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King Richard Vegas Competition Day 2

King Richard Week 1

Welcome to King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 2

I really enjoyed reading comments from the previous day, proving that this bunch is hilarious and creative 🙂

Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s competition, I will be getting in touch shortly.

winner day 1

This is the SECOND day of the competition, and there’s a chance to win an Armitage goodie every day for the next 7 days!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


A John Thornton pendant


Here’s the thing.

The bats out of the cave and we know that there won’t be any Armibat.

I for one think Richard has the qualities to portray the batwonder, and the choice of Ben Affleck… No baby, no….

No matter, there are more capes, tights and masks RA could squeeze into.

The question for today is:

What superhero would Richard be and what super powers would he possess?

Feel free to make up your own superhero.

I’d love to see him be Thunderthighs!

The superhero who crushes his enemies by squeezing them between his firm muscular thighs 🙂

Please leave your ideas for made-up superheroes in comments.

Good Luck!!!

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT when the next prize is up for grabs and I announce the winner of Day 2.

Comments are now closed!

Day 2 winner


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21 responses

  1. “The Voice” His superpowers include anesthetizing his foes with his velvety voice, and once they’re asleep or relaxed he finishes them off or handcuffs them; he can also roar like thunder destroying enemy planes or vehicles ( like the Batmobile, if necessary);if necessary he can whine like Paul Andrews in Between the Sheets driving them temporarily insane. His costume is brown leather tight leggings, boots and a brown leather T shirt. He wears a wide utility belt, slung low on his waist, with various weapons on it. His hair is dark brown, medium length and he has a short beard, just a tad longer than stubble. The Voice is the Vanguard of all superheroes. The Voice Vanquishes all foes. The Voice- Va va va voom.

  2. “KissMan” – he makes the “baddies” faint by … kissing them … 😀

  3. He’d be able to melt anything with his super intense stare. (I know that’s not very original, is it? One of the characters from X-men can do that, if I recall it correctly?Ah whatever, this was the 1st thing that came into my head so I’m sticking with it!). As for a name.. My mind is blank!

  4. There are superheroes that mesmerize us with the brilliance of their mind. Is there a script lingering out there for a film about Isaac Newton? He was a genius, far ahead of his time. Obsessed, haunted, in contact and competition with the greatest men of his time. RA could indulge in a backstory and get his teeth in a complex and interesting character. And Mr. Newton wore thight breeches. *ermm
    Alternativley Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, Leibnitz, Kant, Goethe, Hooke, Wren, Kopernikus, Bernini etc. would come to my mind.

    • ” Kopernik była kobietą!”

      • oh, really? Thanks for letting me know – this is new for me.
        So Mr. A. would have to look for his female side and bring out his inner girl when imbodying Nicole Kopernikus. Might be a challenge, but I am sure he would handle it with the usual aplomb.

  5. I’m going to go with The Invisible Man for this one. Given his ability to simply fall off the radar whenever he seems to want, he’s got to have some kind of cloaking abilities! 😉

  6. Congrats to Kellyduck (very envious here :-))! And yay! Another piece of Thornton-y goodness.
    But oh my – Agzy, you are really challenging our creativity and imagination here. After reading the already brilliant offers from the previous five commentators, I have to think very hard, what kind of different superhero RA I can come up with. How about Thumbman? During the day Thumbman hides in the crowd. Granted, his extraordinary attractiveness makes it difficult to blend in at *any* time, too hot the smoulder, too thunderous the thighs, too expansive the chest. But when called to help by a damsel in distress, Thumbman crushes the foes with his deadly thumbs. A flick with the devastating digit, and the evil enemy is slain. But oh how deliciously tender can they also be employed, thumbing away the tears of a distressed female… Thumbman strokes again… 😉

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  8. Smoulderman – he just has to look at anyone and they melt… Sorry, rather similar to one above but it’s what comes to mind!

  9. Or how about Leatherman… When needed, his fingers sprout all sorts of useful tools like the all-purpose thingys you can buy:

    Your photos are killing me, btw 😉

  10. Laser beam powers coming from his steely blues that can melt thick ice capped hearts (like Margaret Hale’s, Maid Marian, and Ros’s – to name a few) in searing seconds. Who can resist the scorching deductive power of Holy Heaven of a Man! 😉

  11. Stupid auto-correct, I meant *seductive* !!

  12. Congrats, Kellyduck!
    Helen … great minds! My first thought was Smoulderman. 🙂

    Hmmm … something original … *thinking* *still thinking* … how about SmileMan? His superpower – he can use his smile to devastate the enemy. A small grin to a full-watt smile – the varying degrees of brightness will bring even the fiercest detractors to heel in seconds. 😉

  13. littlesallyboots

    Maybe he could contol the weather…? After all, it’s always sunny in Armiland ^^
    Through the power of his smile, he’d clear the clouds…. And at night, clear the fog and make the stars shine brighter 😉
    Um…The Brightcaster? Or Mr Brightsmile (instead of bright eyes… ;P

  14. Agzy, with what coherent ideas (???) shall my mind come up with when reading: The superhero who crushes his enemies by squeezing them between his firm muscular thighs. Gosh I’m a goner!!! (…her mind went blank not only for a moment…… ) 😯

  15. The soother. I think that voice could soothe anyone. Heck, I just want to listen to him for hours.

  16. Ahahaha! Thunderthights!. Znowu fajna zabawa Agzym,dzięki! Bootsman, Richarmer (no dobra musze to napisać bo pęknę Buttman…mało oryginalne 🙂 )

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