laugh.

  2. Over here 99,99% of our movies, tv shows and music come from USA… So, I love to discover “new” stuff from different countries. In general, I find the differences very interesting!! 😀

    • I’m hooked on stuff from Down Under 🙂 I’ve gotten to a point where I “think” I can recognize a NZ accent in oppose to an Australian one, but don’t test me on that just yet 😉
      Apart from the series that I am continuing (True Blood, Homeland, Big Bang Theory and a few others), I just need a break from American shows, that’s why I value both British and NZ/Australian productions. They are harder to come by, but worth the extra effort 😉
      PS. My friend who was in Brazil I July said it was so bloody freezing she needed to buy a hat and gloves. What was that all about? Is it usually so chilly that time of year or was it just bad luck?
      I thought it was funny that the 3 months when we get relative heat she flew to the end of the earth to freeze LOL!

      • We are lucky because the internet has arrived to save us from boredom!! 😉
        Regarding Brazilian weather, it’s winter in July. That’s why it was cold and also rainy in some places as Rio where your friend was, wasn’t it? But I’ve heard that over there, it was particularly cold this year. Your friend wasn’t that lucky!!! 😉

        • LOL, the internet and YT (bless the change in policy that allows clips longer than 10 minutes) is here to keep our over stimulated minds from shrivelling up from boredom 😉
          Ill be seeing my friend tomorrow so I’ll tell her. Anyway she said it was amazing despite the weather, but there I was joking about needing to get that bikini body before she flew out and I should have joked about getting a Doctor Zhivago fur hat!

          • Well, it’s a huge irony to find yourself in a tropical country, in a coast city, famous for its beaches and you have to go out to buy a hat and gloves…. LOL
            But, it happed to me once, when I went to Mikonos (Greece) with the idea of a hot and sunny place and I found myself in a cold and rainy island. ;-(

          • That’s unlucky with Greece. We’re a miserable bunch with the weather this part of the world for at least 6 months of the year. Spring can be nice, autumn too, but nevertheless half a year in total is cold 😦
            Last winter was a killer as there was snow and frost till almost mid April. Then no spring to speak of and straight into summer. It’s already cool out now and rainy. I’d expect more from South America, if only for jealousy to warm me up a bit 😉

  3. Here Agzy, have some photos of a certain gentleman’s cute dog, Batman!

    • That’s adorable and the last pic actually looks like he’s using a deep voice to say: I’m Batman 🙂 Some dogs have all the luck… Clearly not mine as she’s upset we’re back in the city and she can’t go out whenever she wants to bark at cats and such. I spoil that dog rotten during the summer so no wonder she doesn’t appreciate being told when she can go for a walk 😦

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