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Benedict, you can drive my car anytime…

Benedict, you can drive my car anytime…

This put a huge smile on my face.

Benedict Cumberbatch sporting Sherlock curls punching Jeremy Clark.

Doesn’t get much better!

Here’s the show’s description:

“In this clip, we’re treated to seeing Benedict’s mother posing with quite a fanciful car, we learn what the BBC Sherlock star drove as his first vehicle, we see host Jeremy Clarkson learn how to take a punch, and determine how well Cumberbatch fared on his timed track laps versus other Star Trek greats.

We also get the secret behind exactly how Sherlock Holmes was able to survive the Reichenbach Fall.”

I think not, but it’s still a good giggle 🙂

Benedict, you can drive my car anytime…

Still on my wishlist: Richard Armitage on Top Gear!

I wonder if he’d be one of those tame sensible drivers, or if he’d release the driving beast within and it’d be pedal to the metal.

BTW, Benedict Cumberbatch has been the face of Jaguar, so I guess the reasonably priced car is a bit of a letdown for him.

By the way, I love how they add “actor” to his name.

Duh, I think we all gathered as much.

With a name like that he could hardly be an accountant!


If the answer to your question whether you want to see more of Ben on Top Gear is HELL YES! here’s a behind the scenes clip:

(click on image)

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  1. Thanks for that Agzy, was looking for it already and couldn’t find it. And you take the words right out of my mouth – I want Armitage on Top Gear. Very hard to tell what kind of driver he is. The public gentleman act makes me think he’d be a sensible driver. The fact that he bought himself a Beemer with his first big money tells me, on the other hand, that he likes a fast machine. Plus, with his action hero credentials he presumably has had a bit of drive training?! And then there are his hints that he has a bit of a temper… I actually wouldn’t be surprised if he was an impatient driver who likes to put his foot down, literally, and swears at the mistakes of other drivers…

    • I would love that! I think you’re right. He’d be sat alone in the car and less conscious of the camera installed inside, especially that they do quite a few test laps, I can see naughty words slip out of his lovely mouth 😉 I’m like a drunk sailor, I’m such a potty mouth behind the wheel and there’s something about Richard being the same that I find alluring.
      Oh, and I wouldn’t mind Richard on “Who do you think you are”. I find the show very moving and I’d love to learn more about Richard’s ancestors who worked at cotton mills. It would be interesting to see what kind of genetic cocktail we have to thank for creating such a superb specimen 😉

      • Oh, I have no doubts that that ascetic little mouth of his could be filthy… (And no doubt the Top Gear makers encourage that in their celebrity drivers…) I am of the same ilk – the swearing that goes on in my car is colourful, even in the presence of my innocent little kiddos…
        You have the best ideas – RA on WDYTYA, I second that. Only a pity that he has frequently said he will not appear as himself anywhere on TV, and WDYTYA is particularly personal. (Did you see the one with Martin Freeman, btw, really good!) My hope is that he’ll be on Graham Norton, maybe for THTDOS this year? Just imagine, if that was timed with the premiere in December, we could all apply for tickets (they are free) and fangirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heartattack*

        • It’s a shame Richard feels that way, but then I can understand it. Shows like Top Gear help promote projects, but they are also a friendly funny way to connect with viewers (not to mention the desperate fangirls), so I feel with Richard’s sense of humour, it would only benefit him.
          I’ve been meaning to watch Martin’s episode, but I remember crying like a baby watching the ones with Stephen Fry and Alan Cumming. You really can’t make stuff like that up and proves the truth is stranger than fiction.
          Oh, be still my pounding heart! If Richard was making the rounds, I’d sell my (non-existent) firstborn (conveniently also named Richard) for tickets. Don’t mess with a girl like that! I’m lucky in general in life, but rarely with specifics such as this. Maybe you could provide the luck and I’ll just faint when you do! 😉

          • Well, I’ll keep an eye out, shall I? Do we already know when the premiere is, btw? Last year it was all a bit fucked up because they moved the date forwards. I had to rebook my flight. (I applied for GH tickets last year, too, just on the hunch that RA *could* possibly be there, but it was a bit late and we didn’t get tickets, anyway…) BTW, I’ll let you keep your firstborn – I already have a firstborn. And a secondborn 😀 My hands are full.

