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Do the Armitage Twist!

Regarding yesterday’s post, and the amazing amount of insight and comments that have appeared, I’ll be compiling a post highlighting the main issues that have arisen.

The comments have become a bit muddled because there were so many issues raised, proving that there are things in the RA community that need hashing out, reminding, underlining.

If there’s anything else that you think should be mentioned, please feel free to pop it in comments and I hope to do justice to the wonderful thoughts that you have shared 🙂

Now back to the scheduled post:

A few days ago there was a post of faux movie posters for Richard Armitage projects, those dreamed up by my fab readers.

One especially stuck with me and I ended up taking things much too much further.

Twisting the Night Away Armitage small

I really liked Richard’s The Hobbit promotion incarnation as he seemed to be channelling a sexy 60s Cary Grant vibe.

From his choice of clothes (first-rate, I was so proud…) down to his slick hairstyle, he just looked like a film star.

I could just imagine him in 50s and 60s Hollywood, at a fancy soiree, sipping on whiskey soda and chatting to Jackie lookalikes.


I can see him doing the twist and shaking that gorgeous booty 🙂

Never was there an arse so conducive to it!

“We’re gonna twisty, twisty, twisty
Till we tear the house down”

The Twist R Armitage

“My daddy is sleepin’ and mama ain’t around
 Yeah, daddy’s just sleepin’ and  mama ain’t around
We’re gonna twisty, twisty, twisty
Till we tear the  house down”

We weren’t born to shake what yo mamma gave, so here’s a lesson from Richard on how to do the twist…

How to do the twist Armitage

So you see, there’s nothing to it!

So pop on some Chubby Checker and:

You twist it to the left and you twist it to the right…

You twist it all over, all night 🙂

Candyman Armitage

“Yeah, twist, baby, baby
Twist, ooh yeah, just like this
Come on, little  miss, and do the twist”

And if you still haven’t gotten the hang of it, here’s a tutorial:

No excuse now not to Do The Twist with an imaginary Richard Armitage 🙂

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  1. Oh, you brought back memories of my very first childhood when little Micra (3 years old) danced the Twist for her big sister (13 y old) and her school mates… 🙂 Now that “I’m slightly older than 3” ® I’d really like to have Richard teach me how to properly dance it 😀

    • For a gangly man, he has that muscular dancer body and he can be my private dancer any day 😉

      • yep, I get enchanted watching him on Cats… big jumps and still so light, agile as he was weightless. I’d like soooo much to see him dancing! Why nobody hires him for a musical? He would be perfect 🙂

        • Armitage on Broadway or the West End! I like the way you think! Front row tickets for me 🙂 Although maybe not in Cats, how about something less …feline…

  2. Uh_uh *shudders*
    I have two left feet and no sense for rhythm. As much as I love to watch people dancing (as long as they are good dancers) I would never ever let someone see me moving to music. Elegance is a word that was not coined for me. Nor would I let someone hear me singing. This is strictly reserved for my cats. And they graciously don`t mind and spare me the criticism.
    OTOH – Mr. A. doing the twist (or the tango) is a more than welcome fantasy. Thanks for putting a grin on my face on this tedious morning.

    • I understand dancing doesn’t come naturally to people, but I am sure that with a strong confident male partner *cough Richard* that would be one heck of a tango. Those arms were made to for holding and I’d like to see pics of him dancing with a woman so I can insert my face and dream the day away.

      • And you would share said pics (right away) I assume?…….
        Meanwhile I amuse myself with some floating seewead – just have to switch off the tune as Ms B. makes my ears bleed.

        • Share the picture? It’d be plastered all over billboards in every major city around the world. I’d hope Richard would look up, wherever he was, see it and think: Ah there she is, the woman of my dreams 😉
          BTW Why did the lobster blush?
          Because the sea-weed!
          That was terrible, but it’s one of my favourite jokes from childhood LOL!

      • errrmm, seaweed of course…

  3. Those posters are hilarious!

    Love the last one with the twisty bodies and that look of his 😉

  4. 😀 love this! Giggles all the way! Thank you for cheering up my morning!

    Very good for the waist, the twist. Just saying!

