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King Richard Vegas Competition Day 3

Oh, it’s all going horribly wrong!

Turns out craftwork is not my cup of tea and the jewellery that seemed OK when I made it started displaying ugly traits when it dried the next day.

It’s like my little country cottage has turned into the Little Shop of Horrors 😦

Me. No. Likey!

Let’s just say that with the prizes, the term “It’s the thought that counts” fits perfectly.

I’ll still try to make a few new ones for the other competition days, but if that fails (a huge brown blob in the middle of Richard’s face is NOT an option), I shall quickly have to think of something else.

Just one of those days…

On the plus-side, I was crying with laughter reading the answers you had for the previous competition questions 🙂

King Richard week 4

Welcome to King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 3

Comments for Day 2 are closed and I have drawn the name of the winner.

Congrats and I will be getting in touch shortly!

Day 2 winner

This is the Third day of the competition, and there’s a chance to win an Armitage goodie every day for the next 4 days!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


A less than perfect RA brooch


In order to get your hands on a brooch with stroppy acting-out resin, please leave your ideas in comments.

Here’s the thing:

Richard has (allegedly) found his new digs in New York.

It would only be polite to offer him a Howdy Neighbour!

The question for today is:

What housewarming gift would you give Richard?

I’d go for a potted plant.

With all his travelling it would only be fair for me to offer to water it when he’s out of town 🙂

Please leave your ideas in comments!

Comments close at 12 GMT tomorrow.

Luck be a lady tonight!

Day 3 winner


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17 responses

  1. I would wrap up myself and be at his service anytime! And of course take care of all the housework whilst he’s away. 😉

  2. Without a hidden agenda, a basket of peaches !!!!

  3. Stop beating yourself up about the jewellery, Agzy – looks fab!!!
    Congrats to Judit 🙂
    And housewarming gift? A nice photograph which I have taken myself, of course. And not of myself, but somethings suitably artsy-fartsy.

  4. A set of luxury scented candles, perhaps. They might be useful after a long, tiring day!

  5. A freezer full of chocolate ice cream… 🙂

  6. Agzy, the photos of your brooches look lovely, so stop worrying! And congrats, Judit!

    As for a house warming gift, hmmm, can I give him bubble bath and suggest that I personally make sure it bubbles sufficiently in his tub?! 😉 Seriously though, I’d probably bake him a cake or take him a nice bottle of wine.

  7. Thank you Agzy! You know what, it doesn’t even matter if I don’t get a prize just the simple fact that my name was drawn is reward enough in itself!!! ((hugs))

  8. A housewarming gift for Richard? Well, since he’ll probably have to redecorate and might strain some muscles, I would offer to help paint/paper, and give him a certificate for a massage or spa treatment at a posh spa. But I’d also offer to give him the massage myself, if the moment presented itself. 😀 I do give a delightful massage (that can be strictly platonic), if I may say so.


  9. littlesallyboots

    Well done, Judit! ^-^

    Humm… as we know he prefers wine to beer, I think I’d buy him a posh set of wine glasses for, well, wining and dining 😉 Plus a subscription to the Sunday Times Wine Club (darling!)
    Of course, I’d have to put a wee note in with said gift, telling him that when using these posh wine glasses in my company, he must also be wearing his beautiful Thorin boots!!!! (ONLY his beautiful Thorin boots…*ahem*) I think that’s fair ;P

  10. I would knock at his red door and the conversation would go something like this – “Me” is myself and RA is – well that’s obvious! 🙂

    RA opens door – “Hello there”

    Me – Presenting RA with a tin box “Macaroon’s”

    RA – “Won’t you come in, I think I have a kettle here somewhere!”

    Me – “Moving is such a pickle, isn’t it! I’ll take a wind check”

    RA- laughs – “Rain check” Beautiful smile.

    Me – Feels quite weak in the knees at the effect that smile has had on me so I leave before I make a fool of myself. 😉

    I now think, “Hmmm, he didn’t say no, so I guess that means I CAN come back!!! 😀

    Apologies to all Spooks fans who know this conversation much better than !

  11. Congrats, Judit!!!!! 🙂
    A, darling, the brooch looks lovely. Please don’t beat yourself up.

    Housewarming gift … a bottle of New Zealand’s best Pinot Noir, a pocket-size map of NYC’s subway system (with a “You Are Here” sticker on the entrance closest to his digs), and a list of Emergency numbers, ummm, with mine at the top. You know, in case he needs someone to drink that bottle of wine with him. 😉

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  13. Well, I do make a mean pound cake. I guess that and an offer to go on a walk to burn it off? 🙂

  14. Polishing “family silvers”…I like a tedious works 🙂

  15. A teapot, a selection of Twinning’s Teas and two blocks of Lindt chilli dark chocolate.
    I would hope to be invited in to share both tea and chocolate.

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