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On Blogging, taking a Break and Being Back…

I don’t do “serious stuff” often, so I’m just going to stick all my random thoughts in one rambling post.

It should actually be two separate posts, but I ain’t got time for that shiz, I need to get back to the silly stuff I’m more accustomed to doing 😉

Show bloggers you care and leave comments

Guylty wrote a very interesting *ooof* post a while back.

And before you Duh! me because they’re always incredibly fascinating (and so sophisticated yet written so clearly that even a photography dumbo like myself can follow), I was referring to Guylty’s mention of how relieved she was to step away from all the Richarding going on in our little community which was brought on by the end of The Hobbit shooting.

I understand this sentiment completely.

I found the December Hobbit rush to be somewhat unbearable, but it wasn’t the first time I felt this way.

Armitage when enough

I remember Comic-Con 2012, when I was majorly peeved that my internet connection didn’t allow me to track, analyse and fangirl my heart out with the rest of the RA nuts, but, if I’m honest, a part of me felt an odd sense of relief.

It was almost like the pressure of all the stimuli, the condensation of new RA news created a feeling of saturation, and yet didn’t provide fulfilment because it was impossible to take it all in.

Don’t get me wrong, we all know I’ve made my way through old Armitage stuff with a fine-tooth comb, squeezing every last drop from the already knackered RA footage during the great drought of 2012.

I usually moan about not having enough new Armitage news, but then when it all starts tumbling out, I find myself consciously stepping away.

This onslaught of new RA information always feels weird to me, it’s almost uncomfortable, awkward.

Watching footage in almost real time makes him… somewhat all too real.

I actually felt a sense of relief when I  stepped away from blogging and allowed things to happen far away from me.

Richard bloggers

My absence at the start of the year could be explained in another way.

My sister is writing her master’s thesis on Trekkies, and yet she can’t force herself to actually watch any Star Trek episodes.

I think when I was writing mine, I couldn’t research fandoms, write about fandoms AND be an active member of a fandom.

All I could do was lurk around tumblr and let spam accumulate on my own blog and comments go unanswered.

Armitage think quick

The things is, blogging can be hard at times.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful, creative, fun/funny, but it eats up a lot of time and energy.

Usually, I get a post idea, start fiddling with it and 3 hours later I’m still elaborating on the original concept, going between photoshop and picmonkey, correcting spelling mistakes and sentences that make no sense (happens oh so often, but I doubt you’re surprised).

When there’s little time the pressure is on and there’s a sense of obligation (and I don’t mean that in a negative way) to put something new out there.

Armitage leave comments

Blogging is all about give and take.

Don’t get me wrong, we blog to satisfy a personal need, but it’s wonderful to have your voice heard, for someone to respond, even if it’s a quick word in comments or a Like.

That’s why you will have noticed that bloggers are also the ones going around leaving comments on other blogs.

We try and encourage readers to give feedback, and believe me, there’s nothing better than someone engaging in what you have written.

I truly feel blessed (and that coming from an agnostic is saying a lot) that readers visit here, then come back to check out what else I’ve posted, but they also stick around to chitchat a bit.

Leave a comment Armitage

Some blogs don’t get as much traffic, so sometimes there’s no trace of anyone ever actually reading posts, and that gives Agzy the sads 😦

I know that we as readers can’t be everywhere (and I do tend to favour wordpress blogs because it’s easier to follow them, while I shamelessly neglect others), but that’s why Servetus’ Legenda is so extraordinary.

It gives us a chance to check out what else wonderful RA Admirers have come up with and I bet you miss a lot in any given week.

As a blogger I’ll tell you it’s wonderful to have your stuff forwarded (this moved me , thank you dido12, whoever you are!), to be retweeted, reposted, re-whatever else you can do in this day and age!

Your comments, dear reader, are very much appreciated by every blogger and in a way they validate the hours you spent attaching silly moustaches on Richard (that may have just been me…).

don't dash away

So, next time you visit a blog, please make sure you leave a trace, a thought, a comment.

Show bloggers that their posts are important, relevant, that they are a valued voice!

Give them a moment of your time by engaging in their writing, especially seeing that they’ve spent plenty of theirs creating their posts.

And a HUGE Thank You! to all the readers who are generous with insightful, witty, sometimes silly comments.

You make the blogging experience so much richer!

From bloggers everywhere, Thank You!

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  1. Guess i better leave a comment then… 😉

    Well said. I do try to find something to say on most blogs I follow regularly but will be more diligent in future!

    • LOL! I though this may seem like I’m begging for comments 🙂 I think we could all do a little better with some blogs, I certainly could. If we’re there to read it’s only fair the writer knows about it.
      The problem is sometimes it’s a headache to log in and don’t get me started on the “please confirm you’re not a robot”. I always get them wrong on the first try which makes me think that maybe I am a robot… 😉

  2. Thank you for an important post, Agzy. And no, I am not just commenting here out of a sense of obligation because you very kindly mentioned me and linked to my post, but because you make such a valid point: As much as our blogs are a platform for ourselves and our outpourings, the fact that we have established our internet presence in the shape of a blog means that we are looking for interaction, discussion and validation. Otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen a format such as a blog where commenting and further discussion are easy. While planning/researching/writing our posts may be the most *satisfying* part of blogging, receiving feedback is certainly the most *gratifying*. As a blogger I am a complete sucker for the comments I receive – and I am happy to give back because I know that I am not the only one who thrives on them. I felt I really arrived in blogging part of RAworld when I started commenting on other fan’s blogs and they returned the attention. The blogosphere is a community – and a community is built on dialogue, not monologue.
    As for stepping back – oh yeah, I occasionally get that contradictory feeling of “thank god I missed that excitement”. I can feel it slowly building again…

    • Amen to that! The thing with our Armitage community is that de-lurkers will not be rejected, although I know that’s a real fear, one that I had before I took the plunge. We really are a friendly bunch and engaging is a huge part of the fun of being a member of a fandom. Commenting and clicking on Like is a win win! Readers get to engage and writers get to feel some love!

  3. I very much agree with you on everything you said. I’m a fresh Armitaged, so I didn’t live the experiences of overflow for Comic Con or The Hobbit but I I felt the same during March Hobbit dvd promotion and Popcorn Taxi interview (with tweeters and tumblr bloggers going wild. It was fun!). I suppose the urge to know everything, to read everything sometimes in real time get us feel RA as really out of reach. Because he’s there and you are here. Well, I know I cannot express myself properly 🙂 but it’s how I feel. This doesn’t happen when we search for past things.
    I’m not a blogger (well I have a tumblr but it’s a totally different thing) but I totally understand you. At the beginning of my RA “obsession” I was a bit too shy to leave comments but slowly I gained confidence and now I try to say something when I read and visit a blog. So… Happy Blogging! And Stay Calm: Hobbit press mayhem is coming… 😛

  4. This is great to read, Agzy. I read a similar post on tumblr the other day about commenting on fanfiction to give the writer their due. I was much like everyone else, reticent to leave my trace online, unsure about whether to comment under my own name, but I love it now. It forces me to think about what I want to say and I enjoy the interaction a great deal. I came to the online fandom expecting just to read and absorb, so the back and forth has been a wonderful revelation.
    Well done for being recognised elsewhere for your great blog!

    • Have a bonus gif set that’s pertinent to your viewing interests, Agzy!

      • Oh dear dear me, that is beautiful! Crossover magic 🙂 That’s it, I’m moving to that tumblr page and I’m not ever coming out!

        • Actually I think you’d really enjoy her tumblr blog in general. I don’t keep up with many, but she always has beautiful photos /gifts/graphics from The Hobbit/ LOTR, TAJ, Being Human, Sherlock, RA and Tom Hiddleston. I often see stuff there that’s new to me.

          • Honey, that blog was followed before the gifs were even entirely up 🙂 That whole list you mentioned is Agzy eye candy and there’s no way I could say no to all of that! Thanks for the link, now I can stalk the blog with an intensity only displayed by a mad bad fangirl 😉

    • We feel like we’re supporting a writer/blogger just by viewing their content, but apart from clicks there’s not much else. And even with clicks, wouldn’t that make you worried that peeps are reading but have nothing to say. As I said, it gives me the sads and I think we all need to give some bloggers out there the acknowledgment they deserve!
      BTW what is this mysterious time you speak of when KatharineD was a lurker?

      • I had to come back and comment on “the lurkers.” Have they figured out they are the ones who don’t make comments? LOL It’s like going to the grocery store and having lunch by eating all the free samples they offer, but never buying groceries. hahahahaha…
        Come out from behind the couch….we want to see you….xoxoxoxo

        • I’m literally laughing out loud because my elderly uncle does that! He’ll sample the hell out of anything free 🙂
          Every now and again peeps are inspired to come out and say hello, see that we don’t bite, that the Ra community isn’t an American high school with the “cool” crowd, queen bees and such. We really are ridiculously welcoming and friendly, it’s sickening!

      • You might say I’m a late adopter- of new technology, of new ideas. I like to sit back and observe, never jump straight in until I’ve got a handle on what’s going on. From December last year until this April I read widely but snuck about without putting my head up where it could be seen.
        The push to comment was a selfish one- I’d booked my ticket to see RA in Sydney and had no one meaningful I could get excited with (unimpressed husband and sons don’t count), so I went to Angie’s blog and dropped a few words before scurrying off again. From there on it was easy- I felt like I’d experienced something special that really made me part of the RA fandom world.
        Yours was one of the blogs I really enjoyed before you took time out, so I’m really glad you’re back!

        • That really is a lovely story. I “came out” thanks to Servetus an her invite to FanstRA3. I think that’s when may RA peeps first visited 🙂 Our community is really wonderful, warts and all. I actually have a teeny confession to make. Yesterday I was finishing up my thesis and wrote my dedication/gratitude page. I wanted to thank our community of friends, fanfic writers etc. for helping me and cheerleading me throughout this process. I know most will never see it, but I felt like I really had to acknowledge their participation 🙂

          • That’s great that you’ve finished your thesis! Was it something you did for a specific purpose, or for your own satisfaction, if its ok to ask?

          • It’s my master’s thesis and I’m handing it in tomorrow. I wrote about the network society, online communities, fandoms, fan labor and especially fanfiction My whole last chapter is based on the questionnaires fanfic writers sent me as well as a survey I had a few months ago on my blog about fandoms and reading fanfics. I’m actually quite pleased with the way it turned out and my supervising professor said it was “super” so I’ll take that as a good omen and wait till the end of September to see if other members agree 🙂

          • Was that the thesis that had the survey we took that I was so verbose? (as usual)

          • Yes indeedy! I was just spellchecking your name last night 😉

          • Jesus, and you are just throwing those news in here as an aside? Congratulations, Agzy. Great achievement to have finished writing an academic piece of writing. Never mind the results – just being able to apply mind and knowledge and actually think something through from beginning to end. Bravo – and I hope you are taking some time out today after you have handed in the precious piece of writing!!!

