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The Armitage Tango. A tiny RA fantasy for Lady Anne

Armitage Tango 1c

This post is dedicated to Lady Anne with hopes that is will brighten up her day.

And to all my other online friends who are going through hard times and may need a Tango Richard.

The Connection
by Eran Braverman

I carefully escort you to the dance floor
And pause, hesitate, till you are ready.
Gently, gently, gently, I take your hand,
And put my other, o so softly, at your back.

Armitage Tango 5a

We begin to dance
And, momentarily
We connect.
We connect.

Armitage tango 3

We become inseparable, entangled.
We are enveloped in escaped sensuality, that
For the duration of this dance
Is perfectly balanced; how precious it is.

Armiatge tango 7

Let this dance never end because
The connection is sadly, purely, only, for the duration of this dance.
Let this dance never end because
When it ends the connection will shatter like perfect glass.

Armitage tango 6


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  1. Thank you, Agzy! This does make my day. What lovely imaginings I’ll have to counteract this muddy sea of RL … P.S. check your e-mail

  2. Oh my, Agzy, these are gorgeous! I dream of seeing Richard dance, especially the tango, but realistically I figure I will have to settle for gazing at these lovely manips. 🙂
    I’ve never been one for poetry, but I love this poem.
    BTW, Armitage Tango 1 and Armitage Tango 5 are blank and lead me to a 404 page when I click on them. Am I missing anything?

  3. Brilliant, Agzy. Love them. And dancing RA is one of my favourite fantasies, too.

  4. Agzy, These are so fun and well done.

  5. I second what Mezz said- absolutely gorgeous. I hope it cheers up your friend, and I thank you as a secondary beneficiary! It’s made even better by the fact this is in RA’s skill set, so we don’t even have to pretend it could be real.

    OT- things are getting tight in Warsaw- the battle is on! You were unlucky your good young player was injured, but it’s certainly far from over.

    • LOL! We’re always unlucky, this being another incident in our entire history, and I’m not only talking about sports…
      I did feel better doing those and I hope the positive RA energy is spreading! We all need a pick me up every now and again!

      • I wanted to give you a thank you for the lovely pics, and it’s a video on YouTube. I’m reticent to post the link because I always seem to end up embedding the damn thing in people’s blog comments which feels intrusive. So, if you would like, go to YT and type in ‘period drama it’s raining men’- REDO, and enjoy- RA pops up several times!

        • I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with you posting links in comments 🙂
          Please do so others reading can also see it.
          I always feel like the posts are mine, but the comments are ours so you can do whatever your little heart desires.

        • Here it is and it is WONDERFUL!!!

          • I tried to play it again from here on my ipad and it said embedded video disabled- view on YT. I think it’s well worth a look if anyone wants to wander over there!

          • Some videos don’t play on ipad. I learned that the hard way 2 summers ago when I was itching for some RA Sexy Back 3 😦 A girl should NEVER be kept away from this:

          • It really is wonderful! That’s made my day! Well it’s made it even better after seeing the fabulous tango pics! 😉

        • I still haven’t worked out how to post a YT link without the whole video appearing. I always feel as if I’m taking up way too much commentary space when I do so!

          • So, not just me then. I thought you had all that tech stuff covered Mezz!

          • I’d love to know “how to” as well Mezz! I feel as though I’ve somehow intruded into somewhere I shouldn’t! 😦 If you ever work it out let me know! 😀

            BTW Agzy, those tango scenes gave me palpitations! My dream is to see him dance for real in a movie! Oh dear! I think the very idea has raised the temperature in here! 😉

          • I’m afraid not KatharineD. 😦

  6. Thank the gods I type with my fingers….my mouth is so dry from my tongue hanging out at those pictures I couldn’t give an ant a bath.

