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The Almighty O’Gorman

Thorin Fili Kili Misty Mountain

The thing I like about epic films like The Hobbit is that, apart from your favourite actor (will the sexy Richard Armitage please stand up…), you become acquainted, and interested in, new faces.

Although we’re all about Thorin Thorin Thorin!, I think we’ve fallen for the other dwarves and it’s interesting to learn about their past and future projects.

I’ve mentioned Aidan Turner before, and how much I enjoyed watching Being Human and Desperate Romantics and how Aidan is the sexiest thing to come out of Ireland. Full stop.

Let me just pop a refresher pic here.

I would Kili to run my fingers through those beautiful curls and since he’s chopped them off I may actually be able to buy them on ebay 😉

Today I’m writing about another dwarf, one that is attached to the hip (and other parts if you’re a fan of Durincest…) to Kili and Thorin.

I had no idea I’d enjoy spending my evenings with Dean O’Gorman!

Here’s how it all went down.

In spring I start accumulating things to watch during my free summer months.

It’s usually an ad hoc process getting my hands on things either recommended, chosen because of a specific actor, anything with the BBC stamp on it or featuring people in frilly costumes etc.

When Magzy and I watch stuff during this time I have to be careful with what I suggest.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t share my passion for costume dramas and such, so I have to maintain a healthy balance between what my heart desires and what she’ll put up with.

After two great choices- The IT Crowd and Homeland, and two we stopped watching after an episode or two- Black Books and Miranda, I knew I had to serve up something good or pay the consequences and bear her wrath!

After much deliberating (seriously, it was close to 78 seconds!) I finally popped on The Almighty Johnsons.

It was a bold choice as I had only seen 3 episodes a while back when I was home sick (not homesick…), it’s a Kiwi production and the main plot seems a bit dodgy.

I needn’t have worries because we’re loving it 🙂

A NZ fantasy comedy/drama television series, it follows the Johnson family which consists of four brothers and a hippy cousin (ah, but is he?).

This isn’t an ordinary bunch of amusing misfits- they are actually reincarnations of Norse gods who have lost most of their powers and need to venture on a quest to restore their position in the pantheon.

Matters are complicated by the existence of goddesses who are bent of maintaining the present order and will stop at nothing to keep the brothers from reclaiming their powers.

Gods are fickle creatures and the appearance of Thor and Loki does not make matters any better.

The series is very funny, the producers rely on witty dialogue and good acting/plots to keep viewers entertained, so don’t expect any fancy CG to move things along.

Although the quest to reclaim their powers is at the heart of the story, we also follow the characters as they try to deal with very human issues.

We’ve just started season two (the third is now airing in NZ) and it’s a breath of fresh air.

The accent needs some getting used to.

We marvel at how words are pronounced, like in the one scene where O’Goman calls his brother an eeg!

The heck is an eeg, we thought.

He goes on to say: Like an eeg you need to get layed 😉

Guess he meant egg!

The brothers are lovable, and O’Gorman’s playboy character provides comic relief.

Anders is the reincarnation of the god Bragi, the poet who uses his voice to manipulate people.

By people I mean leggy blonds and by manipulate I mean get them in the sack.

Although you’ll catch yourself thinking: He’s so little, what I like is they don’t try to disguise the fact that Dean resembles a dwarf in stature, and it certainly doesn’t take away from his alluring persona.

No Tom Cruise shoe lifts here!

He is one lean mean (clad in expensive suits) seductive machine.

What can I say? Bragi’s got game and doesn’t mind bragging about it!

This is one series to watch and it’s available on YT, so do yourself a favour and go play with the gods!

On a side note, I just got news that I was the winner of the Breanna Hayse Giveaway over at Daddy’s Little Lobster!

I’m very excited as I never actually win anything and last week I won the lottery- just a couple of euros, but it covered some of my competition costs, and now I won a Hayse book!

Yay and thank you!


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  1. I need something new to watch and I’ll give this a try~ 🙂 It sounds interesting and Dean O’Gorman is actually the first of the dwarves that caught my eye~ (Sorry Richard~) He reminds me so much of a guy I had a crush on during middle school~ 😉

    • Oh, honey, you’ll be crushing on him so hard here 😉 He’s a bit of a bad boy, there is Dean nudity involved, and he’s one cheeky monkey! We’re mid season 2 and it’s going strong. Unfortunately, probably due to the filming of The Hobbit, Dean only makes short appearances in season 2, but I hear he’s back in season 3, which is a huge Yay! because we miss his naughty sense of humour!

