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ArmiBat. The Dark Knight remains silent as usual…

Tomorrow I’ll be making an announcement regarding what I have in store to coincide with King Richard Week.

Let’s just say I’m interpreting King Richard in a different way, and if you remember Operation Armitage from last year, you’ll have a clue as to what’s coming 🙂

In the meantime, let me tackle something that’s been floating around in the past few weeks.

Armitage batman Armibat

Is he or isn’t he?

Of course Richard knows, but he’s not telling, but then he never does.

Hmmmm, secrecy is a prerequisite for any successful superhero…

My sister asked how I feel about Armibat and I’m giving this idea  two thumbs up (do bats have thumbs?), but then I’m so starved fo anything new from RA.

On top of that, I wouldn’t mind Richard clad in black rubber getting tangled up in my hair, but that’s a whole different story, and one best left for RA Confessions.

As the Armibat rumours ripple across our fandom, I especially liked Seba’s take on the issue.

I starting forming thoughts in his comments, then decided that it warranted a further analysis.

Pot Kettle Black!

It’s all fine and dandy for Gizzy and Thorin to laugh at Armibat, but let’s delve not much deeper into the stories of these three characters.

There are multiple similarities:

They all went through a trauma in their childhood/youth that shaped their life

They are all outsiders trying to fit in

They are on a mission and stop at nothing to achieve their goals

They all wear outfits that make great Halloween costumes

When we break things down though, Batman doesn’t look all that silly in his pointy-eared mask.

For one, he runs a successful business, albeit inherited, but still he didn’t let a dragon who sounds oddly like Sherlock Holmes take it away.

He doesn’t have to suck up to a demented sheriff to gather his fortune.

Let’s just say, Batman is laughing all the way to the bank.

On top of that, he has a secret lair which includes a Playboy Mansion style waterfall.

Beat that Shorty and Grumpy!

That’s prime real-estate, and there no huffing and puffing dragon parked there.

And the voice.

Oh, Batman’s voice!

Imagine Richard doing the “I’m Batman” line!

Batman also wins hands down in the accessories department!

Beardy and Gayliner can sheaf their toothpick swords…

You add Bat to any word and Batman’s got it!

Batsignal? Check!

Batmobile? Check!

Batman utility belt? Yup!

Cave, blaster, girl? Check, check, check!

Hell, he’s even got Robin and who wouldn’t want a brightly dressed and pantyhose clad boy for a sidekick!

All I’m saying is that Gizzy and Thorin need to wipe those smirks of their cute cartoon faces as they choke on the batmobile’s dust.


On a serious note, do I think Armibat is going to happen?

Well, no news on new RA film projects would make sense if he’s already tied down for Batman (just had a vision of RA in the Batman costume literally tied down, another one for RA Confessions me thinks…).

On the other hand, all the mentions of RA playing the part are of the “Hey, wouldn’t he make a great Batman” variety, so that’s hardly hard-hitting journalism.

I’m gonna call this particular rumour BS.

And then I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’m made to eat my words wrapped up in a sexy Armibat sandwich 🙂

And here’s one of my favourite Big Bang Theory moments featuring Howard as Batman.

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  1. LOL – love your way of discussing this. There were several parts here where I had to ROFL. Although I am not happy that you are making fun of darling Guy ;-)… As for the rumour itself – I hope it is just a rumour, because I just don’t like the idea of Armitage hiding his expressive, gorgeous face under a silly mask for half the film. An Armitage doesn’t need to act under a mask. Beards and guyliner are a totally different kettle of fish. Ha!

    • Yes, because we got Richard in ALL his glory with Thorin LOL!
      BTW, are you heading to London in Dec. Although there’s word that the LA is the lucky Hobbit winner this year, I’m still thinking of booking my trip for the 11th Dec. You?

      • Definitely going to London, Agzy! Any excuse, anyway. Yeah, the world premiere will be in LA, but I’d say the London event should be big, too, after the success of THAUJ. – So is 11th Dec the day of the premiere? I’ve been wondering because I’d like to book my flights early… Would love to meet up again!

        • Nope, I have no idea. The movie opens on the 12th, so it’s just a guess and probably not a good one! It’s frustrating when you have to book tickets and there’s no info. Anyway, as usual the movie will hit the screens here 2 weeks later and I just can’t take waiting that long. I’ve adopted a “Come what may” attitude. If I miss the red carpet event in London, oh well…

          • Same here, Agzy, although I have the advantage of living close enough with cheap flights available so that I can rebook at little cost (like I did last year). I just hope that they’ll come out with the dates soon.

          • That’s exactly why we missed the event last year- it was too expensive to rebook the tickets. Darn you elusive Armitage! I had a blast anyway, and I’m focusing on seeing the film and checking out museums in London. If by chance I happen to stumble upon an event that features Richard in an expensive suit, I’m not going to fight it… but I may have to wrestle with the red carpet security as they deem me a threat and escort me away 😉

          • Actually, the release info is on imdb – But so it was last year, and then they changed the date of the premiere 😦 . Like you, I want to enjoy London as much as the fleeting and inconsequential encounter with Mr A on the red (green) carpet. He’s a bonus if he’s there. (Will I be expelled from the AA for admitting that??)

          • Yup, I’m not one of those lucky people who bump into celebrities in restaurant bathrooms. And if I did, I guess Richard would be wondering what I’m doing in the men’s 😉
            The truth is, at any given time there are exhibitions I want to see in London, not to mention the art collections in museums. That’s what I’ll be focusing on, some shopping, good food, beautiful art. If Richard wants to enter that mix, he is very welcome!
            Nevertheless, if you hear anything new about the London event, holler at ya gal!

          • Will do, Agzy, and anyway, I am pretty sure that we can entertain ourselves should we happen to be in London at the same time, even without the presence of l’Armitage. (Although he’d be present in conversation – needless to say.)

          • littlesallyboots

            *Jumps in on convo*
            I’m debating on whether or not to book the first part of that week off work, so I can head on up to London the day of the premiere 😉 So if you two lovelies are about, maybes we can run into each other… ^-^


          • Hey Sally, that would be great! I’m planning on flying in on Wednesday 11th, does that constitute the first half of the week? If so then we must arrange a little something, Armitage style 🙂

          • littlesallyboots

            We definitely should. That would be awesome! 🙂
            I think Armi and Hobbit part II are the best reasons to book some leave! 😉

  2. Love the way you tell a story… or give your opinion about the rumours… LOL

  3. So funny and true. I’ll be looking out for those confessions on Tumblr. One saving grace if he lands the role is he won’t be running around in a leotard and tights- Thank Heaven the Batsuit has been updated – but yet another uncomfortable costume for Richard to suffer in,

  4. I am slooowly becoming a supporter of Armibat. (Love the word!) Thinking about Hugh Jackman and how his wife said don’t take Wolverine and he did, and the rest is history. I guess if he wants to do the Bat, it’s okay with me. Hate that we don’t know what is going on, though! Grrr.

    • RA says he has no idea how the bat rumour started, but then he would. It’s not like there was a firework display heralding him getting the part of Thorin. I think playing a superhero has worked wonders for many actors and I have no doubt Richard could pull it off. Fingers crossed 🙂

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