  7. I think this is almost too much for just one post 🙂 Yes, RA dancing his favourite dance, the Argentinian Tango… Has anybody any suggestions for future projects where he could dance the tango?
    BTW, just learnt a new expression, “my mouth´s so dry ….I couldn´t give an ant a bath” (thanks Arkenstone, after assimilating it goes straight to my personal RA dictionary 🙂 )
    Before knowing N&S Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy was my favourite period drama hero – besides Toby Stephens as Mr Rochester (a shame that he`s not in the vid), and RPJ as Captain Wentworth is so handsome and vulnerable in “Persuasion”. I´d have really liked to watch Adam Carter and Lucas North in more than one episode of Spooks together, and they´d to meet Tom Quinn, too…
    This is such an inspiring post that I suddenly get this brainstorm: RA mentioned in 2010 (?) that he´d really love if they´ll make a movie of “Spooks”, this is my special wish for a future project (and the petition becomes any longer).
    Thanks AgzyM and KatherineD, you make my day 🙂

  8. Cudownie Agzym! 🙂 już go widzę oczyma wyobrazni w takim tangu. Byłby idealny!
    Czy mogłabys pozdrowic Leigh? co się u niej dzieje jesli to nie tajemnica? Przepraszam jesli jestem wscibska.

    • To taki zbieg nieszczęśliwych okoliczności. Jej przyjaciółka ma tego strasznego rakiszona, dodać do tego problem natury braku stówek w portmonetce i ogólny dół, więc sprawy mają się nieszczególnie.

  9. Piękne, piękne słowa… i widok też mobilizujący marzenia. Zatęskniłam… Ciało, które przestaje być ciężarem, kamieniem, styropianem, a staje się powabne, ciepłe i w nieznośnie kobiecy sposób uległe dotykowi. Tango zajmujące zmysły. Przynależność w dotyku. Z miejsca przypomniałam sobie filmowe przepiękne tango z „Zapachu kobiety” i tę adorację kobiety opisaną słowami niewidomego mężczyzny. Istota jej piękna. Piękna kobiecości odbieranej zmysłami mężczyzny pozbawionego wzroku, który trzyma ją w ramionach w taki sposób, że ona natychmiast zaczyna odczuwać, że jest wyjątkowa i jedna. Jedyna i najważniejsza, mimo że to on prowadzi i ograniczając jej wolność, daje jej tej wolności i pewności więcej niż sama mogłaby o tym pomyśleć. Kolor zapachu pożądanej kobiety. Zapach koloru upragnionego mężczyzny. Tango i jego podskórna treść. Konflikt i czułość, oddanie i dominowanie, niepokój i nasycenie – wszystko tak wyraźnie odczuwane jedynie w naszej cielesnej głębi. Brak słów, które właściwie zbędne, kiedy pulsuje ten regularny muzyczny rytm. Niewymierność chwili w przestrzeni wzajemnego dotyku.
    Brak słów, więc dobrze, że są wiersze, AgzyM. Ten czytałam pierwszy raz. Ciekawe, czy jest podobny tekst poświęcony rumbie? Czuję, że musiałabym wtedy dla „zdrowotności” własnych zmysłów odpowiednio często się rozpraszać, bo wyobraźnię mam niemożliwie wyposzczoną, więc byłby niebezpieczny RA„siok”.

  10. Każda minuta spędzona z RA byłaby niezapomnianą, a tango z nim…hmmm…. aż serce mocniej bije na samą myśl…
    Te grafiki są obłędne ❤

  11. OMG I love this, Agzy. Dancing RA, a long-lasting dream of me!! You would think that this isn’t such an incredible and far-fetched idea and of course not an unaccomplishable wish….. 😕

  12. Richard dancing the tango is such an utter fantasy for me! I would love to see him dance anything! He is so graceful. Love the pics. Thanks, Agzy!

  13. Richard and tango… How perfect it would be!!! 😉

  14. Thanks for these fabulous images, Agzy. Now we just need to find the vehicle for him to show us his skills on the screen. Small or large, I’m not picky. 😉

    There is something so unutterably sexy about a tall handsome man who can not only DANCE, but dance the TANGO… and the fact that we know it’s his speciality just makes me want to whimper even more… *slinks away to drool in private*

    • Thanks Helen, that was my intention- to brighten up any cloudy days and moods. And yes, we need an acting vehicle for Richard to show us his moves, and I don’t mean duelling with a sword, so step aside Gizzy. I want some lucky lady locked in his arms being led my RA, step by step 🙂


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