      • I think that I just might~ 😛
        We are often drawn to the bad boys… Specially the players.
        Cheeky monkey 😀 I had never heard that expression before~! It’s hilarious!
        How many episodes are in season 1?

        • I love a cheeky monkey 😉
          And Anders is so very naughty and his actions are morally ambiguous at best. Just a really great part for him!
          BTW, season 1 has 10 episodes, season 2 and 3 have 13 each. I don’t know how many are on YT, but I’m sure they are available somewhere out there.

  2. I love this show- it’s quirkiness, it’s irreverent humour. The fact it can be funny one minute, and pouring on the pathos the next. Watch out for all the dwarf in-jokes in season 2. I’m on season 3 and it’s the best of the lot- more of Dean for one thing, and it just seems to have hit its straps story wise. I’m learning lots about Norse mythology- quite educational, really.

    I always wondered how the humour would travel- I think it’s a very laid-back style that Aussies identify with easily. The Kiwi accent is one of the joys of course, and something that we Aussies, as traditional friendly rivals, love to poke fun at!
    I believe TAJ has now been sold to the US and will air there next year- quite a coup for a NZ show.

    • It translates beautifully onto screens worldwide (even if the accent doesn’t). It really is a wonderful option when you’re tired of the same American stuff. It’s naughty, cheeky and sexual without being crass and vulgar. And educational too! I knew next to nothing about Norse mythology either, so I tend to do a bit of googling while I watch 🙂
      I read somewhere that season 2 was supposed to be the last one, but I think someone smart thought: Hey, Dean’s in The Hobbit, inevitable he’ll bring in an international audience so let’s keep this going ecause we seem to have a good thing here! (all in a kiwi accent naturally LOL!).
      BTW, any other TV recs from down under? Just remember that TAJ has set the bar very high! 😉

      • Weirdly, TAJ apparently doesn’t rate very highly in NZ (not sure about the current series), so it was all set to be cancelled after season 2 until a petition was started which earned it a reprieve. If they’re smart, they should definitely cash in on Dean’s increasing popularity to promote sales overseas. The writing really is good this year and I’m sure there’s plenty more they can do with the characters, so here’s hoping for number 4.
        Let me get back to you re TV series- the pressure’s on!

        • No pressure, I just love a good rec 😉
          I just don’t get how some crap shows are on the air for years, while good ones seem to get the slip after a season or two. Cancelling TAJ would have been such a shame and, from what I hear, there’s a really good cliffhanger at the end of S2, so that just wouldn’t have been cool!

          • Can I presume you’ve seen all the good British stuff from the last few years? Amongst my favourites there would be Hustle, Life On Mars, State of Play. I just rewatched State Within on my iPlayer recently and thoroughly enjoyed it- Jason Isaacs, Ben Daniels. My two sons love The Thick Of It with Peter Capaldi- if you don’t mind the swearing, it’s very sharp political satire.
            Recent American shows I’ve enjoyed are Friday Night Lights (late to the party there), Suits, and super special recommendation- Justified. Fantastically written and acted- Timothy Olyphant as a US marshal and Walton Goggins as his adversary-set in Kentucky. Talk about drama mixed with comedic moments- you never know what’s around the corner there. An absolute delight.
            Would you be able to get hold of Australian shows? For off beat comedy, there’s a very clever one called Summer Heights High- I read somewhere that Dawn French got hold of it and thought it was brilliant- well written satire.

          • Those are great recs. I think I’ll try Summer Heights High (just checked, I can get my grubby mitts on it LOL!). I’ve also heard very good things about The Thick Of It, so that’s going on my list too. I’m currently off American TV shows, apart from the ones I’ve been following for some time like GoT or True Blood. They just aren’t scratching my viewing itch.

  3. I forgot to mention before, as an add on to your love for Dean O’Gorman, type in Brett O’Gorman in YouTube and prepare to be delighted by the younger sibling. He’s the very definition of OMG! He’s gained quite a devoted little following in his own right.

