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I’m holding out for my Hero

Thorin Misty Mountain 1

I have a little confession to make:

I still don’t own a copy of The Hobbit.

Nope, not even a naughty copy tucked away somewhere on my laptop to tie me over.

When the DVD came out in March I had already decided that I’d wait till someone bought it for my birthday in November the fancier one with all the extra footage and whatnot was out.

I’m not sure if it’s a smart move, I’ll probably watch the special features once, if that, and I’m hardly a hardcore Tolkien or movie buff to appreciate the goodies Sir PJ throws our way.

Then again, I may be rewarded for my patience by hours of extra Richard/Thorin footage to last me a lifetime.

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath either…

Armitage Dragon fire

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we got to see Richard’s transformation from the moment he arrives at the costume department (or even sooner, like getting out of bed), to the time he’s ready to start shooting (again, or further, when he’s getting back into bed).

As my extreme Armitage fangirling wishes rarely come true (not one RA-inspired symphony has been written to date!), I think we’ll probably end up pressing the pause button to capture those few  glimpses of Richard, and he’ll probably have his back to the camera in most of those.

I was wondering what your tactic was with regards to The Hobbit DVD.

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  1. Took me a minute to figure out what the Naughty copy meant and I thought, damn, how did I NOT know about that??? Then I realized what it meant LOL But unfortunately I only have all the legit versions so far.

    • Naughty in the Eeearrrrr Captain way 😉 How many versions do you have? By the time Sir PJ’s done with this project there’ll be more DVD/Blueray versions than dwarves in the film…

      • I have the non-Bluray version plus the free download that came with the purchase AND the Amazon prime digital download/viewing thing when I couldn’t wait for the DVD in the mail. I was never one for patience anyway.

        But I’ll probably buy the Extended Version because that’s just the way I roll. I have the Extended version of the LOTR trilogy and the regular DVD’s that came before that, too 🙂

  2. That would be wonderful wouldn’t it? To see the full transformation Richard went through to become the dwarven king Thorin~ Well, actually any extra footage that Peter shows will do for me 😉

  3. Ah, phew! When I read the first line I thought you meant you didn’t own a copy of the novel …

    Personally, I do have a DVD copy and intend to acquire the EE once it’s out in November. I can’t imagine having to wait 7 months between standard and extended editions without copious amounts of Hobbit viewings in between!

    Suffice to say, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying (again) the complete Hobbit Trilogy EE box set sometime in 2015 (and probably the much rumoured LOTR Ultimate Edition – together with its Hobbit counterpart).

    But I guess one has to ask whether one is able to restrain him/herself from buying duplicate copies or wait three to four years more to buy everything at once … I know I wouldn’t! 🙂

    • I flew to London to see The Hobbit because they weren’t releasing it here until 3 weeks later. I knew there was no way I’d remain sane (-ish) patiently waiting till I could see it in the cinema. I’ll be doing the same thing for Desolation this year. Somehow I just don’t feel the same way about the DVD. Maybe it’s because I know there’s no catching up with Sir PJ. The moment you spend money on one thing, he thrown something better at you. He’s the iphone of the Tolkien world 😉

      • Very well said on the last comment and fascinating iphone/Tolkien analogy!

        Though I’d rather spend my earnings on a copy or two of a Tolkien-related product, than something like an iPhone 2 … 3 … 4 … (they’re more durable and sentimental of value, I think)

        • I wonder how valuable these Hobbit collectables will be in a few decades. On the one hand I can’t see people ever getting tired of the franchise, but they are mass producing so many things, it’s like the market is flooded with them. If I had the cash, I think I’d go for the Weta figures of Thorin and Gandalf. Saw them in London and the detailing in amazing. Pics don’t do them justice. Then again, I’d probably chip the nose off and they’d be worth next to nothing 😉

          • That’s very true … Although they’re exquisite, they’re also pretty expensive (being hand painted and all)!

            I was particularly struck by Azog on the White Warg figure – simply incredible (even the prize is grand!).

            Though I’ve come to learn that, as time passes, the most prized items are those that were mass-produced. Whilst those with a limited run tend to become as common as the mass-items once were … (not sure that made any sense :S )

          • That’s because people take care with limited items, so there are more of them on the market. The mass produced ones actually get played with, so it’s harder to find one in mint condition. I’m no pro, but it would make sense. My Barbie collection was in such bad condition by the time I grew up and was done with it, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody 😉

  4. Don’t own The Hobbit. Use Amazon like MM. Will get the extended set for the extras.
    Have the Hobbit on Kindle. Found it unreadable.

