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King Richard Vegas Competition Day 6

It’s Day 6 of the King Richard Vegas Competition, and it will also be the last day.

Unfortunately, due to technical and RL issues, I’ve had to cut the competition a day short, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have played along, retweeted, and supported it.

I’ve loved reading comments, you are just a highly amusing bunch 😉

Let’s just say I owe you a competition day and I won’t forget it!

King Richard Week

I have drawn the name of the winner of Day 5’s competition.

Congratulations and I’ll be getting in touch shortly 🙂

Day 5 winner

The competition may be winding down, but here’s the last item up for grabs:


A John Thornton ring


The size is adjustable and will fit anyon

Here’s the thing:

The new Ben Rayner photos have cause quite a stir within our fandom, especially this one:

OK, so it’s not the most flattering look for Richard, but when taking into account that winter lasted 6 months here this year and there was still snow about in the second week of April, I think he looks snug and warm.

Is there room for improvement?

Sure, I think he should start shedding layer until I tell him to stop 😉

The question is:

What look/item of clothing/ fashion style would you absolutely loathe to see Richard in?

I CANNOT stand cowboy boots.

Hate them with a passion, especially on men.

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT when I will be announcing the last winner of this year’s Amitage Day competition!

Good Luck!

Day 6 winner


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28 responses

  1. Oh dear, dear… Very blue jeans with extremely wide legs at the bottom. I don’t like that. The kind of jeans my mum keeps all the way back in her closet.
    And please never let him wear a onepiece jumpsuit!!!

    And that ring… I love it. SO MUCH! Sigh!

  2. Cowboy Jackets, especially the ones with the fringe. Though he might look good in anything but you can trust Cowboy jackets to make him look terrible.

    • He’s been quoted in an interview as saying he wears them -especially in the rain.

      • Can you post the link to this interview please?:) I seem to remember a pic of him on the Hobbit set wearing Crocs but haven’t seen him wearing these flip-flop thingys yet. (good job too!LOL)!

        • I would but I’m not sure which interview it was. It had something to do with not taking the time to listen to the weather forecast and showing up in flip flops in the rain. There wasn’t a photo.

  3. Backward base ball caps ! Can you imagine Richard dressed like a rapper ! That would be absolutely horrible !

  4. Loose rapper pants that fall below the ass.

  5. I could cope with cowboy boots but not a Stetson – they look terrible on everyone!

  6. Sock and sandals. Ugh.

  7. Last day? Aw. I loved your funny posts and imaginative questions, Agzy. As for today’s prompt – hm, in my native language we say something along the lines of “Nothing can deface a good-looking person”. I have a few pet-hates, though, some of which I have actually seen on RA (that’s the trouble of being clothed for a role): speedos, muscle shirts, ankle length coats.
    Thanks for a cool week of fun and goodies to win. Where is the Armitage medal for outstanding service to the Armitage Army?

  8. White socks! One of the less sexy thing for a man to wear 😀

  9. Anything with animal print on it. I especially hate patterned pants.

  10. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    Leather trousers. I just don’t think they’re very fetching. On anyone. -_-

    Thanks for all the Armi fun & games thid week, Agzy! ^-^

  11. Tank tops or really trendy sunglasses or the really really tight jeans.

  12. Large gold jewelry and polo shirts with upturned collar 😉

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