  5. The no receiving feedback happens to me over on Deviant art, I don’t really mind not receiving comments at all but it makes me think twice about posting anything anymore. I was writing a series of Spanish tutorials and putting them there and I haven’t continued with them for the lack of response I got. I knew people saw them but I didn’t know how to proceed~
    I think that is why I spend much more time here blogging. The response has been gratifying like you mentioned~ and I’ve had the opportunity to meet such lovely people like you, Servetus, Perry, Morrigansmuse, and many others that I’m glad I made that leap of faith going into the RA World 🙂

    • I know what you mean with no encouragement from readers/viewers. Maybe it’s a question of traffic or maybe peeps don’t feel like logging in to comment, but I can imagine that no feedback can lessen your enthusiasm 😦
      The Armitage community is wonderful and Servetus was one of the first of very few people who commented in my first blogging weeks. When she left a comment I literally thought I was visited by royalty because I had been a lurker on her blog for half a year. We just need to remember to spread our Armitage cheers beyond wordpress and that’s my resolution!

      • Servetus was your first? My first was MorrighansMuse.

        • We should soooo be having this conversation during a sleepover when braiding each others hair 😉 Who was your first? What was it like? Where you afraid? LOL! What does that say about Servetus and MorrighansMuse, deflowering poor blogging innocents!

          • *LOL* I am back – obviously. Servetus can add another notch on her “de-flowering gun” for me. My first comment went to one of her posts, too.

          • I’m not exactly sure who my “first” was, I’m thinking it was Guylty, but I’m not positive. I do remember it was about Guy of Gisborne and whether or not he was “bad”. I remember my response being all serious & long winded about how Guy was misunderstood, etc. afterwards I thought to myself “wow, way to suck the fun out of everything Kelly!” *laughs* then I found MorrighansMuse on one of the forums due to her Sparkhouse fic, so I started following her and the rest is history!

          • I had to smile at your comment about schooling. I too stop my schooling after high school due to family financial restraints. I joined the military instead. I am now married to a man who has a doctorate in Mathmatical Analysis, and three masters degrees in various forms of engineering… Guess who’s educated and guess who’s intelligent? Correct. He’s educated, I’m intelligent. Guess who has common sense and who couldn’t common sense HIS way out of a wet paper bag? Right again. Me and him. LOL It’s not about the schooling, baby, it’s about the brain power. Now, unfortunately for me, I have a chronic brain disorder that is slowly going to cause me lose the ability to function normally. I’m going to have to depend on Mr. Ed.

          • I’m married to an engineer too *laughs* he’s basically merged into accounting though; he’s very good at math…and I am sooo not 😉 we even out with everything else though 🙂

          • In response to ???? Our thread got lost in the shuffle…We were talking about our very, very “first” commenter on our blog. YOU were Azgy’s…. MorrighansMuse was my first. I asked if you were gentle…. LOL Was it as good for you as it was for her? I know I was in heaven all day.

          • Well, honestly, I wasn’t thinking about it in just that way. Unfortunately 🙂

          • You rang? ;). Oh my, I can see myself like the king of Siam going from flower to flower…wait, where was I?

            Servetus was my first!

            And this month is my one year anniversary! Without people leaving comments on my blog and my stories, I’d have been gone a long time ago. It’s nice to be heard and acknowledged, especially when one is new in something like the AA.

          • Yay, I hope we’ll be celebrating the occasion in some way 🙂 A year in blogging is like 7 human years!
            BTW, that Servetus is always up to no good! She’s the personal recruiter for the Armitage Army 😉

          • I’m thinking we need to chip in and buy Serv a new bedpost! If not for her, we would not be having this conversation!

          • Servetus … hmm .. does not have a bedpost at present. Really, you all were very welcome. I mostly want people to talk to / a healthy, diverse, interesting Armitageworld to live and breathe in. I try to act in ways that facilitate that when I can (sometimes i mess up).

          • No, I believe that’s Richard Armitage. 🙂

          • My first ever RA-related comment was for Fedoralady on one of her fanfics on her livejournal site. Carefully anonymous – just in case. Then, eventually, I commented on Servetus’ blog – but chose a really easy way in: Didn’t really comment on content but on a German language question *haha*. Still took me a long, long time to start commenting regularly… So, another Servetus bed post notch 😀

        • I’m so glad to learn I was your first!

          I love reading your blog posts, and your stories most certainly!

      • I saw no point in continuing the lessons (although I’d like to keep doing them) since I asked the few people interested to let me know what they wished to learn only to get the response to do what I wanted. *sigh*
        The community is wonderful 🙂 I think with me it was Perry who was the first who commented on my first week in the blogging world~ from there I began meeting everyone else 🙂
        Yes we do need to keep spreading the Armitage cheer 🙂

      • Servetus was my first,too. I was aroused all day long 🙂

  6. Cooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeee!! It’s me, bollyknickers! I’m here! (Lots of waving and a bit of high five-ing…)

    Seriously though, I hear you. I try to leave comments on blogs and also on fanfic because I think it is important to acknowledge the work the writer has put in. it also makes me feel more connected to the community. As my mother always said, the more you put in, the more you get out. Nothing to do with my inability to keep my mouth shut…

    • Cooooooeeeeee! right back at you 🙂 LOL with the inability not to comment on something. I find myself writing stuff on posts I have no idea about, but I hope it makes someone know I came, I saw, I commented!

  7. Thank you,Agzy,for this. As usual, the spirit and the voice in which you write your blog,is welcoming- even when it’s a tiny lecture – but on a big topic for bloggers. I always get such a big kick when a first time commentor (wordpress says I made up the word, but I’m keeping it) visits my blog. I know that initial sign up can be off-putting, but it only has to be done once.
    And thank you.

    • WordPress thinks I made the word “Armitage” up too and always asks if I don’t mean Arbitrage or Armistice or Armature 🙂
      I think maybe someone blogging savvy could do a quick post on how to create an account and log in to wordress and blogger, attach a photo etc. It would also be cool to remind some bloggers that that bloody “are you a robot” feature when you log in to leave a comment can do your head in. I remember I skipped commenting on a few blogs because I just couldn’t convince the damn system I was in fact a grown-a*se woman!

  8. I don’t follow many blogs, but usually I try to leave comments (even silly ones) every time I read a post as I believe the blogger wants and deserves a feedback. Unfortunately I’m limited by my language skills or my lack of language skills and sometimes I just don’t manage to organize my thoughts and write something that makes sense!!! Than I leave whithout writing a word… Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often. 😉

    • Honestly Luciana, I think you were my first regular reader and it’s funny, but I’d be worried if you didn’t stop by 🙂 Just shows that the readers are just as important to a blog as the writers are.

      • Well, I must confess I don’t see myself starting my day without checking your blog to see if there’s a new post related to RA or another interesting artist, recommendations about books, films, series or whatever!!! Guess I’m addicted to it!! 😀

        • That really is lovely to hear Luciana! I wasn’t sure if I’d be coming back, I was just so through with blogging I didn’t even check up on it until Servetus emailed me that I was being spammed left and right. But the you come back and you wonder how the heck you could have even thought to leave it all behind. I think I’ll probably take breaks every now and again, but there are always ideas you want to post, a thought you’d like to capture, so back to the blogging you go! I really am unbelievably lucky, even when I’m back from a prolonged absence, I still get to pick up where I left off and that truly amazes me 🙂

          • I’m happy you reconsidered stopping blogging. Of course I don’t expect a new post every day and I think everybody understands you need time for your personal matters… So take your time when you need it, but don’t abandon us!!! 😉

          • I’m a bit worried about going back to work next week, especially if I try to exercise in the afternoons and switch off my laptop in the evenings, but I’m just taking it one post at a time, writing stuff that I can schedule ahead, posts for times when there is no time etc.
            The RA community is like the mafia, just when I though I was out, they pull me back in… But no horse heads in my bed please 😉

  9. You know I have to see my fine self’s name everywhere. So that being said, I’m reblogging this blog to my blog to see how many people visit MY BLOG!

    • LOL! Spread the message and spead the name! Threaten people that you can ID them every time they click on your posts, so if they don’t leave a comment you’re sending a bunch of hitmen to their house 😉 That’ll get people commenting!

  10. Reblogged this on The Arkenstone Blog and commented:
    AGZY says it all! You should check out her block! She is terrificly (is that a real word) funny!

  11. I applaud this post wholeheartedly *clapping* it is so gratifying to know that someone is reading, even if it’s just one person 🙂 I love interacting with people on my blog and it is nice to know when someone enjoys it as much as I did writing it.

    a fanfiction author I followed once upon a time wrote once about how comments are the currency of the writing community. and the give and take of comments is the foundation of what keeps the community upright. I could definitely relate to that analogy. I wrote a fanfic once (in another fandom) and hardly anyone commented. I didn’t feel comfortable promoting myself, but I thought at least my “friends” would say “hello! I’m reading”. I had one very faithful fellow author who commented on every chapter, and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have finished the story. as it was, I cut the story short & have never gone back and cleaned it up like I wanted to because the whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth. (if you encourage someone to do something, make sure you have their back when they actually take your advice and do it 😉 ) thankfully my blogging experience has been much better 🙂

    as for the over saturation of info/news when a movie premiers, that doesn’t really bother me. I take the ebb and flow as it comes. I do see how it can be harmful though in the respect that so much at once sets a bar, so that when things settle down into a normal speed, many have a harder time handling the “drought” 😦 I find it interesting that you say it makes Richard too real for you though. I like it for exactly that reason 🙂 my RA blog isn’t of the news reporting type, so thankfully I don’t have the same kind of pressure that you described. I can imagine how that could get burdensome at times, trying to keep up to date on things when your heart isn’t really in it, or knowing you have to write “something” just to keep your presence known. it could give one a little insight into how our celebrities feel on a daily basis, I’m sure 😉

    • I was thinking the same about my blog. I’m always asleep when new RA stuff comes in, so I usually either wake up to many posts on the subject or come home from work to them. I’ve never been the type of blogger who updated the RA community, but rather I snack on what’s left of the carcass 😉
      I’m sorry about your fanfic experience, although it shows that sometimes just one person commenting makes all the difference. I’m ashamed to say that although I read fanfiction and have just finished my thesis on them, I generally either leave kudos or nothing at all, which is bloody ungrateful. I can’t imagine what it takes to write a multi-chapter fic, and do it so well, so I shall med my ways and make sure to leave a comment 🙂

      • I’m guilty of not leaving comments on the fanfic stories I read in this fandom. I should know better! *blushes* when I started out in this fandom a lot of the stories I was reading were on the forums, where no one had commented for ages in a thread so I kind of felt like I had missed the bus & it would be silly to comment. I’ve since put my little toe into the wattpad community but have not yet made an account over there so I can actually leave comments; I need to get on that 😉

        • I am the same as you when it comes to the fanfic commenting. Strangely, I sometimes feel that commenting on fanfic gives away too much about myself. Especially when reading the NC-17 stuff – it’s as if you are communicating what kind of sexuality you have yourself, and that is just that little bit too personal for me. Having said that – I do try to “re-pay” writers for their generosity in letting me read their stories for free, and I comment when I can. Sometimes it would be handy, if there were a simple LIKE button.

          • Oh heck Guylty- I hadn’t thought of that! I hope no one pays close attention to my reading habits, in that case!

            On the off chance that anyone has, can I just say that rough hanky panky with a leather clad 12th century psychopath with bad hair is definitely not something I actually aspire to.

          • For me I’m not overly concerned with a comment on my writing on WP, I like the votes…..I am really tired of the teens getting their friends to vote for stories about RA and Lee Pace, or Boy Bands that wouldn make Larry Flint, the pornographer, sick to his stomach.

