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The Elusive Tornado

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what’s next for Richard Armitage.

OK, I’ve been thinking a lot about Richard, and one of the topics, apart from those thunder thighs donned in a gorgeous suit,  is what’s in store for him.

Remember when the wonderful Bccmee made this poster a year ago almost to the day?

We still didn’t know what would be its title, although Category Six was the working title.

A year has passed, and it all seems as muddled now as it did back then.

RAFrenzy wrote about whether it’s time to get our tornado gear ready for Black Sky, and I was already getting my willies (LOL! typo and it’s staying there!) out of the fangirling wardrobe…

Then this popped up in my Twitter feed:

Black Sky Twitter

As far as I know, no reply to the last question came.

What does it all mean?

Did Nathan Kress, who stars alongside Richard in Black Sky, simply get his dates wrong?

Are we to wait another year while things get settled?

As far as I know ( and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), but it seems that everyone is staying mum on the topic of the release date.

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  1. I’m following the release of another movie with even bigger stars: Serena (based on a novel of Ron Rash and not be confused with Mexican singer Serena) it has Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the lead. IMdb (not trustworthy) lists it’s release date for this fall and there is still no trailer. SO Many factors play in the release of a movie.

    • This is very true, especially that this one has been marred by trouble. It would just be nice to have something a little more fixed to look forward to, but then I’m sure everyone involved in the project would want that too. I just wonder if the tweet about next year is accurate.

  2. I really hoped it would be out later this year, but who knows nowadays…

    • Yup, whenever you’re ready Gary, I’ll be here waiting 😉 BTW, I haven’t forgotten your email! A response will come shortly! 😉

  3. I saw a tweet a few weeks ago from Nathan Kress that mentioned going back to film some more in August. That makes me think that he probably got the date right. 😦

  4. I think WB already mentioned that Black Sky was not getting a 2013 release date in a press release sometime in the beginning of this year, and if there’s going to be more reshoots, then it’s definitely not coming out in 2013. Reshoots are tricky – sometimes it’s done because the end-product as seen at the screening so far is weak and they need more scenes to bolster the narrative, or like World War Z, they had to completely revamp the original ending because the first one did not work.

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  6. has had Black Sky release date TBA 2014 for months. This site has more information on it than IMDB regarding upcoming productions. I thought I was the least informed RA fan around, and that everyone knew about this site so I didn’t pass this info along. .

    • Nope didn’t know the site, and although it comes bearing bad news, I don’t hold that against it ;( Patience is a virtue, and we will have to hold on for a while longer.

  7. Żeby jescze nie było tak ze dajmy na to Ridley Scott powie kiedyś po obejrzeniu “Black Sky” “O! tego niesamowitego angielskiego przystojniaka to muszę miec w swoim fimnie bo Russel C.już mi się trochę wypstrykał?” po czym na spotkanie z reżyserem przyjdzie szczupły, elegancki siwowłosy angielski gentelmen 😉 (ależ on bedzie wtedy wygladał ten Ryszard! ideał!)

    • Kochana, Ridley to nic!
      Scorsese: Robert DeN I Leon DiC to stare pomyje, dawaj no tego Ryśka!
      Burton: Zamieniam Johnu na lepszy model! Ryszardzie, zapraszam!
      Tak ja bym to widziała wszystko! 😉


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