  5. Bad fan: no copy of THAUJ yet. I saw it twice in the cinema, and now I have it on Netflix. I will wait until the box set comes out, just to complete my LotR collection (which was actually half-handed down to me, with the addition on film 1 bought by myself). As for memorabilia: I bought the holograph copy of Empire (not sure where that is actually floating around) and I have a little Thorin key. Anything else, and my hubs is going to divorce me *lol*

    • I have the Empire issue too and wish Thorin winked in it 😉 BTW, your hub can start complaining and talking divorce when you actually start bring home Middle Earth dwarves, anything else is your constitutional right and is protected by your fangirling obligations!

      • LOL – where is that fangirling constitution? I really think that ought to be written up and distributed in the fandom, just for reference purposes, in case jealous husbands start huffing around.

        • Very true, cue the Founding Fangirls and let us declare ourselves an independent state… of mind! We have rights too!

          • Any constitutional lawyers among the Army? Need some help with our Codex Amicarum Armitagensiarum…

          • I’ve just been checking out Banksy, so I have anarchy on my mind 😉

          • BTW, it’s Tuesday and you’re on wordpress which means you must be ooofing! Yay!!!

          • Agzy Holmes strikes again 😀 – I am, but I am struggling rather badly, I have to say… it’s a sensitive, tricky post… hence I am distracting myself with thoughts of Armitage tattoos and fangirling rules…

          • Don’t I know it! I’m putting together my thesis for final approval and have to find a Polish equivalent for words like textual poaching or fanfiction. I’m dying here, and I haven’t even gotten to my least favourite thing meaning formatting, numbering pages etc. It sucks badly! Bless Richard for being there in our hour of need 😉

          • Oh, I deal with translating English words into German every day – horrible, horrible stuff, because so much is un-translatable. Good luck with it, Agzy, although I wish you wrote it in English, so we could all read the findings of your study…

          • It is written in English, that’s the problem. I have to write a short summary in Polish and I don’t know if the cultural phrases even have a translation. I’m just winging it to be honest. There isn’t even a translation for ‘fandom’, as far as I know… Stupid native tongue 😉

  6. I guess some people will say I’m not a RA fan… I don’t have a copy and don’t intend to buy one!!!

    • Not a bad fan at all! You go to the cinema and you support him in many different ways. You know how I feel about how the film industry tries to squeeze every last fangirling penny from us, with DVD editions and other merchandise. I think a good balance is necessary to actually have money to pay the bills by the time the blitz is over.

  7. I’ll probably buy it when it comes out in November. I mean, I already know I can preorder on Amazon for $24.99. 🙂 In the end I’ll probably only watch the extras once and that will be for RA sightings.

    • Join the club. I just don’t think I’m the target audience for hours of footage detailing filming techniques or graphic design not that I don’t appreciate all their hard work, but ultimately I just want to see enough extra footage of Thorin to give me sweet dreams.

  8. I couldn’t wait to buy the DVD, so I pre-ordered mine in Feb 2013. I’ll do the same with the following movies. Nonetheless, I would be very happy if someone in my family’ll buy me a super-boxset of the three movies with fabulous gifts and extras as soon as available (2015?) 😀

    • I find that throwing strong hints regarding pressies is an excellent way to burn the thought into your family’s minds. Start now and in 3 years you’ll have driven everyone mad to the point that they’ll buy the damn thing, if only to shut you up 😉

  9. I don’t own TH on DVD yet because I’m hanging out for the EE version. I already know I’ll love it for all those hours of extras, just like LOTR. Unfortunately Australia seems to be considered the end of the world in more ways than one, so I’ll be seeing the EE and the next movie WAY after everyone else. Its going to be hard deciding what to read and watch (stay unspoiled or miss all the fun?) for those couple of weeks when everyone else has already seen DOS. Sigh….

    • Let us take a moment and spare a thought for all those poor souls who suffer from the timing issues apparent their respective countries. No one should endure waiting 2 weeks after a film or DVD premiere, the humiliation and isolation of removing oneself from society in order to avoid spoilers 😉

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