    • I was going to do my usual…read, enjoy and not know what to say, so, say nothing and move on. But 2 things gave me pause: One: There is a ‘like’ button??? Where? So very, very often, I read a blog post and agree with everything but don’t comment, because there is nothing really I could say that hasn’t already been said and said so much better than I could. Besides, in a former life, I was part of an online community where – if you couldn’t add something new to the discussion – you were expected to keep stumm and not clutter up bandwith with “I agree”, “I feel the same”, “You are so right there”. *sighs* Old habits and all that… So I have wished for a simple “like” button to show I read, agreed, enjoyed and LIKED. Could someone, please, enlighten me. It seems I am missing a vital part of blogging here. Thank you in advance.

      After which we come to reason #2: *smiles shyly for reasons of possible self promotion* Not really tooting my own horn here, but … Fanfic. I so agree with Kerbel on the fanfic issue – if no one comments or even reads (which you can see from the statistics), you stop doing it. Again, that old community of mine thrived on fanfic. We’d discuss ideas, style, characterization, pov – you could think of it, we hashed it out. Despite all the fun we had, writing was a serious business and even a wrongly labelled fanfic would cause all sorts of problems, let alone a badly written one. On the plus side, this generated some rather well-written fanfic that didn’t have to shy away from the limelight. Even the lesser fics got comments so that those who wanted to learn could do so. Needless to say that as one of the lesser talents I miss that. Still, I did venture out into Hobbit fanfic – a VERY small step, I might add, showed it to a friend, took what advice she gave and after a bit of prodding posted it. Well, not many people have clicked on it so far. It’s not sexy, adult eyes only, naughty or whatever seems to float the boat in most fanfic I have seen in the RA fandom so far. Result: whatever ideas I was going to pursue after it, got shelved or at least not published. No one’s fault, but my own. Expectation is a terrible thing.

      There may even be a #3: I did think about starting a blog, but squashed that impulse because I know I’d get seriously depressed if no one would read it and RL does that already on a regular basis. No need to add to it.

      #4 and 5 would then be the matter of time (4), which, due to RL issues, seems in very short supply lately and the fact (5) that I sometimes feel like I am intruding into an established community. People seem to have known each other very well/for a long time and are friends and any attempt, no matter how shyly presented, to push in feels exactly like that, an attempt to push in. I’d rather not.

      But still, as a former writer, from now on, if no one minds a simple “like” or even the unmentionable “I agree”, I might do that.Time permitting, I might even post a real comment, if I can think of something of value to say. Deal?

      • The like button at wordpress is under the post and twitter, tumblr etc buttons.
        Firstly, the Armitage community is sooooo not about the “write something revolutionary or get out of the way”. Sure, there are some amazing heavy hitters and it’s challenging to read a post, forget about making a smart comment (unfortunately I sometime do try, less said, sooner mended…).
        Secondly, I don’t write fanfics myself, but have so much admiration for those who do. Sometimes the problem of no comments with regard to fics may simply be the case of no one knowing it’s there. I know writers are afraid to promote their stuff, but why wouldn’t you? You wrote it, you care for it, now get the word out so others can too. You can always add the link to your fanfic when you’re commenting on someone else’s post. Believe me, we LOVE a good rec!
        Starting a blog and sharing your work is a great idea. Believe me, there’s NEVER enough interesting stuff to read, especially RA or Hobbit related. I’ve noticed that bloggers come and some go, it’s just the nature of things, but when they come, they are ALWAYS welcomed. That’s just the way we roll in Armitageville 😉 I swear when new people come, before I know it I can’t remember a time when they weren’t there. Most of us came in from out in the cold, so we actually built our relationships one comment/tweet at a time. Apart from very few instances where someone’s behaviour was appalling, I can’t remember anyone being rejected.
        So please, don’t EVER feel like you can’t leave a comment because you’re not in the “it crowd” or what you want to say won’t blow our socks off. For a blogger even a short sentence is enough of a blow (oh dear, that didn’t come out right…).
        If you do end up venturing out into the world of blogging, sure, it takes time, but it’s not like you have to do it regularly for a living. Some bloggers pop up every now and again, and its always fun to see what they’ve come up with. Please, don’t be afraid that blogging will add to the stresses of RL. I think most (if not all of us) have found it to be a wonderful release from RL crap. Sometimes after a particularly bad day, believe me, blogging or checking out other blogs can be the absolute highlight 🙂
        So Miss Byni, you are very welcome to comment or like whenever you like!
        You are also very welcome to our little community of friends and I think I speak for everyone here that we hope to see more of you and learn more about your fanfics, just please give us a chance 🙂

        • Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 I truly wasn’t complaining about no one reading my fanfic (well, not much anyway – again the expectations and experiences from another fandom caused most of the confusion). It was more an attempt to add another example to why someone would stop writing/commenting etc. I’ve always been likening writing anything to having a kid and then letting your “child” out into the world with all its dangers when you post something – more so with fanfic than comments. Comments are just off the top of my head. Fanfic takes me a short time to “conceive” and at least nine months to re-write, edit, correct, move parts around etc. Not literally, but almost. 😉 So having that kid out in the world is frightening as any parent can probably tell you.

          The same would go for blogging for me. Add to that the fact that I am a complete blogger virgin. I have NO idea how any of it works. My fandom (Stargate) was mostly yahoo-list based for a very long time and then found its home in a forum (Gateworld). So my experiences with setting up any other kind of base are hindered by lack of knowledge – which can be overcome – but also by fear of missing something vital and opening myself up to spam or worse. I’d like to hear/read about your thoughts and experiences on that. You may notice that I am a very …cough, cough … careful and sensible person (let’s see if anyone falls for that ;)).

          • WordPress is very easy to use, in my opinion. they have wonderful support pages that guide you on how to do everything 🙂 (I had some experience being a moderator on a fan-forum, but none on blogging) WP walks you through setting up your blog, step by little step, so that you can start very easily right from the get go!

      • Speaking from my own viewpoint as someone who tries to read as much as possible — I appreciate notices of new stuff. Bonk me over the head with it. I may not like it or write more about it, but if I don’t know about it there’s no chance for me to like it at all.

        • See – that is very difficult for me to do. That kind of leap of faith takes even more courage than posting something. I was raised not to attract attention – as you can see I overcame that. 😉 But there is still the double step of a) having someone read and possibly hate what you’ve written – a matter of trust as much as of courage and b) the fact it does feel like fishing for compliments.

          I do realize that letting no one know it’s there is not exactly the way to getting comments, but I would like to stress that I simply didn’t realize no one would notice. Weird, but remember: different fandom, different ways of doing stuff. I am lagging behind. Re fanfic itself: even if people hate my fic – and there are some doozies that I put out there – I have never minded constructive criticism. You tell me you hate it because it is basically sh*tty and leave = I’ll be crushed first and then annoyed. You tell me you hate it because this didn’t work and that was such a pov mistake or the whole idea is a deviation from canon that couldn’t possibly work and I’ll be fine and try to see your point of view and understand what you are telling me. I hate making mistakes, but I do want to learn from them.

          That said: (It’s just a mini-fic the idea to which I had one morning waking up. Bit over a thousand words.) I did look for something like Heliopolis – biggest Stargate fanfic archive, but I believe there isn’t even a listing of RA-themed fic, let alone a categorized one, right? Or did I miss that as well? Wouldn’t really surprise me.

          • I can relate to what you are saying about your fanfic story COMPLETELY!! the same thing happened to me (Twilight fandom) I just wanted to try my hand at it, since I was involved behind-the-scenes in the fanfic world. I didn’t know how to format my paragraphs correctly and received several negative comments about that. I was told to fix it, by the proof-readers that were helping me with the story, but not told “How” 😦 then I was having difficulties with dialogue (he said, she saids 😉 ) and I did not feel the tutorials were all that encouraging. I too didn’t want to promote myself…it was all just a mess 😦

          • Kerbel – that is exactly what I miss most about “losing” those writer friends. It was a platform to try your hand at new things, spread your wings and know that there would always be someone to catch you if you didn’t catch the current. 🙂 Critisim – yes, but never with malice and always going both ways. I know it was probably time for people to move on, I did it myself, but that doesn’t stop the feeling. 🙂 *waves hand* Writer in search of creative writing class.

      • I too came from a fanfic community that was all business, if you labeled something wrong or didn’t live up to someone’s expectations, you weren’t well received 😦 (by the readers mostly, not the other authors)

        as for the blogging, I started back in May and everyone has been so welcoming! I often have a hard time telling the new fans from the seasoned ones, because it’s in no way a competition in this fandom 🙂 so if you do decide to try your hand at it, let some of us know & I guarantee that you will have plenty of encouragement from all corners 🙂

        • Kelbel, me too! I don’t even know when the new become the regular. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a while to realise someone has faded out of the community too. It’s the natural flow of things, some blogs die out, new ones come. I’m very wary of the whole “back in the day when the RA community was different” statements, because it’s always shifting and there was no “good old days” or “bad old days”.
          BTW, real life is business, here is supposed to be about fun and friendship.

      • Just a little something inspired by your fic:

  12. I’d also like to add that while it’s very satisfying to have commenters to interact with, we should not fall into the trap of pressuring the “lurkers” too heavily that we scare them away 🙂

    in my other fandoms I was a lurker for a VERY long time. all of this fandom stuff, and just the internet in general, was so new to me that it took me quite awhile to gather the courage to interact with others. other times, even now, it takes me awhile to assess the lay of the land and the tone of a blog before I feel comfortable commenting. that’s why that “like” button is so handy! some days I have enjoyed reading something, but just don’t have anything to add to the discussion; I wouldn’t want anyone to feel that they have to leave a comment just to enjoy my blog, or feel like they have to come up with a generic comment just to be accepted 😦 there are some people out there who just want to read and enjoy without becoming part of the community. I think that’s perfectly fine, and I hope I can continue to bring enjoyment to them, even if I never “meet” them virtually 🙂

    • Absolutely right! Most of us started out as lurkers, and outside the Armitage community I guess I still am. Different people get different things out of posts and blogs, many worry about their language skills (unnecessarily), others don’t know what to say and so on. There’s nothing wrong with lurking, we can only encourage and support someone on the threshold of de-lurking to come out and play 🙂
      I think I was thinking more about peeps who comment somewhere and not elsewhere too.

    • I can relate so much to your comment, Kelbel. For me it was the double whammy as well of fandom + Internet = ??? I wasn’t sure if I was within the acceptable age range for all this fangirl stuff- nothing could make you feel more uncomfortable and silly than feeling one generation removed from the action! When I read young girls on tumblr saying RA is old enough to be their father- aargh! Lets just say my sons would fit well in their age bracket.
      It was actually a huge relief to me to look around at the Popcorn Taxi event and see not all RA fans are young and svelte by any means!

      • I had absolutely NO CLUE what I was doing on the internet when I first got into fandoms (that was only 5 years ago 😉 ) and I was too shy to ask for help. then when I did pluck up the courage to ask, everyone assumed I knew what they were talking about 😦 so I spent so much time & energy looking through things to figure out how to post pictures and whatnot on my own(this was on fan-forums) I didn’t know about that thing called Google….*laughs* so now I always help others out the best that I can (I’m constantly learning myself 😉 ) and will explain things in the simplest terms possible, because I know what it feels like to be “techie” handicapped!

