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King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 1

Happy Armitage Day!!!!

I’ll mostly be celebrating on Twitter and Tumblr with my Armitage peeps, so I hope you’ll come and join us.

Bring the confetti, balloons and valium for when things get rowdy, which they will because it is Armitage Day after all!

King Richard Week

Welcome to King Richard Week Competition Vegas Style Day 1

This is the FIRST day of the competition, and there’s a chance to win an Armitage goodie every day for the next 7 days!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


A John Thornton brooch

Armitage brooch

The image was taken from RANet and is an original hand-cut silhouette portrait by Kathryn Flocken, which I antiqued a tad to suit the brooch.


The pics are pants and I really should get some photography tips from Guylty 😉

Magzy gave it a two thumbs up (actually she said “It’s so pretty, why are you giving it away?”).

She just doesn’t understand Armitage Day!

Remember that to enter the competition, and get your beautifully manicured paws on this goodie, all you need to do is answer the following question in comments, keep your fingers crossed and hope Lady Luck is in your favour!

I will ship to the winner wherever he/she may be.

RA Birthday 4

Here’s the thing.

We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

You can go the Britney route and get hitched (and have the marriage annulled) in a matter of a few short hours.

You can go the Prince Harry route, strip naked and shoot some pool.

You can pull a Hangover and just black out.

The question for today is:

If Richard went to Vegas, what naughty tomfoolery would he get up to?

Please leave your suggestions in comments and be as creative as you can!

Day 1 of the competition closes tomorrow at 12 GMT, and I will proceed to draw a winner from all the entries (multiple comments are OK).

Good Luck!!!

RA Day 8

Day 1 of the competition is done and comments are now closed!

winner day 1

Congrats, I’ll be getting in touch shortly!

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13 responses

  1. I love your creative craftiness, Agzy (I remember admiring your Thorin-brooch in London..) And I am totally with your sister in that I could never give away this lovely gem. But hey, that’s not what you wanted to hear, so here’s my Vegas hunch – massive indulgence in people-watching over copious amounts of wine. That’s what he would do. Sit in one of those casino halls, wine at the ready, his eyes surveying the crowd. Sort of “case-studies” for future roles. He’d feel guilty doing it, surreptitiously snooping out other people, hence the wine, to drown out the conscience. But he’d love it – life unfolding in front of his eyes, the joy of winning, the despair of losing, interspersed with any other emotion that life can throw at us.
    Anyway – I could carried away but I’ll just congratulate you on your great craftiness. Oh, and let me assure you – the images are not as bad as you make them out. Photographing glass/reflective surfaces is notoriously difficult. I did not think the images detracted from the content, at all! So sheeeeeshhhhhh 🙂

  2. He would stay at Caesars Palace. Relax in the room and go to a casino, and have a few drinks on the hotel rooftop. The next morning, he would awaken to find he has no memory of the previous night. He is missing a tooth, the hotel suite is in disarray, a tiger is in the bathroom, a chicken in the living room, and a baby is in the closet, whom he name “Carlos”. He would simply do it “The Hangover”-style! 😉 LOL.

  3. Well I’ve never been to Vegas but I’m sure there are places which have not only karaoke but dance competitions – I can see him being coaxed into demonstrating his prowess in the tango and having a whale of a time. (And wowing every female in the place, who will then be queuing up to partner him…) This is obviously after some very decent wine has gone down the hatch… 😉

    LOVE the brooch by the way!

  4. I’m with Helen on this one. I picture him having a few glasses of really great wine, followed by some serious booty shaking in one of the many clubs in Vegas. Oh to be a fly on the wall if that were to happen! *sigh*

  5. I can’t believe nobody mentioned him setting his farts on fire. Clearly, that would be the first thing he’d do. (Love your sense of humor Agzy.)

  6. I think it might depend on whether he was with some fellow dwarves. Those boys seem to know how to make mischief. 😉 Now THAT would be a fun vlog!

  7. I have no idea for this first day of competition, but I need to share something that happened over here. Today a Brazilian site about cinema wished Richard happy birthday…. So… Thanks God he’s becoming known in the country!!! That’s wonderful!!! 😉

  8. Lovely brooch! OK, naughty imagination going wild now. He would (kind of) recall his “dancing days” and perform as a stripper for a very select audience (we, of course!) 😉

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  10. Dinner at Nob Hill in the MGM Grand. Followed by a Cirque du Soleil show. And finishing up the night with drinks and dancing at one of the piano bars. The “naughty” part … watching the sunrise in the desert with whomever he’s there with … 😉

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  12. Definitely get drunk, karaoke and then that party trick.

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