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Into The Frustration

Into the storm1

If you’re tired of waiting around for Category Six Black Sky Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Storm to come out, you’re not alone.

Jeeeez, we’ve been talking about it more than we will when the thing actually comes out at some point.

Whatever happened to instant gratification?

Other dwarves are out there, but where is ours?

Aidan Turner is in Mortal Instruments, The Almighty Johnsons series 3 stars Dean O’Gorman, but not a single new thing for poor Thorin.

Is this media blackout because he got lost twice on his way to Hobbiton?

Is the film and TV industry his very own Smaug dragon casting shadow over that which should be his?

If you’d like a good old-fashioned moan about how there’s no news on future RA projects here and now is the place to do it.

Tomorrow is another day and we will wake up full of optimism and we’ll continue rationalizing all that isn’t happening  for Richard.

But let me have my moan day…

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  1. LOL! Lets just hope there is a splendid announcement to be made about something completely unrelated to tornadoes!

    • ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! All together now…
      Richard flies so low under the radar that he may be working on something absolutely spectacular and there’s no way of knowing. Don’t get me wrong, I think we all like that about him, but a little info leak wouldn’t go amiss…

  2. To add insult to injury, BC has had 2 new projects announced this week (the Alan Turing movie and something about an Amazon explorer which seems pretty certain) and its only THURSDAY- time enough for a couple more before the week’s out!
    I was pleased to see Graham McTavish announce a new role today- as a Scottish war chieftain in a TV series ‘Outlander’- I can just see him rampaging around in a kilt! Having said that, that doesn’t help our boy one jot!

    • I don’t even have the energy anymore to go down the Benedict route. I understand he’s the IT boy now (deservingly so) but all those new projects being announced and not a single one for Richard gives me a case of the sads 😦

      • I gave up comparing RA to BC. I would be happy with the announcement of a small TV role, like a guest part in a murder mystery by now. But I think there may not even be an announcement for the rest of the year.

        • I think it’s difficult to compare BC with anyone, he’s just doing so unbelievably well and he’s so talented both as an actor but, maybe more importantly, at the fame game and at getting yourself out there and creating a buzz. Notice that whoever he works with can’t get enough of him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he popped up in Star Wars.

  3. The Mortal Instruments is a huge flop so I’m not really envious about that and with regards to Black Sky I never thought much good would come out of that. I think it will get released at one point, my guess is spring 2014, but I don’t expect it will do much for RA except a chance to show he can play a contemporary American.

    But I am wondering why still no new project has been announced. Can it be that he got not one suitable offer? In May I got the impression he has auditioned for several things but nothing was signed. Most of us focussed on his hints about the books he had read, but what struck me as the he said it is not as easy as one might thing and that he has to convince people he is not a hairy dwarf and that he is in competition with big names.

    Or is it by choice? I came across some interviews from last year where he said he could happily retire after having had the Hobbit experience and that he just wants to let it sink in and wait how it is received. Maybe he is not eager to accept the first thing that comes his way, feeling he can afford to wait for something he really wants to do and in the meantime enjoys his life in whatever way he wants and hasn’t been able to for the last ten years or so? Maybe he even thinks about quitting acting and moving behind the camera?

    From the bits we saw of him I got the impression he is happy and relaxed and generally in a good place, not worried about the future.

    • I really hope he’s happy, but as a fangirl I’ll obviously push my own agenda. Before The Hobbit came out I wondered what tactic RA would take. Would he continue accepting all offers that came his way, including TV and audiobooks like Benedict is doing, will he get picky and wait for the perfect one, would he use The Hobbit fame to launch his own projects?
      To be honest I hadn’t anticipated that almost 8 months later I’d still be asking the same question: Quo vadis Richard?
      Maybe he’s just knackered after shooting for such a long time and wants a rest, but somehow it feels out of character for him, doesn’t it?

      • It would be really interesting to know what kind of guidelines he’s given his agent about future projects- ‘send me whatever comes your way’, ‘only bother me with the literary stuff’, ‘no more soldiers or spies’. It’d just be nice to have some clue as to which way he’s going to jump next.

      • Me neither. I am on the record for predicting that he will be offered mostly bad action movies and won’t hesitate to accept them. Obviously not. I’m happy that he hasn’t and is picky but can it be that nothing at all came his way? Not even TV on the level he has done before if the big break didn’t happen? He could easily have filmed two or three projects apart from Black Sky and the Hobbit.

        • I really hope your suspicions regarding TV aren’t correct. I think with the quality of shows being made, there’s no shame in going back from movies to TV and they have done wonders for some actor’s careers. Cumberbatch- Sherlock, Miller- Elementary, Lewis- Homeland and so on.
          It’s not just my fangirling wish to see Richard in 10 episodes per year, I honestly think he’s well suited for TV shows and I really wouldn’t mind him signing up to do something good. Movies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be nowadays and the past 5 blockbusters I’ve seen have been a disappointment. It’s almost like TV series have spoilt me.