  5. Yaaay! Love dancing – and involuntarily twist most of the time when I bop on the dancefloor, so yay, come on baby. Nice posters. Your blog is becoming my daily dose of cheer 🙂

    • Yay, so happy, cheer away!
      BTW, if I remember correctly, you have a bit of a dancer body yourself, missy. No wonder you bop around like that chick from Flashdance 😉

  6. I’d love to see RA in a sharp 50’s suit at some chic nightclub showing his moves on the dance floor!

  7. Watching the man in the middle makes me want to jump from my sit and just learn how to dance the twist~! He is really enjoying dancing it! I might just be dancing the twist right now while I wash the dishes at 3am haha

    • LOL! What will you neighbours think? And washing the dishes at 3am- Cinderella, is that you? 😉

      • I put my headphones on and no one else can hear 😉
        Haha I’m hardly Cinderella~ but since I have trouble sleeping at night I do the dishes before going to bed when it’s my turn 🙂

        • Well, it’s 2.30am here and I really should be sleeping, but I was away all day and am just catching up with comments. I’ll leave the RA surfing for tomorrow and have a nice double dose of goodies 😉 Definitely NO dishes until I reply to comments, sleep, have my morning cup of coffee, RA surf. Then, and only then am I ready to contemplate things like dirty dishes!

          • Haha I wish I could do that~ but if I left the dishes for after I sleep, I would have to do them for a whole week~! I usually leave the RA surfing for the morning or just before washing the dishes.

  8. In relation to dance, I am graceful as an elephant. However, having Richard as a teacher, I believe I could dance anything!!! I loved the posters. They are really funny!!! 😉

    • I don’t believe you’re a bad dancer. I know you’re a runner and you keep fit so I bet you could waltz and jazz the night away! Plus all that South American blood rushing through your veins!
      I’m dismissing your claim as false! I bet you could teach classes 😉

      • I can’t believe it either…. It must have been a genetic flaw… LOL

        • I know something about that! both my sister and one of my cousins can’t automatically tell right from left, I’m not joking! I need to go through the process of thinking: Which had do I write with to identify directions. Now that’s a genetic flaw 😉

  9. Ah, the Twist. Been there, done that, too many years ago. But I have dreamt of dancing with Richard — the Argentine tango, foxtrot, and Viennese waltz. Talk about wish fulfillment. If he is anything like that in real life — oh, be still my heart!

    • I once had a BF who would waltz me from the flat to the lift down a long corridor. I swear, it was so exciting 😉 So I agree that a man who can boogie steals my heart! My heart explodes when I think of Richard doing the tango. Quick, pass me the smelling salts… I’m feeling a faint coming on…

  10. Very funny! How about a new poster out there for for Richard’s film Black Sky/Into the storm with a new name? “Twisting in the Wind”

    • Oooo that’s very interesting idea! We’d have to ditch the Armi-beard though, so things like a flying barn and cow don’t get caught up in there while he dances and whirls 😉

  11. Like for many others probably, this is one of my – not so – secret fantasies: dancing all through the night with a certain someone. 🙂 I used to love to dance. These days, the remains of a whiplash condition won’t allow me to. There are days I can’t even walk in a straight line, let alone swirl across the dance floor. When I see dance shows I really miss it. Ah, well.

    • It really is beautiful especially when it’s either done right or done with passion. I think you probably have a dance or three in you, you just need a tall dark handsome man who can perch you up and make sure your feet never touch the ground 🙂

  12. Didn’t he once say “I get on the dancefloor and I am an animal” ? I’d love to see him in that kind of “old-fashioned” movie dancing on the screen!!!

    • I’m seriously developing a need for vintage Richard, old-fashioned Richard, golden age of Hollywood Richard. Maybe it’s because of the brilliant styling in photoshoots 😉
      But now that you’ve mentioned “animal” I’m getting a strong RA Tarzan vibe, and nothing good can come of that… but from now on you can call me Jane 😉

  13. Oj potanczyła by z nim aż by okulał! 😀 Mój ślubny tańczy ze mną tylko i wyłącznie dlatego by inni tego nie robili:)

    • Dobrze, niech będzie zazdrosny o innych samców! “To się wie co się ma!”. Wczorak mój tatulek wziął do ręki mój telefon, a tam Rysiek na wyświetlaczu, Rysik na wygaszaczu. Mój tata pyta co to za facet. Ja na to że to mój ulubiony aktor, przecież wie że piszę bloga.
      Tata: Ale co, z nim piszesz? LOL chciałoby się tatusia 😉
      Póżniej pyta się czy to mój narzeczony, ja mu odpowiedziałam że takiego zięcia to bym mu z chęcia przyprowadziła 😉

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