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So, this is what happens when you get too big…

I was doing my morning coffee and gossip trash round, when I came upon this article from The Daily Mail:

Sherlock, his crippling insecurities and the mystery of why Benedict Cumberbatch  can’t find a wife despite being Britain’s latest superstar

The title pretty much says it all and sums up the quality of the article.

There’s nothing quite like having all your alleged life problems analysed by a tabloid in one swift go.

Before you say anything, I know it’s The Mail, but even trashy tabloids are supposed to at least pretend they are upkeeping some level of journalism.

This is just painful to read.

Here’s just a little sample of what you get:

The writer (I struggle to call him a journalist) uses tidbits from different previous Cumberbatch interviews, sprinkles it with innuendoes, and dresses it all up in a sensationalist blanket.

It reads like a description of a cheap novel.

Don’t believe me?

“Last month, the pair were photographed snuggling  on a sun-lounger beside a pool at Ibiza’s Hotel Hacienda. She is wearing next to  nothing, and he strokes her arm as she nuzzles his face with her blonde  hair”


“His angered outpourings may have had  their  root in his tortured private life. After a dozen years, during  which they had  made a nest together in a flat in Hampstead, North  London, he and actress  Olivia Poulet had parted. In an instant, all his  hopes for a family had  vanished”

This article is just so bad it makes my teeth hurt.

It got me thinking that, even with the absence of any real news (which, quite frankly, is not true as there’s new Cumberbatch info every other day), recycling old quotes and making them sound thrilling fills newspaper columns, and gets people reading.

I find observing Benedict’s rise to fame thrilling, and I honestly believe that he deserves all the success and notoriety he’s getting, but it must be so uncomfortable to see such utter crap written about you.

Today’s “article” made me truly thankful that Richard Armitage does his upmost to keep his private life under wraps.

The less personal details he gives away, the less chance they will be taken out of context and twisted.

A part of me had always wished that RA would be more forthcoming, like he was early on in his career.

Now I realise that I would be shattered if I had to read such slosh about him, and can only imagine how disturbing our beloved actor would find it.

I’ve sometimes accused Richard of not fully taking advantage of the opportunities that The Hobbit has offered him of becoming a “household name”.

Now I think that instead of notoriety, Richard may well be content in letting his work speak for itself.

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  1. I rather suspect calling the Daily Mail a trashy tabloid is giving it far too much credit! 😉 I could rant about them all day!

    Anyway…I agree with you wholeheartedly…Mr Armitage has been a very astute and sensible bloke. I feel sorry for BC…I don’t think he ever really got the chance to keep a lid on things.

    • I guess Benedict hadn’t anticipated the level of attention he would be getting, but then who did? In the past many of his comments would probably go unnoticed, so I can imagine he’ll be going through a transition period when he starts really watching out for what he says. It’s sad really, because his open attitude to fans and the media is what makes being his fan fun. I just couldn’t stand the freaky pseudo psychoanalytical approach the writer took. It’s actually highly offensive to write like you have a clue about low self-esteem, problems with women etc. A load of steaming crap!

      • It is sad…I’d hate to see him being anything other than himself…he’s so delightfully enchanting and appears so real if that makes sense. I agree about the offensiveness of the writer…I hate the way the media feels it has to speculate about things it can’t possibly know about.

  2. I agree with Kathrynruthd. I wouldn’t use the Daily Mail to wrap fish! I sincerely hope that Richard Armitage continues to fly under the radar of these stupid jackals.

    • Yup, now more than ever before I really wish that for Richard, especially that he seems much less outgoing as Benedict. I’m just happy that Richard is never the guess for any nasty blind items out there, which can’t be said for either Benedict or Damian Lewis. I guess that’s the price you pay for skyrocketing.

  3. Compared to some articles in scandal sheets, this one seemed tame to me. Some of the uncomfortable items within it were the result of BC’s own revealing interview statements. Having said that, I’m in agreement with you completely that Richard Armitage should remain closed lipped about his private life if he is wants to avoid this sort of thing. And yes- this is what happens when you become too big.