          • Something of the quality of Broadchurch is absolutely fine by me, and could be sold worldwide.

          • I really enjoyed Broadchurch and felt it really was a great opportunity for Tennent. I have a thing for British TV and I think that due to a miniscule budget the actors really do have to do their best to portray their characters. No explosion or 15 minute car chase is going to make up for bad acting.

          • I have certainly hoped that at the very least as a result of the Hobbit he would have his pick among the best TV roles, like DT or BC have.

          • I was saddened to hear David had missed out on Hannibal. Don’t get me wrong, Mads Mikkelsen did an amazing and disturbing portrayal of the (not so) good doctor, but it would have been interesting to see Tennant’s take on it. Mikkelsen is going to be even bigger now that he’s playing the baddie in the 3rd season of Sherlock.
            So, good news all around but here…

  4. MOAAANNNNNNNNNNNN, This topic kills me. I think about it and write about it all the time. I agree with Jane. I don’t have high hopes for the tornado movie but since the decision ( and the film) is already made, I decided not to highlight my opinions on my blog- so glad to get the chance to rant about it in a comment. Tornado/disaster films usually star the special effects. Successful lost footage films are rare- though with the added medium of cell phones, maybe this one will have something special. The hand held camera thing may make us dizzy.
    But, I don’t think Richard Armitage wants to take it easy. I’d like to think he wants to work but is trying to be selective in what he takes. Maybe he figures THDOS release will re-energize his career and better roles will come after. My fantasy is that he’s just waiting for a particular project to be finalized and an announcement will come this month or next.
    My justification for this- nothing.

    • I know what you mean. I have no doubt that Richard will come up smelling of roses at the end of the day and I can’t imagine us not supporting us whatever he undertakes. Strike Back felt like a strange choice, but we all love Porter and I trust Richard can do miracles with even the worst script. But this radio silence is disturbing, especially that The Hobbit buzz was huge and I’m not sure if Smaug will get as much coverage, especially seeing that the critics were a bit bleh over PJ’s latest project. Will the iron ever be hotter?

      • I think RA’s chances to shine are bigger in the third movie, a lot of the second will be about the elves and Bard and Smaug and I think they will also do a big amount of the of PR. My guess is there will be less buzz and it may make less at the box office but reviews will be better because critics have calmed down about HFR and the three movies, though not great.

        But I agree that the best chance for a breakthrough was after AUJ. Thorin isn’t a novelty any more, will he make an impression on people in the next two movies that weren’t impressed after the first?

      • I think DOS is going to get massive coverage. It’s starting already. For now, I’m sticking with moaning, believing that an announcement of something is imminent and that pigs can fly.

  5. I have nothing to add to what have already been said!!! 😦

  6. I would like thinking he is involved in a “sooooo big” proyect that he is concentrated on it and no one wants to reveal anything yet. 😉

  7. I moan with you. But I still feel that something is coming, and soon. I feel it in my gut. And I also feel strongly that it has nothing to do with Into the Storm, although I feel confident now that its release will happen,now that it officially has a Releasing Company.

  8. Mooaaaaannnnn!! I agree. I’d love to hear something, to see something, to know something. But maybe he’s just resting up before the press blitz. (sigh) I’m hoping the ever-so-fab crystalchandlyre is right. xo

  9. Can I also just say, having watched the last PR mania, I would be dreading it like mad if I were the actors? Lord. Caffeine, blahblahblah same 20 questions in 5 different languages 30 different times, try and look charming, ohmygodhangover, caffeine, start again.

    I don’t have the strength!

  10. I was going to do a “giggle”, but then I read the comments. Ha! I wish we had a new RA project to latch onto and promote from the sidelines of fandom as well. Please goddess, let RA be being choosy–him holding out for a quality film role, or even quality TV miniseries or surprise guest starring role.

    I don’t watch TV–unless it is RA or Downtown Abbey, ha!–but Glenn Close’s show Damages seems to get a lot of press. I wonder if her producers might want to cast Richard Armitage as the next senator as presidential wannabe–with a past that could thwart his political aspirations? Maybe it is guilt by association–like Billy gate was for Carter. RA’s politician could have a family by marriage connection to …. wait for it … medical marijuana growers–and RA’s politician has been on record against it. Kind of like a Dr. Sanjay Gupta moment–he reversed his decision on medical marijuana. I wonder, would RA’s politician ever admit to having a youthful dalliance with marijuana? Did he inhale? Hmmmm. The plot thickens. Ha!

    Hollywood or RA’s Agents? Call me!

  11. I found a clip where Armitage reads many of Hughes letters.u have it?


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