  13. I’ve saved this to read again, but just want to say that I don’t comment on blogs b/c I’m so intimidated by my limited ability to express myself as brilliantly as you the other visitors who comment. I cannot break out of this inferior feeling – I don’t know why. I will try to do better from here on out.

    • Honey, you just did break out 🙂
      I know when I comment it’s not like the birth of philosophy and I’m not writing ground-breaking stuff! When I catch up on posts in the morning, before I’ve had my first cup of coffee, I’m not even sure what I write is in any way coherent LOL! But I like to think that my voice, just as yours is unique and different. Maybe no one will connect with what I’m saying, or maybe it’ll spark ideas ( I get A LOT of post ideas from messing around in comments, seriously, you have wouldn’t believe how many!), but it’s my voice, just as yours is unique!
      If you don’t mind me asking, have you ever had a bad experience with commenting? The reason I ask is over a decade ago I tried chatrooms and it was a disaster. Peeps seemed to know one another and I felt ignored. No one wanted to engage with me, I felt like I had cooties! The experience was such a bummer I haven’t really been back to any chatroom since.

      • See, now I want that “like” button. 🙂

      • I haven’t had bad experiences. It’s just that you bloggers and many of the people who comment blow me away w/ your ability to get your point across. You seem to be well-read, highly educated, tech-savvy individuals. I know we all get in our drawers the same way (one leg at a time) but some of us just aren’t as confident because we haven’t been exposed to as much educational opportunities as you seem to have been. Mostly I just sit quietly in awe, giggling sillily (is that a word). Wait, is it even possible for one to giggle sillily quietly? Anyway, there it is.

        • this actually seems to be a common “condition” in this fandom, the fear that you’re not intellectual enough to join in a conversation. I understand the fear completely! I seem to have a split personality though, being equally lowkey & silly vs deep and serious, so I just jump right in with whoever I am that day 😉 *laughs* I think I can speak for the particular bloggers that I know when I say, it doesn’t matter to us how you phrase what you are saying, we just want to hear you 🙂 I don’t want to knock the forums, but some of them do have “rules” about using proper English and whatnot that I think puts a lot of unneeded pressure on some fans 😦

          just be you, that’s who we want to get to know 🙂 (by the way: I’m a stay at home housewife with “only” a High School education 😉 )

          • You mean I’m not the only one with a split personality? 😉

            As for forums: I used to be on C19 and Armitage Army way back when I first discovered RA – after a class assignment. But that never came to more than reading and even slipped totally due to RL taking up more of my time than I even seemed to have to spend. The Hobbit and that damned sexy dwarf made me come back. 🙂 And possibly the fact that I needed – really needed an escape from those RL issues. Some light-hearted drooling and oggling with like-minded company seemed just the thing. Imagine my surpise to find the fan world so much changed. 🙂

          • by the way: I’m a stay at home housewife with “only” a High School education..unless you just graduated from High school last week you have a whole lot of lift education, my friend.

          • I have no problem knowing the value of my own intelligence, it’s other’s misconceptions that I’m constantly struggling with 😦 so when someone voices the fear that they’re not at the same level of education as the intellectuals, I always feel like I should jump in and say “look at me! you can’t judge someone’s intelligence by the level of education they have 😉 ” not that I think I’m overly intelligent, understand, but I think I hold my own well enough 🙂

          • So I attempted to “like” and wp wants information that confuses me. I don’t like being confused and I don’t like admitting my ignorance to any who read this. So, there it is. I like this. I would really “like” it if I know how to “like” it. This is me overcoming my intimidation.

          • what information is WP asking you for? did you try to “like” before you logged in to make a comment? because it has to know who you are in order to “like” so that it can show your little picture avatar 🙂

          • Log in? I can comment without logging in. When I attempt to “like” I’m taken to a box that wants my email and password or there is an option to register. For crying out loud, I just like the confounded blog post! So frustrating. Another reason for my intimidation – my lack of tech knowledge. I’ll just be a lurker. (mumbles like Hillbilly Bear)

          • I just logged out (because I stay logged in since I’m a blogger) and tried to comment. a box came up under the comment box asking for my name, e-mail,etc. or it had a row of icons (wordpress, facebook, etc.) that I could click on to log in automatically. when I tried to “like”, it just wouldn’t let me. so I think that means you need to be logged in to “like” 🙂

        • we all get in our drawers the same way (one leg at a time) that’s what I’m doing wrong,,,,I put mine on over my head…

          • And if it’s laundry day, it’s those dreaded ridiculous lace G-strings that you probably bought for some how date but are so uncomfortable it’s like flossing your nether regions, but that’s the only option you have left… Oh wait, what was the original track of these comments? Nevermind…. 😉

    • Kitty–Sweetie–We truly do not care if you can spell kat–kut–cat–just push the “like” button. What some people don’t know is that even if you come to our sight, it doesn’t always show that you’ve visited it you don’t push the like button. We don’t bite…well, I bite..but only if you ask nicely and you look like Thorin Oakenshield.

      • LOL, poor bitten Thorin! I understand writing a comment and seeing it from a de-lurkers position. After all, we were all lurkers at one time or another and we know how those first steps are like. From a bloggers perspective getting a comment is like a wonderful cherry on a home-baked cake. I honestly don’t see mistakes or a lack of eloquence (probably because I’m guilty of both LOL!), I just see someone reaching out and willing to engage!

  14. This is such a touchy subject — good job of talking about it. I have a lot of mixed feelings about Legenda — on the one hand they may cause people to read blogs they haven’t read before, OTOH if all they do is read but don’t comment … how does that make the blogger feel? Every now and then I include a reminder for readers to comment on the blogs, but I also have mixed feelings about that. There are a lot of barriers to commenting that we don’t see and I think one big one is that we assume we’re friendly and people can just pop right in, but in fact we’re a huge in crowd and so newcomers may be reluctant. And so on. I’d prefer everyone do as s/he thinks best — and model the kind of behavior I prefer. So I try to comment myself. And then I run up against the difficulties — can’t think of anything to so, etc. I really appreciate the WP like button just because it allows me to say, hey I read this, liked it, can’t think of anything to say, but i was here and appreciated what you did.

    • Don’t you EVER don’t the Legenda. It’s the blogging highlight of my week 🙂
      I absolutely agree that people should do what they like with regards to commenting. I think I was thinking less of lurkers when writing this post and more about my own practices when reading posts. WordPress is easy, but it takes more effort to read non-WP blogs and to leave comments, and I just don’t think it’s fair I’m too lazy to give the writers their dues.
      And I agree that we may seem like an in-crowd, but no membership application is needed. We are honestly one of the most friendly bunch around. I’d really hate to think that someone doesn’t want to engage in a conversation because the rest of us are so lovey dovey that there’s no room for anyone else. That’s SO not true. I sometimes think of the peeps who have left our group, like Calexora, but then I think of how many new people have come. There’s room for so many more, but the first step belongs to each individual.

      • yes, this is true. I’m pretty sure I came to your blog because you left a comment on mine. I do look at every comment and if it’s someone with a new blog I do make a point of trying to follow (obviously sometimes I mess it up)

        • The first ever comment on your blog, and on any blog ever, RA or otherwise, was actually under a different login about 3 months before we officially met. I was so bloody nervous I was waiting for the sky to fall on my head 😉

          • I was so nervous to comment on Me and Richard,also my first ever, that I actually emailed Servetus first. Then when I did sign on, it was with a different name.
            Commenting for the first time was one of the toughest things I’d done.

            Agzy, I think this topic need another post,maybe to synthesize some of what we learned, and as you suggested, to give a sign up 101 lesson. I find disqus anad the other one- difficult.

            And to what Kelbel said- we don’t want to scare off the observers. We all know how difficult it can be to take that step.

          • Great mind, Perry 😉 I was just thinking that I need to put my money where my big yapping mouth is and research how to sign on to BlogSpot. I don’t know it at all, but would imagine they have something like out “reader” function. Maybe a quick guide on how to sign up for wordpress and BlogSpot. Are there any other platforms for RA blogs? Is there anyone from blogger that would be wiling to guide us through?
            I’ll be away tomorrow (going in to the big city, first time in over 2 months! very exciting!) but I’ll get started on Friday. If anyone can/would like to help, it would be very much appreciated.
            Secondly, is there a way where we could gather info about fanfiction writers? I was thinking about something like the page created for FanstRA4 that is self-regulated and if someone was publishing a new fanfic they could write a quick post. Dunno, just an idea, might be the 3 full-sugar Dr Pepper’s talking 😉

          • The fanfiction may be beyond me. But I can look at the Blogspot. I’ve done it. Then there are some that require a sign in every time – which I think can be changed by the blogger. The Brownstone one is like that.

          • Would you be willing to write a post on how to create a BlogSpot account and I’d do the same on wordpress?
            It was all a blur when I signed up, but I’ll just create a new account and write about it step by step. I’ll also mention the “reader function”, follows, likes and such. Just really basic easy info that anyone can follow.
            As for requiring to sign in every time, maybe it’d be good to mention that too and ask bloggers to look into it.

          • a little tutorial for new commenters is a great idea! other than wordpress blogs, I’ve only ever commented using Disqus; it’s been so long ago that I signed up though, I forget if it was confusing or not (one thing I do like about Disqus is that you can vote “up” or “down” on a person’s comment, akin to a “like” button! 🙂 )

            regarding the fanfic list: do you mean like an archive with titles, links,etc. to the different stories? that kind of thing is actually what I used to do in the Twilight fandom on a fan-forum and then also on a friend’s blog that was specific to that purpose. so I’d be more than happy to discuss the pros/cons of something like that with you (and help with it too, if need be 😉 )

          • I’m looking at it now. The problem is, I already have an account ( I think I use my google)- so I’m having trouble going through the process again. But I’ll work on it and touch base with you via email.
            Wordpress is very easy. The first time you comment, they provide the box, and all you need is email and a user name. You can go further and join gravatar automatically if you want a special picture. You ignore the web address if you don’t have one.

          • Obviously for Agzy to try- you’ll need to log out and use a different email address.

          • I would be willing to open another blog to list the Army’s fanfiction writers. I know Serv usually lists some of them on her Legenda, but if you were looking for one writers only, I’d give it a try. If it works great.

