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Flex your fangirl muscles and Spot Richard!

I did a Spot Richard post last year and thought we could all have another stalking round to pass the time between now and whatever else RA has up his sleeve.

I think last year’s images were way too easy and after The Hobbit promotional frenzy we’re that much more apt at spotting Richard in a crowd, so I’ve made it more challenging.

So without further ado:

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

Let’s play a game to keep us sane!

This post is a challenge

My PS skills are a mess

But don’t give up, try and guess!

It’s dubbed the happiest place on earth, but sometimes it’s just a bit spooky…

Armitage Disneyland

It’s Happy Hour so let’s raise our glasses to the beautiful Richard Armitage

Armitage bar

That man’s voice is music to my ears, but can you spot him in this screaming crowd?

RA concert

Richard gets his rocks on like a rolling stone

Armitage concert b&w

Where’s our international man of mystery?

Armitage Tokyo

Rule Britannia and a huge thanks for producing such a gorgeous specimen of  a fine Brit!

Armitage Britain

And here are the answers to this year’s Spot Richard:

Spot Richard answers

Now can we please get some pictures of the real things so we can continue practising our Spot Richard skills?


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  1. I found them all~ 😀 hahaha
    The Disney one was a bit hard… and in some I got confused with other faces 😛

  2. You gave my eyes a workout there! Tank goodness I can enlarge things quickly on my iPad 🙂

    But wanna bet, I’d probably still miss him if he were right in front of me.

  3. Fun game, and yes the ipad really helps. Now how about spot RA on a crowded NY street?- that’d be like winning the golden ticket!

    • No NY photoshop pics with Richard superimposed. I’m waiting for the real thing! 😉

      • That’s exactly what I meant- we could send Perry and Marie Astra out with cameras to scour the streets of the Big Apple for candid pics of the elusive Armitage.

        • Let’s chip in and get them some nice strong coffee and some comfy shoes and off Richard safari hunting they go… with cameras naturally, he’ll be no good stuffed and mounted on someone’s wall…

          • That’s a problem. If I see Richard, I want to be as tall as possible,so I’ll be in my highest heels. Makes walking around the city tough- especially in his reputed neighborhood where there are cobblestone streets.

          • Oh dear, it’s like your very own Bridget Jones knickers conundrum! If a date goes well, g-stings are the way to go, but the chances of a date ending well are bigger in granny pants 😉

  4. I found my long lost cousin, my great uncle, my best friend and my dog. Never found RA. I’ve made an appointment to get my glasses checked. Loved it.

  5. I missed two of them! Fun game. Thanks.

  6. OMG… I need glasses!!! 😉

  7. hey, enlarging on the iPad is cheating! you need to have your nose literally touching the screen & your eyes crossing to get the full effect *laughs* I missed the screaming crowd one but got all the others, so I feel really proud of myself (and now know that my seamless bifocal glasses actually work 😉 ) I thought that first pic from last year was real at first, and I was just getting ready to ask where it was from, when I looked a bit closer 😉

    • I was going to mention that using an ipad and zooming is cheating, but that’s because my PS job will not stand such scrutiny and some things are best looked at from a distance LOL! 😉

  8. I missed the Disney one, got the others! Thanks, really funny 😛

  9. How could you do such a thing to my poor strained eyes? Well, it’s fun anyway. I will have to work on this later. I haven’t even had coffee yet.

  10. Reblogged this on crystalchandlyre and commented:
    Fun “where’s Richard” fan puzzles.

  11. I scared myself by just how quickly I found him!! Obviously I spend too much time staring at that gorgeous face, etc!! 😉 The Union Jack hat made that one a little too easy! 😀

    • You mean real Brits don’t wear hats like that 🙂 I channelled Joey from Friends when they were in London for Ross’ wedding, but couldn’t fit the map for him to stand on.

  12. This was fun… Oh, Agzy, you always lighten up my fangurl day. Brilliant stuff.
    And btw – I have received my brooch last week. Love it – really nice size, not too ostentatious. Mr Guylty has not yet said anything *ggg*

    • I’m super impressed with the postal service. That’s Europe done, now waiting for US and India to deliver 🙂
      The brooch isn’t perfect, but I tried to make the image more subdued and less “I’m bidding on RA’s toenail clippings on ebay” LOL!

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  14. Reblogueó esto en y que iba yo a contary comentado:
    ¿Donde está Wally?


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