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Get Thorinized for Halloween

Although  I’m still holding on to summer for as long as I can, it seems others are already thinking about Halloween.

We don’t really celebrate it here because November 1st is All Saint’s Day which serves a whole different purpose, but the few times I did get to play  Halloween costume dress-up, it was a blast.

I think it’s safe to predict that the cast of The Hobbit, and Thorin especially, are going to be popular this year, although I hope producers will have ironed out the look a bit by then.

For now it’s a pass from me…

Just so we’re clear what look we are aiming for, let me give everyone a quick Thorin refresher pic.

Masculine, furry, bulky, metaly… yup, I think I have a feel for what we’re going for here…

But how’s he going to dance dressed like that?

There’s something to be said about this dwarven boyband look, but does he have the moves?

More importantly, does it come with its own wind machine for that tousled look?

You can also go biblical…

There just aren’t enough dwarves in the old testament if you ask me.

Talking of bygone times:

If you’ve ever wondered what Guy would look like dressed up as Thorin…

You’re welcome!

By the way, sheriff Vasey is going as Gollum.

Shop bought Thorin costumes are not for everybody (might I dare suggest they’re not for anybody…).

You may just be better off sewing your own stuff from patterns.

Nothing will get you into that butch dwarf mindset like slaving away at the sewing machine.

But if you know deep in your heart you can never make a convincing Thorin, just pass the fur coat buck to your household pet…

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thorin pumpkin

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  1. Haha! Great article … very instructive I should say – and the picture of the pug at the end, classic! 😀

    • Let’s hope better Thorin costumes come out before October 😉 And the pug rocks and wipes the floor with all those other phony dwarves. Get the dog a sword and shield and then he’s ready to party!

      • Heh! Indeed! And I do agree with you that the cast this year will be more “popular”. Apart from Armitage and Freeman (as well as the well known LOTR actors), the other dwarves still seem to be not as recognizable after AUJ – here’s hoping DOS will fix that!

        • There’ll be plenty of hairy Bilbo feet this year 😉 It’s true about the dwarves, but I didn’t you mention in a post that the first movie did little to properly introduce all of them and establish the relationship between characters?

          • Yep I did hehe, in my review on AUJ – which was a pity really. There’s so much potential of weaving together the dwarves’ relationships with each other.

            I’m really hoping to see more exposition on brothers,uncles and nephews in the second film …

          • It’s because Sir PJ banged in so many other plotlines to make the movie action-packed, there was little time to focus on the dwarves themselves. Shame really because I think viewers really enjoyed their humour and interaction.

          • Couldn’t agree more …

  2. The first costume reminded me of our conversation from yesterday of Armitage the space man but I this case is Thorin Spaceman haha 😀
    Those costumes are so badly done… Except the one the dog has since that one was probably home made~

    • The dog rules and shows how, despite what we think, canines are far superior to us lowly humans 😉 I cheated a bit with my choice of Thorin costumes and stayed away from all the home-made ones that are amazing!

      • Yes they are~ 🙂 and they look so adorable dressed up!
        I’ve seen some homemade ones and they do are amazing! I’m tempted to buy the patterns and tell my mom to help make a Thorin’s coat~ (I don’t know how to use the sewing machine yet 😛 )

        • LOL I had a little faux fur collar/ cape thing made for last year’s Hobbit premiere in London. I added a brooch I had made from the key to Erebor and felt very Thorinized 😉 Also had some T-shirts made, but they didn’t arrive in time.
          Don’t know what I’ll be doing this December, but I need to start planning because then December creeps up on me, I have no time and rush things.

          • I don’t understand the premier events… Can you buy tickets to see it or not…?
            I’d like to go to the LA premier but I don’t know~
            I’m sure your costume was lovely 🙂 and if you felt good wearing it that’s all that matters 🙂

          • Last year 2 RA admirers got tickets for a special showing of the movie, but although the actors was present, they didn’t get a chance to see anyone and the cast wasn’t introduced on stage prior to the showing. Your best bet is to get to the cinema early and get a spot by the red/green carpet as actors make their way inside. I know that there were relatively few people waiting in New York, but this year LA will be the main premiere so it’ll be packed. My approach is, if there’s an event on when I’m in London, I’ll stake out Leicester Square and try to catch a glimpse. If not, I’ll just go see the film with other RA fans like we did last year.

          • I will have to find someone to go with me~ (someone who drives) if I knew how to drive I would go by myself but I doubt my parents or my brother will be willing to go with me to Hollywood just to catch a glimpse of Richard.
            Without asking I’m already hearing what my dad would say, *sigh*

          • I know there are RA fans in LA and many will be coming in especially for the day. I’ll keep my ears open and will et you know if I hear of an RA LA meet up. It’s actually fun to be surrounded with people who share your enthusiasm because, like you said, our RL friends often don’t have the patience to indulge us 😉

          • Haha that’s true~ they don’t really understand unless they are admirers as well and most of my friends have different tastes.
            Do let me know 🙂 I’d like to go to the premier~

          • I don’t know if you’re on Twitter, but it’s a really good way to connect with other RA fans and I know there are some LA residents on there.

          • I am on twitter 🙂 it’s @borreguitamich
            I’ll have to find them~ 😉

          • Sorry it’s @borreguit_mich I forgot the _ silly me~

          • Just tried to find you, but the search came up empty 😦

          • Sorry again! 😦 I was really tired when I wrote it~ @borreguita_mich
            I’m always forgetting to write something~! So sorry dear~!

          • I finally wrote it right 😀

          • Yay, practice makes perfect!

          • It does~ 😀 I’ll try to memorise my user names~ I sometimes forget them haha

  3. I love this AgzyM. Like the dog best, but I think the band boy is sort of cute,too.

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