    • Please, imagine the “like” button pressed. 🙂

  15. Well, I really admire everyone who have the enough motivation to write and share their thoughts. I try to read/or visit the most of the blogs about Richard, but I’ve been moving away from all the RA’ s activity – All the posts and bloggers are amazing but sometimes I feel that I have nothing to add, other times I worry about my English level (I don’t think it’s unnecessarily, ’cause in some places, people tend to critize you without knowing that you’re not an native speaker and that creates really awkward situations)

    BTW, I still love RA but right now I feel most confortable as a lurker. Probably, the love will come back, maybe not, we’ll see…. 😛

    Kisses! ♥

    • I want you to know I admire you greatly and am terribly jealous of you. You speak at least 2 languages. Your native language and English. I only speak English, and sometimes not very well. Never be embarassed that you speak a language that is probably the hardest one in the world to learn. xoxoxoxo

      • My dear, thanks for your comment… I don’t know if it’s the hardest one, but it’s the loveliest (at least for me): Español ^_^

        • I second TheArkenstone on this one, I am constantly in awe of those of you who converse in languages that are not your native ones. I too only speak English, and it surprises me when I learn that someone I have been having conversations with is not a native speaker! understanding slang alone boggles my mind, I don’t know how you all do it! I’d just like to point out though that even the native speakers of English don’t always do that great a job, either because they’re in a hurry or typing on tiny telephones, etc. if someone can not look past a few insignificant spelling mistakes to “hear” what you’re trying to say, then maybe you’re better off not conversing with that person to begin with; just my opinion 😉

    • Oh Vec, although I’ve said this many times before, please don’t EVER feel like you won’t comment because of language skills.
      A. You’re English is great
      B. Even if it wasn’t (which it is) this isn’t an English class and the most important thing is to share thoughts.
      C. I’ m not a native either, and that goes for about half of our community. And that’s what makes us such a diverse and fun group.
      And those people who go around correcting others need to go and get a hobby like skydiving (minus the parachute!).
      There was one lady who made a point to comment on my spelling mistakes thinking it was a great joke, but in all honesty I found it painful rather than amusing, so I understand, I really do.
      Big hugs for you and we RA bloggers are here when you’re ready to come back!

      • You know, Agzym, I really tend to forget that you’re not a native, you’re really eloquent, funny and articulated 😛

        I think this post highlighted interesting aspects of the fandom, and it has helped me to understand that we share so many feelings beyond RA — We probably could start a support group for various issues, LOL… It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one who read a entire post and thinks twice before comment.

        Thanks for your kind words and hugs for you too.

  16. Oh, and another thing — for F3 we encouraged people strongly to suspend the confirmation step for commentators. I also find myself innerly groaning if I type in a comment and that screen comes up — half the time it doesn’t work right and I feel frustrated.

  17. I can recall a beautiful post by Servetus who compared her blog with a bar that people can attend to have a drink (sorry, cannot find the link at the moment) and entertainment. Some of them chat with the other guests, some of them just stay in the background and enjoy the atmoshpere. Some are very extroverted, some only comment rarely. They shift in and out. Some of them come very often, some of them only once in a while. Some of them move on with their life after some time and do not come back. I really liked this metaphor – and it gives proof of the generosity and the kindness of the bunch of bloggers (especially the RA bloggers IMHO).
    I was also a lurker for a very long time. And probably I still count as one as I follow really a lot of blogs to which I have never contributed a comment – although I enjoy each and every one of them immensely (otherwise I would not follow, simple as that). Sometimes I think about responding to a post – but then withdraw just because I am not confident enough with my imited language skills.
    See, some of the blogs out there are really high niveau. Makes is marvellous to follow but frightening to comment. It is surely more easy to comment on a lighthearted topic than to the really serious stuff. On the other hand it is very diffcult to be funny in a foreign language.
    I can assure you, although I very rarely comment on your blog – I enjoy it very much and I more than appreciate your time and your dedication you put into this blog. And this goes also to each and everyone of the wonderful RA blogs I follow.

    • That’s lovely to hear i.f and I’m so happy you chose to de-lurk today 🙂 Makes it extra special! And yes, Servetus has a way with words and analogies 🙂 That pushy part of me wants everyone who is worried about their language skills or afraid of rejection to just take the plunge and see what happens. Maybe because my experiences with the RA community have been so positive, I don’t want others to be missing out because they are afraid of something that just won’t happen. That’s the pushy part of me, but the sensible part knows that we all have our own rhythm and sometimes you just have to do things at your own pace, and that’s fine too.

  18. That´s a very interesting post, as a relative newbie on the blogosphere (started reading in January because on the forums they mostly only “sigh”, “swoon”, “drool” , not that I don`t do it myself:) ) I never thought about what it means to the blogger to get response.
    I always try to comment but often feel a bit helpless to do it in an eloquent way – sometimes it´s hard to sort my mind, sometimes it´s the language barrier, though I never feel being not welcome.
    So I take the opportunity to thank you all for bringing up so many new thoughts, ideas, inspiration etc. to my life.
    And maybe one day I´ll find out why I fall so deep in RAaddiction after seeing the “Hobbit”, knew almost all of RA´s work before, TV, lots of DVDs, youtube…admired his work as an actor, but was not able to constitute why. Therefore I´m so excited to find out bit by bit.
    Last but not least, I enjoy the friendly community very much 🙂

    • Hello Utepirat! I remember waiting in excitement for the new wave of RA admirers in the lead up to The Hobbit! Seriously, we knew you were coming and I for one couldn’t wait to have new Armitage fans to go over the good old stuff with 🙂
      I don’t really know forums, as I mentioned earlier I had a negative experience with chatrooms so blogs and twitter are perfect for me. We sure do a lot of drooling about armitage, but the have you seen the man? We’re not made of steel! Having said that, I like to think that it’s about much more, like the friendly community you mentioned, and this community comprises of folks like you and me 🙂

  19. For those of us in the hinterlands, I applaud you for trying 🙂

    • LOL hinterland bloggers! Let’s find a way to make them a little less hinter 😉

    • So glad you dropped in here- I’ve been trying to figure out how to get in touch with you after our chat about Sean Bean over on Servetus’ blog. I’ve subscribed to you, so I get the post notification, but I can’t figure out how to comment – I don’t have a WordPress account or LJ etc.(sorry if im being thick!) Is there a way to email you? Maybe Serv could pass something on to me?

      • KatharineD – that’s so nice of you to try and contact me. I’m sorry you had so much trouble commenting. You don’t need an account of any kind, you can comment under the Name/URL using any name, you don’t need a URL at all. You can also comment under “Anonymous” and add your name in the text. (You can see on the drop down menu for comments).

        I do have an email through the blog. If you go to the link below, on the left hand column, click on email:

        Thanks again 🙂

        • Thanks- I’ll have another go at it!

        • Fabo, I just switched on the email notification on your blog before I figure out how to get a feed of my favourite blogger blogs. At WP we have a function called “reader” that shows you all the posts that have been published by bloggers you follow in one long feed. Does blogger also have that when you log in and create an account?

  20. Thank you for linking to the IMdB Richard Armitage page, and for the daily smiles.

    • Yay, it’s Dido! It was a lovely surprise to see clicks from imdb. I was a little worried at first because sometimes that board is not for the fainthearted (I’m too much of a wuss to comment there LOL!), so it was really nice. Thank You!

      • Things have changed. I’m new there and now It is a much friendlier, fun place than it was a while ago. Some new people have shown up. Try lurking for a while and see what you think.

      • It’s a friendly place now. Check it out and see what you think. Knowledgeable people ,not too much gushing and very protective of keeping the civil tone.

        • Unfortunately there’s someone roaming there that I avoid like the plague, so until her dark reign ends, I’m going to have to be an imdb lurker 😉
          But it does seem like a much friendlier place than a year ago and the moods have definitely been more uplifting.

  21. Just got home from PT and boy….lots of comment mails in my in-box. As I’m about off to teaching a class I’ll read everything when I am back again and hopefully find a word or two to comment. 🙂

  22. I also try to leave comments on most of the blogs I read, although I don’t follow too many–I love Richarding and it’s wonderful to feel a part of this community after so long of just being by myself (or so I thought) in my worshipfulness.

  23. I read the blogs, some of them at least, regularly. However, I often feel I have nothing to add to what others have said. Please be patient with me as I attempt to sort out various messes, and be assured, I’ll be back.

    • Oh Leigh, I hope everything is OK, or at least manageable! We’ll be waiting for your return because it just wouldn’t be the same without you!

      • To musi być świetna dziewczyna ,uwielbiam komentarze Leigh.

        • Przechodzi przez bardzo trudne chwile ale mam pewnien plan jak choc na chwilkę poprawić jej nastrój. Sprawa jest poważna I będzie dotyczyła Ryśka w obcisych czarych portkach I będzie się po tym poście śniło, oj będzie… jak wszystko dobrze pójdzie 😉

  24. Wiesz bardzo lubię Twojego bloga, i teraz rumienię się, że nie zostawiałam komentarzy…Uwielbiam zaglądać na inne anglojęzyczne blogi ( szczególnie blog Servetus naprawdę poszerza moje horyzonty i był pierwszym który odkryłam, i na którym pozostawiłam komentarz) ale czasem trudno wyrazić swoje myśli w języku którym nie włada się zbyt dobrze. Ech….

    • A ja się wstydzę że nie zostawiam komentarzy u Ciebie, ale zawsze takie rzeczy możemy poprawić 🙂
      Po prostu chciałam zaznaczyć że na niektórych blogach o bardzo fajnej treści nie ma śladu że ktoś w ogóle był. Dotyczy to szczególnie bloggera, bo łatwiej jest komentowac na WP. Chcemy to naprawic!

  25. Having only recently started to actually comment on blog posts, I’m still often only a lurker. When I read an interesting/funny/good post, there mostly are already dozens of comments, describing what I think or feel much better than I could say it. Simply repeating it feels wrong, and I can’t imagine that a short “Yes, absolutely!” is what the blogger wants to read. I mean, commenting is about discussion, isn’t it? (And that’s simply a question without any judgement; I’m kinda bad at chit-chat, always struggling to find the right words (especially in a foreign language) and really new to the blogosphere. I really don’t have a clue…)
    I’m glad you mentioned the “Like” button. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I always overlooked it because I had no idea what it was for. Good to know now though!

    • Same here – and I believe I wasn’t sure if you had to sign up for any of the other buttons to even be allowed to use one.

    • LOL! Believe me, it took me ages to figure out many functions and I’m still discovering new ways to make life as a blogger easier. Just last week I learned (by accident) that I can very easily resize the pics in my post and it makes me wonder what else I’m missing out on.
      I know what you mean about getting to post late to the party, sometimes I write a thought then scroll through comments and someone has already made the same point, only put it better 😉 But I always thing that each person’s voice is individual and because we have such different backgrounds we’re always adding something new, even if we don’t think we are.
      And an “Yes, absolutely!” would mean a heck of a lot to someone who has few, if any comments. We bloggers aren’t very fussy LOL!
      Let me just add that I’m really happy you de-lurked here, I’ve found your comments rally interesting to read (and I’m not just saying that…) and I hope I’ll have a chance to read and respond to them in future!

      • Thank you for saying that! 🙂 And I’ve discovered that I like writing comments, so the chances for more communication are quite good. 😉
        And thanks for the input, it’s always good to know and keep it in mind.
        And isn’t it funny how many blog mysteries could be solved in all of these comments?

        • Yay, I think you’ve bitten the commenting bug, no stopping you now.
          I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, probably most world problems could be solved, illnesses cured, new inventions created in blog comments. Of course, we’d create a million more problems in the process, but that’s a whole other issue 😉

  26. One more comment: Just a few seconds ago, I tried to comment on a blog post of Judi’s. I know I signed up. I get the mails notifying me of her posts. But what do I get when I try to comment: “Hah, cheating?” Yeah, great – so what do I do now? I don’t comment. :/

    • That blog is difficult b/c it’s, not I’m going to send her a link to this. But with her in particular, if you have a problem, shoot her an email.

    • SO sorry! My site seems to have lost its mind. You’re not the first person to have this problem. I’m going to disable a plug-in and see what’s up.

