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You’re in my Heart just like a Tattoo

I think I can be described as a pretty hardcore fangirl.

No, I don’t own celebrity toenails turned into earrings, I don’t even collect autographs, but I can see how spending hours ogling pictures of hot British men, or creating posts for my own amusement, as well as for a limited group of like-minded people, could read as a bit craycray to the outside world.

Richard Armitage tattoo 2

I do, however, like to think that there’s a certain method to my fangirling madness and I have long established certain boundaries that I can’t see myself crossing.

Oddly enough the same rules apply to my lovelife…

Cue the celebrity faces tattoos:

I have a tattoo.

I got a rather unimaginative tramp stamp that looks a bit like pea pods, done using the same methods as permanent make-up, which was supposed to come off in a year or two.

Twelve years later it’s going as strong as ever.

Then there’s that hole in my right nostril left over from my nose ring which, 14 years later, looks like a giant black head.

I use my own foolish decisions from a misguided youth to illustrate that some things are forever or at least are harder to get rid of than me at a sweet’s buffet.

The next time you start thinking that maybe a nice doodle of Richard Armitage tattooed close to your heart is a swell idea, I’d urge you to put the half-empty bottle of vodka down, take a deep breath and give yourself a nice big slap.

Go on, you probably won’t remember it the next day anyway, and you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to explain why you have “So, where do you want me to sleep then” etched across one buttock, and “Well, there you go” on the other.

amritage army general lucas

That Richard Armitage tattoo you so lovingly applied to your arse in your 20’s is going to end up looking like Stephen Fry a few decades later (for the record, I love Stephen Fry, I’m just illustrating a point).

Before I’m accused of being an ink hater let me stress that I hold good tattoo artists in high regard, and some tattoos really are works of art.

The human body can serve as a wonderful canvas to etch images that have meaning onto, and real tattoo lovers map out a plan to cover their bodies that I find fascinating.

No tattoo hating here!

This is an amazing example of a beautifully shaded image of Thorin:

Getting a tattoo of Richard’s face is one way to get women to want to see you naked 😉

I think there’s also a difference in getting a tat with a celebrity’s face as opposed to a fictional character.

OK, I’ve done my bit to raise awareness and now I’m of  to get some subdermal implants…

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  1. You crack me up, Agzy, every time… your quips are hilarious… and I am with you: No probs with tats, but please, no celebrity mugs. That’s just weird.

    • Ah, but would it though. I said no tattoo on the fan, but what if your partner got a very life-like tat of Richard’s face on his chest. You cuddle up and it’s 2 for 1. You’re showing your loved one your affection but you’re also snuggling up to RA. Win, win, everyone’s happy 😉

  2. Very funny ! I hope the Lady with Thorin’s tatoo has not too hairy legs. Imagine Thorin the Majestic with hair all on his face !!!

  3. I love your post, darling! I heard a tattoo artist say: “Don’t have a tattoo for someone different from your mother or your children” ;D You must be sure of the significance of it.

    • I really don’t have anything against tattoos, it’s just not something you wont done on an impulse 😉 Can you imagine how freaked our RA would be if he knew someone had his faced inked into their skin for eternity. That poor humble man would probably apologise for being an inspiration 😉

  4. Reblogueó esto en y que iba yo a contary comentado:
    No todo dura lo mismo

  5. Remember that little flower you had tattooed on your breast in 1970, that has now become a long-stem rose? Or how about the girl who, for whatever reason had her mother’s name tattooed in 3″ letters across her chest? Now when she has sex with her husband he gets to look at his mother in law’s (my sister) name?

    • LOL! I love those stories. My friend had a cute little Chinese symbol tattooed on his arm. Turned out it meant ‘sleep’. Could have meant cow insemination and that would have been embarrassing in each Chinese restaurant he ever visited. Oh, those lists go on and on…

    • That is so hilarious! I have a tat right in the middle of my chest, too, but thankfully not my mother’s name 🙂

  6. Yes, RA is in my heart and I won’t miss any opportunity to see his movies, but a tattoo… no, no, no…
    I’m constantly changing my mind in relation to ordinary little things… What would I do if I got tired of a tattoo??

    • That’s the point. The older we get, the more we realise how fluid things in life are. Things I was passionate about a few years ago, I could hardly give a damn about now. And I’m not saying that’ll happen with Richard but you see my point.

  7. Gosh, just when I was saving for tattooing RA’s face on my…. arm!
    Just kidding, I’ve always found weird getting a tattoo of someone’s face: it’s a huge commitment and it will be worst if the image doesn’t look like it should do.
    For the record I have three tattoos so far (and counting….)


  8. This is a good post. I think anyone and everyone who is considering any kind of tattoo, celebrity mug or otherwise, should really think about the “forever” aspect. That, and the fact that things go “south” at some point. But I concur, there are some really gorgeous tattoos out there. I remember the first time I saw the Thorin tat you have a pic of there. I thought about the pain and the time that must have been involved, and then the skill of the artist. But honestly, it seems excessive. But I will not be living with it – she will. And my wish for her sake is that her love for it, and Thorin, keeps. 🙂

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