    • Brett O’Gorman you say, so there more than one of em’! Just checked out YT and the man’s insane 🙂 Is he also an actor?
      This is just hilarious:

    • Brett is a Tumblr god and he definitely has not lost his powers. Come on over and enjoy some of the most beautiful piano music ever — which he composed and plays. He also has information on his short film “Dotty” which has won awards all over the world. He is as gorgeous as Dean and an extremely talented comedian as well as actor and artist: Check it out —

  4. I don’t know what he had to bribe Dean with to get him to join in on this one- maybe return thanks for Brett playing one of the soldiers for Dean’s photography exhibit. I think Brett does a bit of acting, but he and a mate produced and directed a short film that’s doing the rounds of the international short film festivals. They’ve just been granted funding for another one. A talented, creative family!

    • They seem very close and I can just imagine them hanging out and one of them goes: Hey, let’s do a transporter trick… 😉 Either way, that was adorable and I second comments which ask for the blooper reel!

      • Brett’s a total lovely nut case with zero embarrassment factor. All his videos are hilarious (he posts a new one every week), but go watch ‘peek-a-boo’!

  5. Congrats on the win! 2 Euros is better than no Euros! Can I get the AJs in the USA?

  6. TAJ is currently one of my favorite shows! Dean really does shine in it too, doesn’t he? There’s just something about the bad boys that draws us in, and Anders definitely fits the bill. I don’t know what it says about me, but I’ve got a little bit of a crush on the “hippie cousin.” What can I say, I have eclectic taste. 😉

    • Honey, I am high-fiving you! Olaf is totally hot in that ditzy hippy way! And that body- you could scrub clothes on that washboard stomach. All 3 older brothers+ Olaf are packing. Is this a norm for NZ men that I’ve never heard about? If so, I’ve been searching for Mr Right in the wrong gene pool 😉

  7. That’s too funny, I’m just experiencing the same! And am currently spending every free minute watching TAJ. I just LOVE the Kiwi accent, actually I do since I went to NZ for a holiday. This series is so witty and funny and sexy and has so many unexpected twists (well, some expected ones, too)! I’m in the middle of series 2 and love how Dean O’Gorman portrays Bragi. I’m sympathizing with Ty, admiring Mike, hating and loving Anders, gaping amazed and mostly giggling at Olaf and observing the development of Axl. Love them all!

    • Yay, I’m so happy it’s not just me! They are all lovable, in different ways though! I’m so happy Ty got out of a certain volatile relationship (I’m trying to be cryptic without giving anything away…). That plot was proof that the creators know when a story is slowly starting to sag and swiftly dispose of it, although leaving ripples that have interesting consequences. Had in been an American TV series, that would have gone on all. season. long! There’s just a lot of awareness in the writing of the show, they really do understand what viewers enjoy watching and deliver it in tasty Kiwi packaging!

      • Now that you mention it, I completely agree with the not-dragging-plots-out thing. That’s part of what makes it so diversified and entertaining, I think.
        The whole plot with Ty’s relationship was incredibly fascinating to observe, and you’re right, that’s how a story should be told. The escalation was only the logical consequence and the way it was shown – brilliant! No unnecessary dialogues, no soap-like drama, and I loved Agnetha in that episode.
        Have fun with the remaining episodes! 🙂

  8. I’ve been looking for a new show to obsess over… this could be it! 😉

  9. The Almighty Johnsons is completely addictive. We are contacting TV 3 in NZ to beg for season 4. It’s the first NZ show the US has ever picked up and we want to keep it rolling. Drop them a line about the show and urge them to renew it, please.

    I love that you are posting about Dean. I do not, however, understand why you say that he resembles a Dwarf in stature. He is 5’8″ which is not short. Thorin is the tallest Dwarf in the Hobbit and Richard Armitage stated that he is 5’2″. Dean tops that by half a foot. He looks shorter in Almighty Johnsons because Emmett Skillton (Axl) is 6’3″ and Ben Barrington (Olaf) is 6’4″. Tim Balme (Mike) is 5’9″. The Dwarf jokes started when Dean started filming The Hobbit. Dean has held a black belt in karate since he was 10.

    Dean is one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet with incredible blue eyes and dimples. He’s also a lot of fun. He’s been at a number of cons and everyone has said what fun he is, not to mention very patient and very kind. He also smells great, rather like lemongrass I’m told. If you want to check out the Boston Con pics and posts here is a collection of them. Enjoy.

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