      • Hey, no need to apologize. 🙂 Not your fault at all. It was just late last night, I was knackered and then got told I was a spammer. Grrr. 😉 Besides, it wasn’t all that intelligent a comment anyway, so I didn’t bother to contact you. If I really want to get to you, I am sure I will find a way to reach you. 🙂

  27. Enjoyed getting up this morning and reading the continuation of this very valuable conversation. The ‘joining up and commenting’ tutorial sounds like a great idea- is it possible to do a signal boost across the RA blogs on the same day, a sort of general ‘please come out and join in the fun’ announcement?
    I know I have a lot to learn- I never even noticed there was a ‘like’ button, let alone thought to use it, and I still don’t get why the ‘reply’ option isn’t always there in adding comments to an ongoing thread, so clearly I’ll be following on closely for any tips that get handed out!

    • the blogger can set how many layers of a conversation can lead from one comment on their blog (other styles may be different, but I have a setting for this on mine) it’s probably so it doesn’t get too long and confusing to follow who has said what.

      • Thanks for the explanation- I wanted to ask Agzy more about her master’s thesis further up the thread, and I couldn’t add any more- cut off in my prime! If you’re there Agzy- that would be a really interesting post some time!

        • I hope to write a post about how to log in and create a ‘reader’ for easy access to WP blogs and we need one for blogger too.
          Tomorrow I’ll go down the comments again and try to flesh out the key points. And there were many very important ones, like the issue of not being a native speaker and how not commenting can clip a fanfiction writer’s wings.
          You are very right in pointing out how a comment can spin off other ones, just proving my theory that each voice is important!!!
          Re my thesis, I’ve learned so much along the way, so maybe a post highlighting some interesting stuff about fandoms wouldn’t be the worst idea. I’m meeting the uni powers that be to present my thesis at the end of the month. I don’t really want to write anything here till then so when they run my work through the anti plagiarism program, this blog doesn’t pop up 😉
          Can you imagine if I was denied my master’s degree because they’d think I stole ideas from an RA blog! Because I’m not going to admit I’m the author of a blog that gushes over a grown man’s arse (and what a lovely bottom that is!) 😉

          • I’m certainly not looking to thwart your academic progress when you’re so close to the finish line! Looking forward to ‘Fan blog participation 101’.

          • I’d also love to hear more about that once its all marked and there is no risk to your Masters.

            This has been a very educational thread- I’m another who didn’t know about the ‘like’ facility. Mind you , I just tried it and still couldn’t use it as I am apparently not logged in. And I’m beggered if I can remember my password. I was also reminded I was not allowed to post on judiang’s blog a few months ago- I thought I must have done something to upset her and was banned!

  28. On the “enough education” / “smart enough to comment” issue — this comment is directed at no one in particular:

    I do have a ton of education.


    I grade papers and evaluate students for money — I really have no energy to expend doing it in my insufficient free time. 🙂 If you want to take a class with me for a grade, I’ll be happy to judge your intellect. Not otherwise. It’s exhausting and I wish I didn’t have to do it, but everyone has to earn money somehow.

    I put that in caps because it comes up so often. I mean, really, I spend a lot of time squeeing or writing silly things or sighing or giggling or joking whatever. ***No one in the fandom*** cares how much education you have. *Least of all* the people who have a lot of it. Really. Trust me! Or ask Obscura what she thinks.

    • And if not for Serv and my other Blogger friends, I would have a very limited view of the world. I live in an extremely rural area. They have expanded my horizons to the moon and beyond! xoxox

      • TheArkenstone: I’ve told Serv this before, sometimes I have to google words she uses in responses to my comments or in her posts and, believe me, I’m richer for it!!! With her posts, it’s like we’re getting an education for free (how very European of her)! Not only that, but we learn about new things in the context of RA and what could be better! 🙂

    • That’s such a valid point! I’ve heard before that there are people who go around correcting others, I think it’s sad and pathetic! If someone is really focusing not what you say but how you say it, it clearly shows that they have issues and needs that have nothing to do with the rest of us! They aren’t likely to be willing to engage in any other way but to use others to boost their ego (in a very twisted sort of way).
      I remember once offering to help a Polish fellow blogger with her English for FanstRA3 posts and I regret that now. I really meant well, but then I realised that she was doing great on her own and me offering to help implied she actually did need help, and she didn’t. Another lesson learned.

  29. This is such an interesting post and conversation! I delurked a couple of years ago, firstly on a now-deleted RA blog, then very tentatively commenting on Servetus’s blog. I had so much fun I’ve never looked back. If anyone had told me back then that I would become as involved in the Armitage community as I have, I would have said “no way!” What makes it so nice is not just the written communications, but the fact that I can be on a blog like this and there are lovely ladies such as Bollyknickers and KatharineD whom I have actually had the pleasure of meeting in RL *waves* 😀

    I have to confess though that with the advent of having my own blog at Tumblr, I have spent much less time on my regular blogs. Being subscribed means that I see and read the new posts that appear, but I don’t comment anywhere near as often as I used to, and I’ve found that I really miss it; I’m in the process of trying to rectify that. 🙂
    I’m also guilty, because of the lack of time, of not commenting much on Tumblr posts when I reblog; so much comes in overnight that it’s just click, click, click when I log in most mornings. I don’t even tag much, which is where many bloggers put their often very funny responses. I’m in the process of trying to do better at that too.

    The only time I felt as if I should take a step back from Richarding was after the Sydney Q&A. It was such an emotionally intense time for me and I was so overwhelmed by the experience of seeing and hearing Richard, that I thought some time out was necessary for me to regain some perspective. How long did that feeling last? Not long at all, I was back on board within a couple of days. 😉

    • Waves back to Mezz. I hope I got to say hello to you too Katherine but I was so over excited (especially when RA took a wrong turn and ended up quite near me) that bit is a tad hazy.

  30. just one more thing (wow these comments are massive! but that’s a good thing 😉 ) commenting is a two way street, the bloggers need to nurture their followers and reply to their comments, whenever possible 🙂 the RA bloggers in our little circle are very good at this but I just thought it worth mentioning, because I’ve run across some in other areas of cyber-world that aren’t 😦

    • I actually had the experience a couple of times very early on in my commenting that I left my comment, but got no reply. I didn’t know if I’d commented too late (time zone difference) or if I hadn’t said something interesting enough to respond to, so yes, absolutely, please bloggers always reply, especially if its someone new who needs encouragement.

      • Yes, I remember how nervous I was,Katharine. I was thinking “who cares about my comment or opinion, anyway? “

        • It doesn’t take a lot to put you off the first couple of times when you’re unsure of yourself, does it? It would be easy to feel as though only the ‘regulars’ get to join in and have the best fun. I wonder how many fans might never return, after one false start. I notice a number of bloggers are great about sending a special welcome to all first time commenters.

          • I think when it comes to making a first comment, in my case it was nothing deep, just some droogly fangurling about Richard iirc. That way I didn’t feel as though I would make a fool of myself. As much as I enjoy Serv’s posts, some of them stretch the grey matter considerably, and I often don’t feel confident enough to make an articulate, intelligent comment. I know serv’s not judging, I’m judging myself here!

          • I know what you mean, they don’t sometime stretch mine, they straight up fry my grey matter 🙂

  31. Good grief! I read your post, go away, and now look at it! Good job Agzy! 😉

    I’ve been guilty of every commenting sin made worse by the fact that I’m a blogger and look forward to comments. I’m trying to think why I don’t comment more frequently…I think it depends on whether there’s a time restraint or lack of mental fortitude or what device I’m using (it’s far easier on the PC than say using an iPad or iPhone which is what I tend to use while lounging in bed). Sometimes it seems everything has already been said and I have nothing to add by the time I read the post. Sometimes I feel that others will comment, so what difference does mine make? But you do make a point: taking just a little bit more effort to comment may mean the difference to a blogger or writer. I forget that.

    I am duly reminded ma’am. 🙂

    (BTW, I can’t find your email addy Agzy. Could you shoot it to me. I need to drop you a note.)

  32. First of all I have to say that this comment left me in stitches for awhile before I could formulate a sentence to respond, because of the oh-so-familiar truth in it:

    “squeezing every last drop from the already knackered RA footage during the great drought of 2012.”

    I exhausted myself for months in this practice.

    But regarding this post overall:

    I was a lurker for a very, very long time before I began responding to blog posts. Even then, I was probably often seen as a bit of a Troll. (Because once you finally decide to respond, oddly YOU are familiar with them, but THEY are not at all familiar with you at all.) So for a while thereafter, I returned to reading and lurking, but didn’t respond. No blame, just that at the time it wasn’t a priority for me to engage much more than that.

    Then I discovered Tumblr, which at the time seemed like the perfect combination of Blogging and directly engaging with others with similar – or exact – interests. And I didn’t know that WordPress could be that way also because I was yet to create a Blog here.

    But now that I do, and where I follow several blogs, I have to confess that although I am quite often compelled to not only comment and fully engage with other bloggers, I also find myself also having days where I am too mentally exhausted to respond to anyone or even Blog myself.

    So for those of you of whom I regularly follow or comment, this is for you. Know that I am often there reading, even if I don’t always respond.

    Now, recently I discovered that there is a chance that someone has taken offense in some way – either because of the above reason, or for some other. Not sure. But the option to comment on her blog no longer presents itself to me, so my guess is that I have been I.P. blocked. Maybe it is something else entirely. Who knows. But to be blunt, I don’t know her well enough, and very honestly don’t care all too deeply, to find out why. But there it is.

    Anyway, there is one thing I did want to say in regards to my ongoing discoveries about WordPress – because of what I have said of my own experiences in lurking, my guess is that there are dozens (and for some bloggers, hundreds and thousands) of others out there who do read but do not have WP accounts.

    Therefore, much of our received feedback is from those of us to follow each other. To those on the outside, that might seem kind of “clique-ish”. So to those of you reading on the “outside”, I have to tell you that this is really not the case. It is simply – as AGZY says here – our mutual support of each other, and because we care about each others’ work and enjoy each others’ thoughts.

    So come and join the party.

    • on the blocked issue: wouldn’t block you that way. If you were IP blocked, your comment would be accepted but it would go to the blogger’s spam or moderation queue (depending on the settings they used). You would still be able to see the reply window and type something into it and submit it. So if you don’t see a reply window, that means that the page didn’t load correctly or the blogger closed comments.

      And let me say again, as I did elsewhere, if it’s Confessions of a Watcher, it’s not b/c she blocked you — it’s because that blog is and her install is apparently buggy — her plugins seem to conflict with each other so that often basic blogging features don’t work. If that’s the blog you’re having issues with, you should contact her and let her know — she can’t know there’s a bug unless people tell her.

      • Thank you for this, but no it is not that Blogger. And it is a situation where I am not even offered a window to make an actual comment in. This is someone who I have followed and a blog where I used to comment. But I must admit, my only brief research on the matter brought me to the “blocked IP” theory. My lack of sincere interest in pursuing the matter keeps me from moving forward towards an actual solution. In retrospect, maybe it is something I should have refrained from commenting on. Again though, Servetus, thank you for the insight and input.

        • np. It’s just that doesn’t have any way of knowing your IP address as a reader, afaik, until you attempt to comment. If you haven’t, try reading it from a different browser.

