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Fanfiction Paradise at My Blog Story!

I’m slowly starting to compile notes and summarising thoughts that were a result of our brainstorming on blogging/reading/commenting.

I’m so happy we had a chance to exchange ideas and opinions, so thank you for engaging in the discussion and I hope we can all learn from it.

In future it’s BYOB (bring your own booze) and a pot luck.

Or we should organize it as a huge online sleepover, again, it’s BYOS (bring your own sleeping bag).

I’ll be posting on issues from the comments in the next few weeks, but if there’s anything else you think would be worthwhile mentioning, please let me know!

My Story Blog Armitage fanfiction

One of the notions that came up was that fanfiction writers often don’t get feedback on their work.

There are many reasons for this, often it’s just a case of traffic: if no one knows it’s there, they aren’t going to read it.

Understandably, fanfiction writers are adamant about “putting themselves out there” and promoting their stuff, so apart from word of mouth and recs, the fanfic ends up gathering dust.

Often times readers aren’t or don’t want to log in to leave comments (Guilty!), so although they enjoy the work, there’s no tangible proof of that.

Maybe you’re just like me and you do a quick “grab and read” without acknowledging the writers at all.

My Story Blog Armitage

To help solve some of these issues,  The Arkenstone has created My Story Blog, a place where fanfiction writers can post links to their work, but also where readers can recommend their favourite stuff.

It’s so easy: all you have to do is leave a link to the fanfic, with a short description and a link to an image that suits, if you like.

The comment will go into moderation to be picked up by TheArkenstone and featured in a post.

How snazzy is that?!?

Please remember that YOU (yes, you!) provide the content!

Add it to your daily blogroll and make sure you check in regularly as there’ll be some delicious fanfic goodies waiting for you.

Remember that you can either press the “follow” button or follow the blog via email so you get updates regarding new content.

The success of this enterprise depends on us, so in the words of the wonderful Tim Gunn: “Make it work!” 🙂


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  1. Thank you for the link Agzy. I enjoy so much Fanfictions and I feel guilty for not commenting. There are so many talented writers. As I can’t express myself in English very well I don’t let comments but in the bottom of my heart I would like to thank them. Very often when I am a bit low I read Fanfictions and that cheers me up !

    • Oh no Nadia, please don’t ever feel guilty about not leaving comments, although I do always enjoy them when they pop up here 🙂 If there’s any fic you would like to share, just go to y Story Blog and put the link in any comments under any post there. The Arkenstone will then do her magic and stick it in a post.
      I love a good fanfic and I feel so blessed that these wonderful writers share them with us 🙂

    • Nadia–You don’t have to express in English if you don’t want to. We can translate it here. We would love to hear from you! Big kiss on the cheek. The Akenstone

  2. AgzyM is a BIG BIG BIG reason the Blog Story came to pass. She and a great author with a fanficlet called Mountain Bluebells. So thanks to her (the crowd goes wild rahhhh). Please stop by with your recommendations! We’re always open. AgzyM has provided artwork to help you find the stories. We’re a team “A&A”.

  3. Nice! I’m assuming it will all be RA fanfic? I belong to a small private group on FB where we recommend fanfic to each other, anyone interested to join up contact me (Fanny Thornton) but its definitely not exclusive RA Fic

    Btw I made a bunch of reading lists on Wattpad (as Fanny Thornton) for that purpose most of it RA Fic categorized by character – it’s linked on my WP blog too actually

    • We are not exclusive to RA, although we partial to him. We’re more for authors who don’t get noticed. Bryni, the author of Mountain Bluebells had very few people read her story. It is a wonderful fanficlet. We aren’t looking to be another WP. I have a link to my Lady Oakenshield stories but I don’t promote it with our new authors. (I get to do that because it’s my blog and I have an ego the size of Mt Erebor.) I wouldn’t mind if you sent us story if you particularly liked it and it wasn’t getting a lot of play, if you were so inclined. What do you think, Agzy? Obviously we like to check them out first. On a personal level, (and Agzy and I will make a decision together on this) I don’t care for the slash fanfic stories. But then I just don’t read them.

      • Doesn’t there go a lot of dwarf Fic right there? LOL I have been known to read a little slash now and again though haven’t w the dwarves. Great effort to promote new writers out there, I was thinking of some old Guy stories I loved from lifejournal. I feel rather redundant recommending anything when I haven’t gotten round to reading yours! 🙂

      • I’m really feeling an “anything goes” vibe, and I’m partial to a little slash (comes with reading a lot of Sherlock fics). Often writers don’t want to promote their stuff so I think it would be extra validation for readers to suggest fics and hopefully encourage more writing in the process.
        I think My Story Blog should for now play it by ear and see what writers and readers would want 🙂


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