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King Richard Competiton: The Good, The Bad and The Right Darn Ugly

The comments on Day 6 of the King Richard Competition are now closed, I’ll be drawing the last name and congratulating the winner shortly.

Day 6 winner

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated!

It’s you (yes, YOU!) who makes it fun, so thank you for helping me celebrate Armitage Day!

King Richard has left the busilding

As I’ve written in previous post, not everything (nothing more like…) has gone according to plan.

I had two types of jewellery: some that sealed the image with a cabochon and some that were covered in resin.

Let me tell you, both proved to be tricky!

Let me illustrate what “things going horribly wrong” looks like.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, so see the horror of:

The man spouting brown blobs!

RAbad 1

Oh this one was a disappointment!

It all looked relatively good the day I made it, perhaps a few smudges that I insist aren’t a mistake, but give it an antique look.

Imagine my horror when a brown blob appeared centre of the image!

Oh, but that’s antiqued peanuts in comparison to:

Richard caught in a whirlpool!

Only the barrel is missing…

RAbad 2

OK, this one may have been my fault.

After applying the resin, it dried all ripple and I though it a good solution to salvage the piece was too…. drumroll… pour more resin on it.

FYI, NOT the way to go…

I shall hang on to these and scare children come Halloween!

Not one piece of jewellery has really turned out perfect, but I really do hope the competition winners focus on the fact that it’s the thought that counts, my heart was in the right place etc.

Anyway, if you’d like to give this a go (and I am sooooo not giving up on making the perfect piece of jewellery, so look out resin, here I come!), here’s a great guide on how to apply the cabochon (with more success than me).

I’ve spent more of the post writing about what not to do, but let me tell you about someone who gets her projects right every freakin’ time!

Some of you make know Jen from Cake Wrecks, possibly one of the funniest websites around, but she laso has a site called Epbot which caters for her geeky, nerdy steampunky interests.

Last year she wowed us all with her Lady Vadore costume.

This year she has unveiled her White Rabbit project just in time for a ComicCon cosplay.

The whole costume is hand-made and Jen talks her readers through the process as you try to pick your jaw off the floor!

I literally spend hours reading through her posts and green with envy at her skills.

Anyway, thanks again to all who came out and played!

As always, you were so much fun.

I hope the next post will be on The Forsyte Saga, because that is loooong overdue!


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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. Thank you for tutorial! I could give a try myself at manufacturing this kind of jewels 🙂

  2. AGZYM, I had fun with the contest, so thanks for that. What I would have liked was a pic of Richard Elvis.

    • I actually thought about it, then deemed it too progressive 😉
      I mean, I’d wear it, but I preferred to stick with more conservative RA images in hopes that the competition winners can actually wear it without embarrassment LOL!
      You are welcome to use any of the images I have created for this week and go all Vegas bling bling!
      BTW, I always say that it’s the comments that make a competition fun and this year was no exception!

  3. It was great fun, Agzy – and yes, the thought counts. I have never attempted resin stuff before, so you have my admiration, anyway! Thanks for the fun week!!x

    • Yay, I’m glad people had fun, that’s what it’s all about! I think I just made a string of amateur mistakes and the more jewellery I made, the better they became. Now I’m thinking of doing something to celebrate The Desolation in December. Any ideas?

  4. Chichotałam za każdym razem widzac twojego Króla Ryszarda 🙂
    Dzieki za ten tydzień,Agzym. To była przednia zabawa!

    • W przyszłym roku będzie Rysiek Król Disco Polo. Na tym forum poślę w świat to co najpiękniejsze w polskiej kulturze! Rysio to taki biały miś, biały miś dla dziewczyny aaaaa a szkoda żeby Ameryka i takie tam nie znały Shazy itd. King Richard Król Disco Polo Week 2014! Postanowione 😉

  5. Thank you Agzy for this funny witty King Richard week ! I really enjoyed it !!!

  6. It was really fun! I found a new RA blog (I’m fairly new to this fandom) and loved all the answers. It also inspired a project for my friend’s Christmas present.

    • Yay! Well welcome to the fandom and I’m so glad you stopped by here 🙂
      I hope there’ll be some competition celebrating Armitage Day in 2014 😉

  7. Great video! Now I know what to make everyone for Christmas!

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