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Calling All Kind-Hearted Fanfiction Writers!

I’ve been missing from here and I truly wish I could attribute it solely to writing my MA thesis paper.

The truth is so much more embarrassing, but I guess as the author of this blog, I’m way past the feeling of shame (got lost, along with my dignity around the 7th time I wrote about Richard Armitage’s behind…).

What actually happened is I got into The Forsyte Saga, bitten so hard that I ended up having to download all the episodes.

There WILL BE a post on this, as I don’t remember the last time I actually started watching a series around 8pm and had to force myself to unstick from the monitor at around 6am.

Oh, the riveting social life I lead….

After watching The Forsyte Saga I just had to get my hands on more ginger hotness meaning Damian Lewis and ended up downloading Homeland.

Well, at least part of it as by the time I was half way through season 1, I had used up all of my allotted internet connection.

I have been surviving the past week on an internet connection no doubt powered by a very knackered hamster on a wheel trapped within my laptop.

Lesson learned, do not fall for the charms of ridiculously talented red haired British actors if you have other things to do online.

Anyway, my available communication technology is back to the standards of the twenty-first century and I can now return to the (somewhat) civilized world.

As I’ve hinted before, I’d love to hear from you regarding fandoms, so I’ve written a questionnaire for fanfic writers.

I am calling upon all fanfic authors who would like to participate in my MA thesis paper study.

I’m on the last chapter and I ‘dreally love to hear from fanfic writers to pick their brains regarding their opinions on fandoms and fanfiction.

Apart from helping this poor gal out, I will also be your best friend for life!

BFF’s, I tell you!

We’ll be like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan… Ok, maybe that’s not the best example…

The questionnaire consists of 10 questions, so if you feel up to it, or know someone who’d be interested, please leave a comment and I will get back to you via email 🙂

You can also email me directly at iwanttobeapinup[at}wp[dot]pl

I really do hope to hear from you!


Thanks so much to all the people who have either left comments or have emailed me directly!

I very much appreciate all of those who have taken the time to complete my questionnaire.

The answers just prove what I have known all along:

This fandom comprises of incredibly intelligent, witty and opinionated people, and I am incredibly thankful that I could take advantage of that!

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  1. You had me at “thesis paper.” Bring back vivid horrors. Sure, I’ll participate. Hit me with your questionnaire. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Judi 🙂 I’ve sent you the official email. This thesis paper has been a bit of a nightmare, unfortunately most horrors have been self-inflicted like changing the topic 6 months ago or getting a mean case of writer’s block. At least I get to write about things that are close to my heart like fandoms and fanfics, so it’s not all bad news!

  2. I haven’t seen the Forsyte Saga series but the novels were on my compulsory reading list in grad school and I *loved* them.

    • Oh Servetus, Soames Forstyte is such a loathsome man, but the way Lewis plays him makes you feel for this character and hate him at the same time. I find myself wishing someone would “show him the ropes” in the love and wooing department, because you can’t just write him off as merely a despicable man, which when judging his actions, deep down inside he really is. The series is worth seeing if just for that performance 🙂

      • I saw while I was setting up Mom’s kindle with silly things to watch that it’s in the netflix instant queue right now … will put it on the list 🙂

        • I think it’ll be a good way to take your mind of things, although it can be quite moving. I’d really like to hear your thoughts on Irene and the actress who plays her. I find that people who have read the book or seen the series from the 60s were outraged by the casting choice. Apart from wanting to shake her every now and again (she needs a good shaking from a feminist LOL!), I didn’t have an opinion either way.

          • I haven’t read the book or seen the 60s version, but I didn’t like Irene. I just don’t think she’s beautiful enough or charismatic enough to make all those different men fall in love with her.

            Her performance was rather ‘wet dish towel’ and while she certainly isn’t ugly, the actress doesn’t possess the kind of beauty that men cross rooms for or write songs about.

            I do agree that for such an awful character, Soames had a surprising amount of humanity. However, thanks to not liking some of the things that Irene did to her supposed friends, and her rather lack-luster performance, I also didn’t feel the level of revulsion for Soames that I think I was supposed to. Although he did some unforgivable things, overall I rather felt that they deserved each other.

          • Some people explain that Irene is so aloof because in the book she is never shown directly, only through how other characters see her. It’s true that she has a knack for alienating and hurting friends, but then I believe that there really are some people out there like that. Even if their heart is in the right place, they always end up doing harm. I think that it’s actually June who makes Irene more human. She understands that falling in love with Phil was a way of escaping Soames. I love when at the funeral she confronts Soames and admits that she just wasn’t good enough, and he was too much. I don’t even want to know what Soames’ mother meant when she said when he was a boy he loved his cat so much he smothered it. I hope she was speaking metaphorically 😉
            I could watch Damian Lewis play the character all day. Notice that in many scenes before he meets Irene, he often doesn’t even bother verbalising his feelings, he just so inanimate and expresses himself, and manipulates people, using facial expressions like the condescending brow lift. I thought Lewis’ take on Soames was simply delicious!

  3. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Please help out AgzyM!

  4. I got my form. I’ll dutifully and willingly fill it out soon. 🙂

  5. I’d be happy to do your questionnaire if you still need participants.

  6. I’ve written some fanfiction! If you still need participants, I’d be happy to help.

  7. I would be hapy to do your questionnaire if still in need of some help.

  8. Since I’m a Fanfic write have at me….

  9. I have tons of fanfiction in my head that I haven’t been brave enough to put down in visible words yet, if that counts for anything?? As someone who just completed my MA thesis not long ago I feel your pain and would be willing to help anyway I can! I am also a hardcore, compulsive reader of fanfiction, if that can be of any help also?

  10. I’ll gladly help you ;o)
    I loved the time when I did my thesis and so I love to help you to enjoy your time.

  11. be glad to help out- sooo been there done that!

  12. Well, got to say count me in to help you out 🙂

  13. I am enjoying the Forsyte Saga through your conversation. I may have to put it on my Nook for reading while I’m in Chicago next week. I think I’d like to meet Irene.

    • The Forsyte Saga has been floating around me for some time, but I just couldn’t get past the word “saga”. I can’t stand when they start aging an actor 30 years by adding a dodgy moustache and a bit of grey on the temples. This is no exception, nevertheless, it’s an interesting story. I’m planning on reading the book once I’m done with my current one.
      BTW, Irene is pronounced Irenie, which is quite unusual 😉 Maybe that’s why she’s annoying at times- she hates her name LOL!


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