  33. Oh, and I have to say here also that if it wasn’t for Servetus and my post inclusions in her Legenda, it is quite possible that no one outside of Tumblr might have ever given my WordPress Blog a second look. So this is a huge thank you to Servetus.

  34. Phew! It now took me already 1 hour to come to this point and reading all the 180 (!) comments so far. Seems like all of you waited for this kind of contribution. LOL! There actually is nothing much to add for me as I’m literally floored and somewhat knackered…… Despite Agzy, I find it quite comforting to read that you every now and than are having hard times to come up with new ideas, otherwise I would be too deeply impressed (I mean I know you are real!! I’ve met you in the flesh!!) ;-. You know that you make me laugh a lot and just as many times I’m mightily affected by all your „inventions“ and creations… Though I’m still not back at track as it is hard for me to keep up with your newly re-established pace of heavy posting after your longish hiatus……gasp!!!!!
    BTW many times commenting for me is difficult, because often I’m so engrossed into the scarcely read topic and it usually takes me a bit longer to contemplate and feel ready to leave a “relevant” comment and then it seems that everybody is already off to other subjects before I was able to make up my mind… All you quick-witted ladies (and gents?) out there have my full appreciation. 😀
    …and a big hug for Agzy!!

    • It’s ALWAYS great to see you here Linda, I was actually thinking of you the other day and wondering how you’ve been 🙂
      I’m back and trying to post once a day, although I’m back to work next week, so things will get a bit dicey. I shall do my best, especially that I’m really enjoying being back.
      LOL, your commenting problem is my twitter problems. By the time I form a form, type it out with my two fingers, correct spelling mistakes, the conversation has moved on 😉 I should just have 2 twitter accounts and tweet myself, that way I could dictate my own pace.
      Have you noticed that all the juicy RA news always comes when we’re asleep here in Europe, so we wake up to find that things have already been hashed out by our US or Canadian friends in blogs and comments.
      Huge hugs Darling, it really is great to hear from you!

      • This is often the case for me too, waking up to new posts and lots of comments, so that by the time I read through it all, there doesn’t seem to be anything left to say; others are so much more articulate than I am. If there is, I take so darned long to formulate a comment, read through and edit it, sometimes multiple times, that I end up not commenting at all because I have had to move onto other RL things that need my attention. I always try to read the posts that appear in my inbox, so if I can push a “like” button to acknowledge that I’ve been there, that would be great, but I always thought it was just for other WP bloggers.

        • Yep Mezz!! Usually tardy to all the discussions as I’m not at the PC in the mornings and infrequent over my workday. Enough trouble to get me awake as I often go to bed toooo late, trying to catch up with all the new stuff (or a bit of fanfiction) in the evening/night that has appeared in RAworld during the previous night and day. The world obviously is still rather big!! LOL!

  35. Quite the discussion and I hesitated to join but I wanted to say something from the perspective of a former blogger. I took a break around the beginning of the year to attend to some stuff and when I thought about going back to it one of the reasons I decided against it was the ratio of hits:comments. I got the feeling that it sucked and my friends were just too polite to say so.

    • The ratio of hits to comments on every blog I’ve ever written is 19 to 1 when it’s at the very best. Sometimes it’s much worse. I don’t think your friends were being polite.

      • See, and I really enjoyed your blog and I’m not just saying that! It far from sucked and you know it! I just thought you were moving on to other things…
        OK, now I’m off to count the ratio of hits to comments but I doubt it’s 19 to 1….

        • Dude, don’t let me make you paranoid! What I meant was that for me I looked at blogging as me trying to start a conversation but frequently I was the only one speaking. This wasn’t always the case, of course, but those who did comment were people I would have chatted with, anyway, and I frequently felt like what I was writing was just a distraction from the main event blogs.
          As for the moving on…let’s just say the thing wasn’t what I expected and I was available sooner than I thought it would be.

      • Thanks, S, I appreciate that.

  36. Hey, Agzy! I get very very few comments on my blog, but it doesn’t bother me. I figure my blogs don’t solicit a lot of comment. They are kind of, this is what I think/feel, but it doesn’t mean others think/feel the same way!!! Thanks for thinking of all of us, the bloggers who don’t always get viewers/comentators!!

    • I feel the same as you. I don’t get lots of comments, and often when I comment on someone else’s blog I never get a response from anyone except the blogger being polite, and I don’t really become part of the conversation every one else is having. (Thank you fellow bloggers for acknowledging my comments though)..So very often i may comment a few times on a blog, but lacking a “conversation” I don’t comment again, though I may still read the posts because they interest me. I find I comment less and less these days then when I “joined” the RA fandom.

      But I enjoy my blog regardless, I must since I’ve had my blog for almost 5 years. It is an escape for me, I write or post things that interest me, and hope someone out there, even if they don’t comment, is interested as well. I don’t always post about Richard Armitage though, and some days I think I shouldn’t post about him at all, but I like him too much to stop doing so. I am grateful for any comment I get, and amazingly grateful to those that follow my blog, but if i waited for having many comments, or any comments at all, I would have stopped blogging long ago. A positive if there is one, is that I don’t feel any pressure to post or not to post on any particular schedule.

      I do get comments on YT – maybe that balances it out somehow for me.

      But the reality is we’re all busy, and it’s almost impossible for one person to follow every RA blog that is out there now. I know by necessity people have to pick and choose

      • Dear Fabo 🙂 My computer freezes regulary on your and Phylly’s blog. I can not express how time consuming is to leave a comment on both your wonderful blogs.
        Maybe other potential commentators have similar problems? Hugs Joanna :*

        • Joanna, thanks for bringing this up. Same with me. Sometimes I couldn’t even open this two blogs. My notebook is making noises that really sound like an extreme struggle/hard work and even though the site is open it is almost impossible to scroll down. Therefore I hardly ever try to open them any more, besides we are especially pointed out to (e.g. RA legenda). 😦

          • Dear linda60! LOL! I don’t know why your notebook makes noises, maybe it’s rejecting Blogger. I think in part it’s the videos, I’ll try to clean that up and hope it helps. I’m more grateful than ever to Severtus for Legenda and to Agzy for this post 😉

        • Hi Joanna, I don’t want to speak for Phylly also, but I think, in part, it’s because both of us tend to embed multiple videos on our blogs? I know I do at least, a compulsion of sorts. I’ve tried to cut back on the number of posts visible, that may also help. I’ll stop posting vids on the sidebar also and hope that works. Thank you for trying though, appreciate it.

      • I enjoy the conversation aspect as well, but find it hard to get it happening since I’m often asleep when the good stuff gets going and it’s hard to come in at the end. I’ve had a couple of good chats with Agzy when it’s quiet and it seems like only she and I are awake! From my very brief experience posting a couple of articles on me+richard, I took the time to reply to comments partly because I really wanted to keep the conversation going, but I got very few people (although you were one who did), who came back to me again to keep on going. I have no idea whether they checked back in or just moved on after commenting once.
        As a newbie, I didn’t know what the etiquette was concerning jumping in on other people’s chat threads either, so I didn’t like to butt in. As I said further up- I’ll be in touch!

        • I just left a comment over there Faboamanto and it was super easy- have you just changed something? I didn’t even need to type in anything to show I was human. Expect more comments in future!

          • I just saw it! thank you for your perseverance. I haven’t changed anything lately, but I do confess to having the word verification on at times. I get tired of spammers trying to sell me furniture 😉 Will very much look forward to your future comments 🙂

        • Even if I’ve been around for a while longer, I never know the etiquette either of jumping in to chat threads. I have the same doubts on Twitter as well.

  37. Hej Agzym !:) Gdybym “myślała” w języku angielskim zostawiałabym najdłuzsze komentarze na swiecie…a tak to wujek google musi m pomagać. Niestety wiem ze nie mozna na nim polegać jak na Zawiszy..więc tłumaczę w tę i w tamtą stronę;) Angielskiego uczyłam się w liceum w prowincjonalnym miasteczku..jakieś 20 lat temu.Chyba nie musze mówic jaki był poziom nauki,dodam że uczyła nas Czeszka;) Przez wszystkie te lata nie miałam kontaktu z tym jezykiem, myślę że tylko moja skłonność do anglojęzycznych filmów (bez dubbingu) uratowała mój angielski. Niedawno zapisałam sie nawet na kurs (zaawansowany) angielskiego ale okazało się że nie rozumiem nauczycielki, tzn. miała tak fatalny akcent że kompletnie nie wiedziałam o czym do mnie opowiada 😉 Kolezanka z tegoz kursu namawiała mnie na kurs z native speakerem ale kiedy okazało się że pochodzi on z Indii 🙂 zrezygnowałam.
    Potwierdziłas moje przypuszczenia że bloggowanie to niełatwa sprawa.
    przepraszam że nie kometowałam ostatnio ale zdązyłas mnie już przyzwyczaić do dłuzszych przerw w blogowaniu, a tu patrze Agzym wróciła! 😀