  4. It is no secret that I envy BC his success for the sake of RA and I also often felt that featuring more in the press wouldn’t hurt RA, not to mention that I would like to know a little more about his life myself. But I completely agree that I would never wish for RA to become the target of the press in the way BC has during the last week or two, without even doing anything particularly scandalous (wearing “next to nothing” aka a bikini is the norm at a hotel pool). It seems BC has become fair game and anyone can write about him whatever they like. A pic proves nothing anyway, as it is assumed they are staged by one involved part or the other to gain publicity or to create a certain image. And a statement that the situation was a lot more harmless then it looked isn’t believed either. So what is the point if no-one is any wiser?

    • The point is to sell newspapers, to sell ads. About that simple. What I suspect will backfire on them is Cumberbatch came across as a very decent sort in the article.

  5. Love the piece, Agzy. I’ve been thinking many of those same thoughts about Richard Armitage, and it was good to read yours. As for Cumberbatch, all of us could be made to look bad if certain parts of our lives were cobbled together like this. What I suspect is he pissed off someone with clout and the article is his comeuppance or the Mail’s numbers are low, or both.

  6. “It reads like a description of a cheap novel.”

    EXCUSE ME!!!11! We cheap novel writers have to have punchy (if tawdry) blurbs. Those quotes were too rambling to capture any readers imagination.

    This is how a melodramatic blurb would sound 😉

    “Benedict’s hopes for a family were dashed forever when the love of his life walked out without explanation, leaving him devastated and filled with barley repressed anger. So when his best friend, Martin was found brutally murdered, all eyes turned to Benedict.

    Only Constable Mary Sue Fangurl doesn’t believe that he did it and they must work together to prove his innocence. Can the love of a good woman save him, even from himself?”

    See, far more interesting (yet probably no less embellished)

    Now I’ll leave one of you good people to write the fic.

  7. Agzy, good to see you posting again!

    I’ve been sick and a bit swamped with work for most of July – but I wanted to post this little video in response (which is one of my favorite Graham Norton episodes) with Benedict Cumberbatch & Chris Pine as they find out how far some fans (Pines “Nuts” or Cumber-“Collective” 😉 ) have traveled to be in the audience to see them. It always puts a huge grin on my face (particularly watching Graham Norton spazzing out). 😀

    I’ve seen Cumberbatch perform on-stage and he is simply fantastic. I wish nothing but great things for all of these actors.

    • I have this episode saved on my planner because I love it so much…what a pair of gentlemen! Makes me giggle with joy every time I watch it!

      • KathrynRuthD – there’s just SO MUCH TO LOVE in this clip, isn’t there? 😀

        From Benedict’s evasive “Cumber-Collective” (aka, the Borg?) to Graham’s incessant ‘ohmigod!ohmigod!ohmigod!ohmigod!ohmigod!ohmigod!’ as Cumberbatch walks into the audience to thank and hug his fans personally, to Cumberbatch calling FOUL at the end as Chris Pine hugs and converts one of his “Collective” to being a “Pine Nut”. It does really put a grin on my face. 🙂

    • Thanks UK Expat 🙂 It was fun.

  8. Isn’t the Daily Mail sort of like genre fiction? It makes me think of that reporter, Rita Skeeter, in Harry Potter.

  9. W dzisiejszych czasach to nawet “pan od pogody” nazywa siebie dziennikarzem 🙂
    Pełno tych “dziennikarzy” “pisarzy” i “aktorów”.
    Biedny Benedykt 🙂 a nie lepiej to siedzieć w domku z pizza i colą.. jak Rysio?

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  11. Pine and Cumber(some) are delightful and charming. I do like Benedtct and think he has a very promising career. Actually, in early days, our RA was a bit less circumspect about his private life. Especially about a teen episode, interview understood to be “off the record”, printed and I think, long removed from the Net. There is no “off the record” – there is no there there. He learned.


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