          • Well, I ended up flying in the day after, so yes, I’d describe it as a bit of a fuck up 😉 There was no chance to rebook our tickets without spending a fortune, so I just went with the flow. Richard seems to elude me, but not as much as those poor people who planned Comic-Con this year on the offchance that The Hobbit would have a panel there. That would bum me out, but what can we do? Richard STILL doesn’t feel compelled to discuss his plans with the fandom, and I wish he would. it would make for better stalking 😉
            Re firstborn, I’ll send little Rich off to his auntie Guylty come potty training time, deal?!? I’ll just have to get the OK from Big Bearded Rich! (oh, I do live in a fantasy land, don’t ever make me move somewhere else!).

          • Yeah, the Comicon thing is a big pity for the girls (they are my old buddies from tumblr, so I feel for them…) RA is far too private 😀 I mean, look at Hiddleston with his “twittering”, sharing the love with his fans. But well, that’s probably why we like him – the whole mystery thing again.
            I’ll take little Rich for the holidays, POST-potty training. In fact, you better send him over accompanied by Big Rich, you wouldn’t want little firstborn to get lost on the way… I’ll give Big Rich some pointers for raising Little Rich in the meantime. (God, that sounds positively dirty… )

          • No, no, that’s OK, let Big Rich do some DIY while Junior’s away, I’m a little rundown and need some fixing up… eerrr.. I meant the house is a little rundown 😉

  2. Thank you for posting the link to the behind the scenes stuff…love seeing how much he loved it! I hope to do something similar one day! I also would love to see RA in the reasonably priced car…would be quite revealing I think 🙂

    • I know what a delicious treat, one that was quite unexpected after the interview, which was crazy good. The man knows how to capture our attention 😉
      I think you’re joining a huge group of peeps who wish Richard would appear on Top Gear. I mean, we know he can drive. That reasonably priced car might be a bit of a tight fit for him though 😉

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  4. Ryszard u Jeremiego? jakos tego nie widzę;) Dzieki za linki, bardzo lubie Top Gear.
    Mój ulubiony moment to ten udawny przez Benedykta cios, pacnięcie Jeremiego to trochę jak spełnienie moich marzeń;) Ciekawe jak Ryszard przeklina , stawiam na “O! psia kostka!” albo “kurza melodia!” 😉

    • LOL! Kto by nie chaciał trzepnąć Jeremka tak raz a porządnie 😉 Może by mu się w końcu ta dziwna twarz poprzestawiała.
      Szkoda że Rysiek jest niechętny dzielić się swoją osobą poza promocyjnymi wywiadami 😦
      BBC mogłoby stworzyć program “Jakie nosisz gacie”, a pierwszym gościem byłby Rysiek. Następnie TVN by na licencji skopiowało na nasze polskie realia. Pierwszy gość: Rubik 😉 My patrzymy a tu Rubika kalesony całe w kryształkach sfarowskiego, full Wersacze! 😉

  5. Thanks for posting this. My younger son is a rev head, so I’ve watched many,many hours of Top Gear over the years. That was a scary incident Benedict referred to- he was in his early twenties when the carjacking took place apparently; not something you’d recover from easily at all.
    Loved the Alec Guinness impression!

    • He’s mentioned the carjacking before, but I really appreciate that he underlined that South Africa is a wonderful country. It seems that he’s aware that someone in his position can sway the public’s (meaning fangirls) opinions and he wanted to make sure there was no negative PR attached to the country where this incident took place. I know it’s silly for me to focus on that, but I just think it’s a kind thing to underline. Carjacking- terrifying. South Africa- not.
      BTW the first time I ever watched Top Gear, a nun was driving one of those huge American monster trucks. Nuff said! 😉

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