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  39. Nade mną wisi porządnie ciężki wór z komentarzami. Chyba się nie urwie, jeśli dorzucę coś jeszcze… Dzisiaj jest dzisiaj, więc cośkolwiek chyba późno, żeby włączyć się w tę zaistniałą we właściwym czasie dyskusję. Kiedy jednak przeczytałam akurat ten post z „obudową”, pomyślałam, żeby się również dopisać, choć dość długo tu i właściwie RAnigdzie nie zaglądałam.
    Półtora roku temu potraktowałam czyjś RAblog poważnie. Regularnie od kwietnia do sierpnia włącznie pisałam komentarze, wspierałam „dobrem” słowem i pomagałam odpierać ataki przed ciotkami, szefem i wszystkimi złymi, a tylko tacy byli i stale krzywdzili pokrzywdzoną. Współczułam, pocieszałam, ocierałam łzy przy ognisku Guya… Teraz nazwałabym to wszystko jednym mocnym słowem… Jak myślę o tym zmarnowanym czasie, natychmiast staję się kąśliwa, niestety i dosłownie „mean & nasty”. Wybaczam sobie jednak to żądło, kiedy tylko wspomnę, jak wielce „miłosiernie” potraktowano mnie i do mnie podobnych w tymże RA-miejscu. Niestety, po „nasemu”, czyli z „horyzonta”, który dołem, przy samym gruncie albo bucie z grubą obhymkaną podeszwą.
    Napisałaś, AgzyM, o czymś bardzo istotnym. O poszanowaniu czyjejś pracy, talentu, inteli-gencji, poświęconego czasu, różnej słabości i nie tylko o tym przecież. Wszystko prawda. O poszanowaniu godności piszę teraz i ja. Czytałam i rozumiałam, że ważny jest w ogóle człowiek. Właściwe relacje między ludźmi. W internecie można wybrać określoną społeczność. Zgodnie z własną wolą stać się jej częścią, ale to jest swego rodzaju wzajemne zobowiązanie. Tak to rozumiałam i nadal rozumiem. Jako obecnie rzadki czytacz i jako nietypowy bloger, ostatnio rzadki również, choć z godziwym zastępstwem. Wszystko wzajemne: szacunek, wsparcie, zaproszenie do rozmowy, zrozumienie, czyli zwyczajnie koleżeństwo, czasem przyjaźń na odległość. Doświadczam tego i tym dzielę się też z innymi, których poznałam w tym internetowym wirze lub w realu, ale takim specyficznym. Wzajemność. Bez tego nic w życiu nie ma właściwego wymiaru. Widzisz, AgzyM, przyplątał Ci się filozof, praktykujący idealista, heheh… Niestety, po „nasemu” doświadczony RAsceptyk również. Tylko w tym jednym RAmiejscu (↑) cierpienie ludzi kilka razy nazwano off-topic, a kiedy w końcu roku napisałam, żeby tak nas nie nazywać, bo to świadczy o czymś najbardziej paskudnym i prymitywnym w człowieku, przepisano mi słownikowe znaczenie tego wyrażenia. !?! . „Horyzonta” zadrżała, kiedy niespodziewanie odeszła jedna z dziewcząt zmagająca się z CAchorobą i ten fantastyczny świat fanów Richarda okazał to, co w nim najpiękniejsze – pamięć, żal i serdeczne wsparcie. Później tak wiele się działo w RAświecie z powodu raka, który nigdy i nigdzie dla tych, którzy mieli/mają sami z nim do czynienia albo przeżywają chorobę swoich najbliższych lub znajomych, nie będzie off-topic. Głęboko gardzę takim brakiem ludzkiej przyzwoitości, czyli szacunku dla prawdziwego cierpienia. Off-topic jest zachowanie i ględzenie kogoś, kto ma „ciasnochę horyzonta”. Dv.
    Jeszcze jedno. Piszę szczerze, że w RAświecie raczej nie zdobywam się na ponowne komen-tarze, jeśli nie znajduję odpowiedzi na swoje. Tylko w jednym miejscu odstąpiłam od tej zasady, bo znam powód czyjegoś milczenia. W pozostałych sytuacjach nawet ktoś bardzo zajęty jest w stanie napisać kilka słów komuś, kto też przecież ofiarowuje swój czas. Na blogu, który współtworzę, szanujemy wszystkich, którzy do nas przychodzą. Jeśli ktoś się dłużej nie pojawia, najczęściej ostatecznie już nie może i nie przyjdzie. „Spieszmy się kochać ludzi/ tak szybko odchodzą”. W RAświecie piszę czasem i po angielsku, i po niemiecku, który znam biegle.
    Mimo tego, co przeczytałaś akapit wyżej, nie czuj się zobowiązana do żadnej odpowiedzi, AgzyM. Wiem, że to, co tu napisałam, może krępować i na pewno nie jest miłe, choć to po „swojskiemu” smutna prawda. Obiecałam jednak sobie i innym, że nigdy więcej i pod żadnym horyzontem nie pozwolę nikomu obrażać żadnego z CAnas i słowa dotrzymam, póki tylko będę mogła pisać.
    Za Twoją pracę (i czytelną frajdę) – WIELKIE DZIĘKI!

    • Witam bardzo serdecznie i niezmiernie się cieszę że napisałaś swój komentarz. Co prawda dostało mi się po głowie za ten wątek zawarty w poscie od jednej osoby, ale biorąc pod uwagę ile ważnych rzeczy wypłynęło w trakcie dyskusji, wciąż przy nim obstaję, nawet jeśli ktoś czuł się w jakiś sposób pokrzydzony I do czegoś zmuszany…
      Może stara już jestem albo za długo w tym naszym światku siedzę, ale staram się nie brać do siebie absurdalnych opinii innych. Staram się pamiętać że wszystko jest o mnie, nawet jeśli na pozór tak jest.

      Czytam z oburzeniem o twoich doświadczeniach, słyszałam o podobnych wydarzeniach, ale nigdy się na nie nie napatoczyłam. Nie rozumiem pojęcia OT, bo to brzmi jakbyśmy wszyscy mieli być monotematyczni. Jesteśmy ludzmi, nic co ludzkie nie jest nam podobno obce, więc nie rozumiem skąd potrzeba trzymania się wiecznie tego samego. Za każdym blogiem i postem siedzi ludzik i pisze między innymi po to by inne ludziki czytały, interpretowały, filtrowały przez swój świat I dzieliły się swoimi myślami. Gdyby mnie nie interesował ten inny punkt widzenia, to nie ma co się w bloga bawić, lepiej zainwestować w notes I pisać Mój drogi pamiętnicku… Nie znoszę jak ktoś bierze na siebie role sędziego obradującego nad tym co jest na temat, co nie jest odpowiednie itd. Czy nie mamy wszyscy prawa sami o tym decydować?

      Wiele razy wspominałam blogerom że nie ma co jęczeć że mało jest komentarzy jeśli sami tego nie zostawiają żadnych, jeśli nie odpisują na te otrzymane. To troche jak tennis tyle tylko że nikt piłki z powrotem przez siatkę nie przerzuca, więc ile można tak grać?

      Tak nawiasem, strasznym plebsem jestem ale co to jest to CA? Wolę wyjść na niedouczongo, ale się zapytać I wiedzieć na przyszłość niż wyjść na ignoranta bo boję się zapytać 😉
      PS. Pewnie z dyktanda jest dwója, ale mam włączoną funkcję na jęz angielski I podkreśla mi że wszystko jest błednie napisane 😦
      Za to I za wszystkie grzechy bardzo przepraszam 😉

      • Dziękuję dopiero dzisiaj, że odpisałaś, AgzyM.
        Przeraziłam się wczoraj, widząc tę swoją płachtę z rozwiniętym i wklejonym Ci tu nerwem. Przepraszam, że zabieram wolny czas. A tak w ogóle… Kiedyś myślałam, że jedynie sprawy partnerskie naszego oblubieńca są w stanie tak zapełnić i rozgrzać fanobywatelską platformę komentatorską. A tu proszę…
        CA, Cancer. Jedna z moich 4 sióstr jest lekarzem. Kieeedyś dostała zapieczętowaną i zaklejoną kopertę (hehehehe… nic z tych rzeczy!) od pacjentki, która przywiozła swoją lekarską „dokumentację”. Miało to być rozpoznanie po operacji. Po otwarciu „zabezpieczeń” siostra przeczytała: „Czyżby CA???” i nic więcej. To stąd to CAmy we wpisie również i u Ciebie. Ja od grudnia 2010 roku. To, co Ci tu opisałam, to nagłe zniknięcie z tego polskiego RAblogu i to, co się tam później zadziało, pozwoliło mi nie tylko na poznanie od przysłowiowej podszewki tej bardzo słusznie tęskniącej za szerokim horyzontem w każdym możliwym względzie.
        Potwierdziła się też zasadność powiedzenia, że nie ma tego złego, co na dobre by nie wyszło.
        Tam poznałam przecież swoją najlepszą RAprzyjaciółkę. Znasz ją i Ty. Pomagała mi tyle razy swoim serdecznym wsparciem wracać do przytomnej rzeczywistości, która miała być milsza niż była. Kiedy budziłam się po narkozie, na szpitalnej szafce znajdowałam wydruki tego, co pisała mi Asia. Moja Asia… Pierwszy raz coś takiego znalazłam niespodziewanie w czerwcu ubiegłego roku i nigdy nie zapomnę, jak bardzo, czyli do łez wzruszenia to przeżywałam. Potem były następne wydruki, bo mój pan i władca zrobiłby wszystko, żebym czuła się szczęśliwa mimo tego mimo, więc drukował, przywoził i podawał do pooperacyjnych zamkniętych salek. To taki obrazek z przeszłości, który tak dobrze pamiętać… Napisałam Ci o tym, bo słowną, zakamuflowaną dla innych szpilą, przeze mnie przepędzono i ją, ostatnią z najstarszego 3-osobowego składu komentujących u tego bidnego „horyzonta”. No, cóż… skoro o „miszczach” mowa, pójdę w cytata: „Nikt nam nie będzie mówił, że czarne jest czarne, a białe jest białe”. Niech nawet nikt nie próbuje w niektórych miejscach, hhhahahahahahaaa! Tam to dopiero „grzech” – blogowo dosłownie śmiertelny!
        Dzisiaj proszę, AgzyM, o wyjątkową cierpliwość, bo wynurzę dla poprawienia nastroju historyjkę z innym grzechem w tle… Tak à propos tego Twojego ostatniego wersu z perskim oczkiem na żółtym liczku… Mój najstarszy szwagier, zgrywus dosłownie warszawski, wskutek rodzinnych jubileuszy „musiał” formalnie i bezapelacyjnie oczyścić sumienie w konfesjonale. Wszedł do „naszej” katedry i zobaczył, że jeden jest wolny od chętnych, stłoczonych gdzie indziej. Jako obcy wśród tubylców nie wiedział i nie przemyślał, dlaczego tam pusto. Pognał, żeby go ktoś ewentualnie nie wyprzedził i przyklęknął w skrusze oraz w nieświadomości, co go czeka. Po chwili dopiero zorientował się, że trafił na głuchego jak pień i słabo widzącego wiekowego spowiednika – rezydenta, który przerwał mu zaczęty wywód i posłał tubalnie w katedralny, akurat wtedy cichy eter: „Zgrzeszyłaś, a teraz udajesz, że nie wiesz, że Pan chce wyraźnie usłyszeć, jak bardzoś występna?” Szwagier odbywał wtedy spowiedź, skruchę i pokutował wstyd w wymiarze dosłownie publicznym, co zostało na stałe „zapisane” w rodzinnych śmichach.
        Tyle, AgzyM. To ja przepraszam za ten rozwiązany wór z gadulstwem. Dawno tak dobrze mi się z niego nie sypało. Może dlatego, że zawsze mi radośnie, jak mówię o Asi/Joannie?
        Dyskusje w miejscu, które wskazałaś, w moim odczuciu są często dziwnie przykre i kłują mniej lub bardziej wysuwanymi szpilkami. Dobrze, że czytasz, a myślisz swoje w ważnych przecież sprawach. Przekonałam się, że niektórzy, np. tam, próbują chyba dowartościować się kosztem innych w bardzo podły i niski sposób, np. kłamstwem czy szyderstwem dla samego wykpienia kogoś. Takie byle co i nic więcej. Mierzi mnie każde płaskie zadęcie jedynie słusznie myślących, ot co.
        Już mi odpisałaś, a teraz naprawdę dzięki, że znowu może przeczytałaś. Szacunek dla Twojego czasu! Tyle go naprawdę dla mnie wystarczy, AgzyM. Dziękuję za każde Twoje słowo. Dobre było!
        (Florence Foster Jenkins sprowadziła mnie do Ciebie pierwszy raz. Też po polsku. Wyłączyłam dzielenie wyrazów, więc może nie pojawią się łączniki na dziko. Zaraz się przekonam…)

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  41. With such lovely encouragement, I just need to leave a comment today. I love your encouraging text and the sweet images ;o)
    Though, what I normally do as well, I did not have time to go through all the previous comments. The discussions bring so much group feeling to our community of fans that I love them as much as the blogs. They both combined are the heart of fandom for me.
    Thank you, AgzyM, for being such an integral and lovely part of RAF (=RAFandom – another kind of militant/military group ;o) !!!

    • I can’t tell you CDoart how much this means to me to hear you say that. I felt the discussion really did bring a lot of stuff to light and I still feel positive about it. Now I’m going through the comments and trying to flesh out stuff, so I hope it will positively influence our RAF (love it! claiming it!).

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