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A film by any other name is still not on my screen…

A film by any other name is still not on my screen…


In the wee small hours of the morning, I had a mini blogging panic attack with regards to this post which had been scheduled to come out a few hours later.

My main assumption was that tornadoes are accompanied by rain, but this is no Kansas and the closest I’ve ever come to a tornado is that little whirl you get when you pull out the drain plug.

If there’s no rain, I was royally screwed!

I can now confirm that there are “rain-wrapped” tornadoes.

Gary Morris Armitage

Oh, and Richard is actually wet in this pic and that’s all the confirmation I need 🙂

So without further ado…

Armitage tornado1

There are clearly some issues with Richard’s project that he filmed last year in the US and that we’re still waiting on.

The movie has gone through a list of titles:

Category Six

Black Sky

Now we think (but who really knows…) that it’ll be called:

Into the Storm

My favourite by far is Bccmee’s Tornado of Love, but the film producers seem to be ignoring this far superior option.

So what if it would require minimising the main drizzly and windy plotline in favour of Richard getting hot and heavy with his leading lady?

(Release the weather puns…)

Now that’s a story that would sweep me away!

I actually encourage any shifts that will focus on the love part rather than the tornado one, do you catch my drift?

And if things get breezy and actors get disrobed in the process, I say go with the flow…

But seriously though, I really can’t wait for the tornado movie to come out, they say there’s a twist at the end.

 I though that maybe we should give a helping hand and offer some other title alternatives to speed the process up and get Richard onto out screens asap, because waiting is quite a blow!

So make sure your mind is not clouded or in a fog because we may have mist some great film title ideas.

How about:

 The Storm Chaser of Dibley

Harry rain_edytowany-3

There’s something about yellow rain gear that makes me giggle.

You can even protect the essentials from the rain… don’t want things getting damp…

Moving swiftly along… how about:

Gary Hood

Guy rain 1

Guy sure looks miserable enough to know a thing or two about dire conditions.

I can just imagine him standing there, sword in hand, ready to fight the tornado, at the same time blaming the sheriff for it.

Put on your willies, grab the torchlight, put your thinking waterproof cap on and tell me:

What are your tornado movie title ideas?

PS. Impromptu image for Perry

RA Dragon

And another quick one…

RA dragon 3

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  1. I sent a tweet to the director (or producer?) with an idea~
    Inside the Vortex~

  2. LOL! I’ll stick with my wellies, I think 😉

    How about Whirlwind Romance…

    • I like the way you think and just proves that if they had researched the RA fandom as to what we desire to see, RA could be cast in the lead of a steaming hot romcom 😉
      Plot idea:
      Oh look, there’s a tornado, let’s slip between the sheets to pass the time…. (2 hours later) the tornado has past, let’s get out of bed. The End!

  3. As Richard plays very well the brooding hero, why not “Brooding Storm” !
    And 10/10 for your post Agzy.

    • Oh, that’s a great one! And we know Richard does brooding very well 😉
      I’m actually starting to get the feeling some of these film titles deserve a poster made for them…

  4. I love the first picture Agzy.

    • Admit it, it’s the wellies 🙂
      BTW autocorrect is insisting I write willies, but that would be a whole different type of picture, not saying I’d shy away from doing it, it’s just Richard hasn’t provided with me any source material to photoshop with LOL!

      • Did you create that pic? because if you did, I have another assignment for you. (see for a challenge I posted just yesterday).

        • I did Miss, that’s why it’s not very good 😉 I like to tamper with RA images as it’s the only way to get my hands on him. It’s probably the only way that doesn’t involve lawyers and a restraining order 😉
          BTW that’s a stunning photoshoot you posted on tumblr and quite a challenge. Let me give it a think 🙂

  5. I must confess that the main character interests me more than the film’s title. 😦
    P.S.(somebody suffering from total lack of imagination to think about a title for the film)

  6. I agree with you. Keep the title simple!!
    But, gosh, we’re going to watch it anyway…. LOL

  7. Reblogged this on Armitage Agonistes and commented:
    More from Agzy on the title of Richard Armitage’s tornado movie. Comments there please.

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  9. LOVED the Union Jack wellies and the very English brolly in the stormy running picture! 😀 I have been trying to be clever and think of a really good title for the movie but sadly all I have come up with so far is “Spinning in the Rain!” 😦 Yes I know!! Pretty pathetic, isn’t it, but I’ll keep trying! 😉

    • Oh, that’s a punny funny title! Can you imagine Richard dancing own the street in the rain, singing along 😉 If only the man took requests!

  10. Love the wellies! As for a title? Twisting the Night Away. If Guy were to be in it then it should be Twisting the Knight Away. 🙂

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